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Twitch Superstar Jaime Staples joins PartyPoker Team Online on May 4th

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Defrag   Poland. Mar 14 2019 00:02. Posts 4787

Jaime Staples joins his brother Matt in the talented partypoker Team Online stable! May 4th is often referred to as Star Wars Day but it will forever be remembered for the day that Canadian poker superstar Jaime Staples officially joined the amazing partypoker Team Online.

Born in Alberta, Canada, Jaime is the oldest of four siblings and officially joins the partypoker Team Online three weeks before his 28th birthday.

Jaime and his younger brother Matt, also a member of Team Online, famously won $150,000 from Thirst Lounge founder Bill Perkins who challenged the brothers to weigh within one pound of each other within a year. It meant some serious bulking up for Matt who weighed in at 134 pounds, and a hefty weight loss for Jaime who topped the scales at 305 pounds.

Amazingly, after a ton of hard work, the brothers dedicated to the cause literally paid off with both brothers weighing in at 188.3 pounds, meaning Matt had gained 54.3 pounds and Jaime had shed an incredible 115.7 pounds!

Away from epic feats of weight loss, Jaime is one of the most popular poker streamers in the world, one with more than 120,000 followers on Twitch. He can also boast of more than 45,100 followers across a pair of Instagram accounts and is approaching 32,000 followers on Twitter! You can also check out Jaime’s YouTube channels that have a combined following of 87,000 fans!

Fans of Jaime tune in to watch him grind online poker tournaments with an unrivalled passion and enthusiasm, making for an entertaining and educational experience. Jaime has so far amassed almost $950,000 in online poker tournament winnings and an additional $135,680 from his live poker exploits.

Jaime joins Matt Staples, Hristivoje “ALLinPav” Pavlovic, Travis “dramaticdegen” Darroch, Patrick “XxXMLGPROXxX” Tardif , Alan "hotted89" Widmann, Ryan “RSchoonbaert” Schoonbaert, Courtney "courtiebee" Gee , Steven "DWstevie" Kok, Monika “HeyMonia” Zukowicz and Jeff Gross in the new Team Online stable.

The creation of the team forms part of a wider company strategy earmarked for the following weeks and months with the focus on streaming quality, engaging content across partypoker’s main Twitch channel. Just recently, the site announced a partnership with “The Thirst Lounge,” a Twitch streaming channel launched in 2016 by high stakes player, Bill Perkins that encourages viewers to “live their best life.”

Plans also include a new partypoker high stakes cash game that will see some of the biggest names in poker invited to trade blows on the site’s virtual cash game tables, streamed live.

In addition, various current members of Team partypoker including Fedor Holz, Patrick Leonard and Ludovic Geilich will alternate in hosting partypoker Twitch streaming sessions, focusing on a range of poker topics.

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Sacr3D   Canada. Mar 14 2019 05:51. Posts 514

Yeah great why don't they work on getting new players now, because 5k people at peak is total shit.

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Mar 14 2019 11:26. Posts 14761


93% Sure!  

SPEWTARD   Peru. Mar 15 2019 03:41. Posts 4303

u lost me at superstar

Rise and Shine 

Baalim   Mexico. Mar 15 2019 07:08. Posts 32901

  On March 14 2019 04:51 Sacr3D wrote:
Yeah great why don't they work on getting new players now, because 5k people at peak is total shit.

party: spends money hiring streamer pro to attract people to the site

you: bUt WhY dOnT They WorK on GettInG NeW PlaYerS!

Ex-PokerStars Team Pro Online 

ggplz   Sweden. Mar 15 2019 22:04. Posts 16640


if poker is dangerous to them i would rank sports betting as a Kodiak grizzly bear who smells blood after you just threw a javelin into his cub - RaiNKhAN 


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