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PokerStars tries to buy over Joey Ingram - a shady move or brilliant marketing?

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Defrag   Poland. Dec 28 2018 23:46. Posts 4764

We've got another poker scandal coming up. In the highlight we will find PokerStars, a random streamer who is trying to get get a free Platinum Pass and Joey Ingram, who a lot of people see as one of the very last neutral pros on the scene.

PokerStars is slowly getting to the end of the Platinum Pass special promotion time in which players could win tickets to Player's No Limit Holdem Championship. All winners receive a $25,000 entry, as well as extra money for travelling and expenses in the Bachamas.

Some of the packages were given away to the community. Also interested in the Platinum Pass was Arlie Shaban – streamer, who belongs to Run it Up, managed by Jason Somerville. PokerStars prepared twelve tasks for him with a package waiting if he completes all of them. Shaban was for instance playing against Lex Veldhuis, competed at online tables and tried his luck at a HORSE event.

The real problem turned out to be the last task. Shaban has to convince another player to go with him to the Bahamas to play the tournament… Yes you have guessed correctly – his target to convince is to Joey Ingram! There is an extra Platinum Pass ready if the popular streamer decided to accept his invitation.

The news about Shaban's last task started an avalanche of both positive and negative comments addressed at PokerStars. The room went all-in here, no doubt. Ingram has spoken many times saying that the changes over at their room are bad – he criticized rake increases and practically all modifications. He commented on PS many times in his podcasts as well. On Twitter he asked questions bluntly and openyly said alterations at PokerStars were not to his liking. He even said he did not like the Player's No Limit Holdem Championship itself.

So, is PokerStars trying to buy Joe over, and doing it by somehow blackmailing him? As he always was a stand-up man for community, if he agrees to take the money - some say he would lower his morals to be paid by PokerStars. If he refuses out of principle, he locks a random poker player from having his dream come true.

Some players liked the idea proposed by PokerStars. Others commented that seemingly nice request for Shaban is an attempt to buy over Ingram's favor.
– Assuming there are no hidden conditions and you will not have to do anything you don't want to I would play it. See no reason not to – wrote Phil Galfond.

What do you think about the situation?

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Expiate   Bulgaria. Dec 29 2018 01:44. Posts 229

Just find another dude with the name Joey Ingram and profit.

Chewits   United Kingdom. Dec 29 2018 02:12. Posts 2534

What about the other half of the story, regarding him raising Pokerstars's offer, and them snap calling?

I am a degen. Do not believe in any of my advice. 

SPEWTARD   Peru. Dec 29 2018 04:30. Posts 4303

old news bro

Rise and Shine 

dnagardi   Hungary. Dec 29 2018 21:23. Posts 1606

lol its free money. Who wouldn't snap call it. He can still flame pokerstars whenever he wants.

PuertoRican   United States. Dec 30 2018 00:42. Posts 11485

  On December 28 2018 22:46 Defrag wrote:
All winners receive a $25,000 entry, as well as extra money for travelling and expenses in the Bachamas.

I always wanted to visit the Bachamas.

Rekrul is a newb 

Baalim   Mexico. Dec 30 2018 07:45. Posts 32720

  On December 29 2018 23:42 PuertoRican wrote:
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I always wanted to visit the Bachamas.

The most overrated place on earth, the Atlantis is an incredible resort, but thats pretty much it.

Its famous because it has the caribbean appeal of beautiful white/blue beaches and good climate, so for many people is wonderful, but you are from Puertorico, you alrleady know this stuff.

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