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Disqualified player sues WSOP for damages

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Defrag   Poland. Aug 30 2018 08:27. Posts 4763

One of poker players that was disqualified from the Main Event a year ago is going to seek damages from the WSOP officials.

Cardplayer acquired court papers that indicate one Joseph Stiers will want to pursue damages from the World Series of Poker hosts, Caesars Entertainment.

Ayear ago Stiers was disqualified from the Main Event at World Series of Poker. Poker player had a solid stack of 630,000 deep in the tournament. As he recalls he was taken out by the staff and then arrested by police. He couldn't continue playing as he was thrown out of the casino.

In 2015 the same poker player was forbidden access to Horseshoe in Baltimore. According to staff he was counting cards while playing blackjack. He was asked to leave many times. Caesars even put him on a list of people with no entry rights.

Stiers managed to outmanouver everyone and for three years he was playing registered as Joseph Conorstiers (surname combined with middle name) and no one from the Caesars noticed apparently as he was able to jin the Main Event in 2016 and finished in 640th spot, cashing for $18,000.

– WSOP always accepted my money and took it quickly when I lost. Altogether it was $200,000. When they threw me out of the casino I had a big chance of winning $8,000,000. Chip equity gave me about $150,000.

Stiers accused Caesars accuses WSOP of ruining his career and he has all that he has been working on was destroyed by World Series. Additionally the WSOP manager took all his chips instead of letting him blind out which would give him at least 20,000 dollars.

Poker player says he tried to come to terms with Caesars and offered he would sign an agreement that would exclude him from all cash games. He also applied to be able to participate in WSOP tournaments again, but that is a bit contradictory to what he said earlier stating “WSOP encouraged him to leave a well-paid job in a consulting company back in 2005”.

WSOP does not deny he was moved out from the World Series Main Event and his buy-in was returned. Caesars, naturally, wants the case dismissed.

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Santafairy   Korea (South). Aug 30 2018 14:40. Posts 1430

it's not the world series of poker if you grudge ban people who owned you at blackjack or baccarat

It seems to be not very profitable in the long run to play those kind of hands. - Gus Hansen 

FullBRing   Philippines. Aug 30 2018 18:22. Posts 581

Who the fuck wrote this shit. If even the one article a week are written by a 5 year old whats the point. Just sell the domain name already

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Aug 30 2018 23:30. Posts 8726

Tru... do what everyone else does in other industries, copy an article from a bigass website an indian rewrite it for 5$ ... or pay someone adequate 50-100$ this seems like 250-300 words its even gonna be cheaper

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Aug 31 2018 03:32. Posts 8632

Who cares though, Poker News is like the least important part of LP, I probably click/read 1 out of every 20 news posts or something. Could drop the news altogether and I doubt many would care. Maybe updating posts helps with the google rankings or sth though, idk how that works.

Truck-Crash Life 

PuertoRican   United States. Aug 31 2018 05:36. Posts 11485

You guys are mean.

Rekrul is a newb 

[GiTM]-Ace   United States. Aug 31 2018 11:13. Posts 1577

  On August 31 2018 04:36 PuertoRican wrote:
You guys are mean.

seriously lol

[GiTM]- GoSu in the Making 


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