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WSOP Europe – Martin Kabrhel wins the Super High Roller event and €2,624,340

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Defrag   Poland. Oct 30 2018 21:22. Posts 4773

Eight poker players sat down to the tables yesterday to compete for 2.6 million euro (~2,970,000$) and a bracelet that has been prepare for the winner of 9th WSOPE event.
The leader at the start was Dominik Nitsche, who had 106 blinds. Second spot was Mikita Badziakouski's (64 blinds), and third future champ Martin Kabrhel.

Final table
Adrian Mateos and Michael Addamo had short stacks, but the latter found a hand to go all-in with – it was A4. Unfortunately he found himself against KK held by Dominik Nitsche. Flop came AKJ. Turn 3, and river Q. Australian collected €264,110 for his performance.

Adrian Mateos got eliminated at the beginning of next level. Poker player moved all-in with KT. Julian Thomas called with AT. Better hand held up and Mateos got €331,943 for 7th place.

Mikita Badziakouski and Jan Eric-Schwippert had the smallest stacks, but it was close for Martin Kabrhel to hit the rail when he moved all-in with KQ. David Peters was holding AJ, but the board helped Martin with one of the queens left in the deck.

Double elimination!
The elimination of Addamo was the last moment when things went according to Dominik Nitsche's plan. Even before Kabrhel doubled up, Nitsche gave a large portion of his stack with A9 vs AA shown by David Peters, when they moved all-in on 5835 board.

Dominik unluckily got eliminated in a hand against Kabrhel. It all started from an all-in froa Jan Eric Schwippert for ten blinds. Kabrhel saw he had AA and raised to 23 blinds. Nitsche called with QQ and 15 blinds. Board came safe for aces. Schwippert won €430,218. Nitsche received €574,406 for his fifth place.

Mikita Badziakouski bet almost all his chips then with A3. He was called both by Kabrhel and Peters. On the board 4229 Kabrhel bet. Badziakouski called and Peters folded. Kabrhel showed AQ, that held up and Badziakouski had to settle for €789,612.

Poker players then went for a break. Peters was in the lead, winning even more chips after his return. Julian Thomas lost a big pot to the American and then he moved for all his remaining chips with 66. Peters turned over 88 and eliminated his opponent. It seemed that 3:1 lead will translate for Peters to a bracele?. Kabrhel was lucky though and he soon had an even stack.

Soon after he bet with 66 and was raised by his opponent's AK. Kabrhel asked how much mroe and he called saying thi may be the last hand. He was right as the flop came 653. Peters checked. Kabrhel counted his chips and waited 4 minutes before betting. Peters moved all-in and was insta called. Turn was 8 and it was all done. As a formality a 9 came on the river. Peters scooped €1,621,960.

And thus Martin Kabrhel won the Super High Roller and scooped 2,624,340 euro as well as a bracelet. This is his second win in a WSOP tournament.

Event #9: €100,000 NL Holdem King's Super High Roller – results:

    Martin Kabrhel – €2,624,340
    David Peters – €1,621,960
    Julian Thomas – €1,116,308
    Mikita Badziakouski – €789,612
    Dominik Nitsche – €574,466
    Jan-Eric Schwippert – €430,218
    Adrian Mateos – €331,943
    Michael Addamo – €264,110

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Highcard   Canada. Oct 31 2018 03:15. Posts 5419

like a boss

I have learned from poker that being at the table is not a grind, the grind is living and poker is how I pass the time 

VanDerMeyde   Norway. Oct 31 2018 15:59. Posts 4936




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