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NL10 AA linecheck

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KoeBawlt   Canada. Feb 06 2012 07:38. Posts 367

Hi, I'm fairly new to poker and this is my first thread after lurking for a while

6max table, I'm in sb with AA, folds around to button who raises to .30 and I 3b to 1.00, he calls. Effective stacks are more or less 10.00 each (100bb). My only read is that he has some level of competency at poker, and he seems fairly tight.

Flop (pot 2.10):
I bet 1.50 and he calls.

Turn (pot 4.10):

I check, he bets 3.00 I jam and without being too results oriented he turned 6's full.

My thought process was that after I check turn he might read weakness and bet. After the hand though I expect most of those to fold to a c/r and only Tx+ to call. I think maybe b/f turn is better as I don't see what's raising me here that I beat, and I don't believe this player to be bluffy. I'm almost certain that c/r is not the right play, and I'd have to be convinced otherwise. I'm not sure what I should do here. any help with this is appreciated.

Also, should I bet smaller on the flop - about 1/2 pot? If he's calling with all pp as it seems he is then I think 3/4 gives me more value.

Finally, if the board were different, say T44, does c/r turn become better or is betting again a better play?

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julep   Australia. Feb 06 2012 07:53. Posts 1274

if he has low fold to cbet i dont mind the check shove...its likely he would take one off with KQ etc

as standard i prob 1/2 pot turn so he cant check behind with hands like 99. quite a good board if you think he is tight since there arent many tens in his range

dont worry about this type of hand. if you arent consistently winning at this limit this hand has nothing to do with it

edzwoo   United States. Feb 06 2012 13:12. Posts 5911

Turn c/jam is super bad on TT46 and still bad on T446 imo. The main reason being it's purely FPS as you have no reason to do it, and he basically saves half his stack if he decides to check back with a hand he is willing to call 3 streets with. You said yourself he's not very bluffy so there is basically no purpose in checking turn.

It's worse on the TTx because you're actually over-repping your hand trying to make him think you have Tx WHILE he has decent chance of having Tx himself, whereas on the T44 both of you will rarely have 4x, and you look a little more like Tx spazzing out and just going with it.

As for betsizing, you could bet flop smaller like halfpot since this board is super dry and you will get the money in eventually (assuming you bet all 3 streets). Most people will balance their flop cbet to be halfpot in 3bet pots, but that really only matters if you're trying to build a dynamic of some sort imo.

el_tilon   Canada. Feb 06 2012 16:25. Posts 296

c-bet turn if he holds 55+, the hand is over and probably fold, if he got the T or more you will be called.


Almebeast   Sweden. Feb 06 2012 18:17. Posts 797

Bet-bet-shove. This guy probably doesn't call flop without a pair, so no point in giving him a chance to bluff turn. Your flop sizing is fine. I would guess that villain doesn't call 3 barrels with 55-99 too often, so 3/4 pot - 3/4 pot - shove probably gets you more money than 1/2pot-1/2pot-shove in this particular case. That said, if you want to be balanced I prefer 1/2pot-1/2pot-shove on such a dry board as this.

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Oly   United Kingdom. Feb 08 2012 15:45. Posts 3569

  On February 06 2012 06:38 KoeBawlt wrote:
I don't believe this player to be bluffy. I'm almost certain that c/r is not the right play

You said it yourself. Halfpot/halfpot/halfpot shove. Absolutely 100% no other choice. Gl...

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X env0y_nl   Netherlands. Feb 08 2012 20:31. Posts 244

i 3bet more preflop though, a small thing, my line would be like, 1.20 PF, bet 1.55 on the flop, 3.55 on the turn and shove the river

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BlackRain79   Thailand. Feb 09 2012 20:26. Posts 51

Raise a bit more preflop. Good job on the flop. Turn is ok only if you are positive that he will oblige you with a bet when you check a lot of the time. Usually just bet again here and get it in.

edit: since you say your reads are minimal just always bet the turn here.

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amklar   Hungary. Mar 10 2012 06:30. Posts 5

i guess it's an easy spot at micro to b/f b/f b/f. you are oop so you can't really do anything against a raise whatever he has. and also the matter of fact ppl don't raise bluff too much at micro stakes. (€1000 free) i luv it 

Rapoza   Brasil. Mar 10 2012 14:09. Posts 1612

--- Nuked ---

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TalentedTom    Canada. Mar 10 2012 14:26. Posts 20070

dont check jam turn, most of his turn range is gonna be 55-JJ which checks back A TON, you wanna just force the money in all 3 streets here 100% of the time

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