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Was “spin4play” challenge a scam? The loudest spin&go challenge sees new info

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Defrag   Poland. Jun 09 2018 22:52. Posts 4717

It seems that we are witnessing another scandal in the poker media. According to a post from 2+2 forum, controversial challenge issued by a player nicknamed “spin4play” ove two years ago is nothing more than a scam!

Let's start by going back in time to March 12th 2016. It was then when Spanish player Alvaro Romeo announced he wanted to try an extraordinary challenge many players had doubts about. Player known as spin4play wanted to play 20,000 Spin&Go events for $100 each, with EV ROI of 2.5% in just 61 days.

Poker community doubted if the challenge was possible for completion as the time frame was very short indeed.
“Initially it seemed like the challenge couldn't be won. Spaniard was losing, but then in the second half of March he made up for it and had 3.8% EV ROI. Still hard job to do as with so many tournaments anything can happen and there was no time to rest.

Finally at the beginning of May spin4play announced he completed the challenge successfully. He played 20,000 Spin&Go events for $100 in just two months, having 3.18% EV ROI. Variance wasn't easy and he earned less than stats show, but he gained $100,000 from bets and $45.000 rakeback. It means that in just two months he has earned $170,000!”

Spin4play with life ban on PokerStars!
The latest news put the player in a “slightly” different light. As you probably know Alvaro was a co-founder of SpinLegends group that became known thanks to the spin4play challenge. Due to that they also started the cooperation with PokerStrategy, site that was proactively promoting them

First gossips that spin4play challenge might not have been legal came from people close to him. The moment when it all broke loose was when forum 2+2 published the post by surebet.

Information that you can read there is really shocking. As you know spin4play had a lot of side bets going on. What was the truth about the challenge then?

Romeo was using a special software that was allowing him to join only games with weaker opponents. Obviously that was bumhunting, not to mention that he breached PokerStars database.

Platform PokerStars decided to start an investigation and after concluding it spin4play got the most severe punishment poker room can impose – life ban on his account and loss of all the funds in it.

It is estimated that he cheated people for about $150,000. It is hard though to count all the money that he took from players using the method beforehand.

We have managed to contact one of the victims, who confirmed that PokerStars revealed spin4play indeed broke the rules and regulations. All the speculations if maybe he was innocent, that appeared at forum TwoPlusTwo, are false.

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Nitewin   United States. Jun 10 2018 19:28. Posts 1002

bumhunting is illegal? just shut down online poker already.

Trav94   Canada. Jun 10 2018 22:14. Posts 1733

I think the software he used wasn't against TOS at the time. Either way it was no secret that all the spin regs at the higher stakes were using it. Especially the guys in stables etc.

Also in the terms of the bet, if there wasn't anything specific saying no use of 3rd party software like this, and people still bet against him anyway, then they can get fucked.

Defrag   Poland. Jun 10 2018 23:53. Posts 4717

  On June 10 2018 18:28 Nitewin wrote:
bumhunting is illegal? just shut down online poker already.

it is when you cant see the tables that are being created and the software forces the data from pokerstars servers illegaly thats what happened here

Highcard   Canada. Jun 11 2018 04:08. Posts 5419

never played a spin, how could he avoid regulars?

I have learned from poker that being at the table is not a grind, the grind is living and poker is how I pass the time 

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Jun 11 2018 10:28. Posts 8506

You see a guy cheating, I see PS having a massive security breach and ignoring the topic of it by directing the problem at something else.

What did PS do about the cartels as well? Virtually everyone knew there are cartels going on at higher stakes of spin&go and STTs.

Shitty management with shitty services.

And no this isn't cheating towards the guys he struck a sidebet with.

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Ryan Neilly   United States. Jun 11 2018 13:29. Posts 1258

so he game selected and got banned??

This is 100% wrong unless if stars is against this software 100%.

we all sit and wait for fishier tables and fields...

Naib   Hungary. Jun 11 2018 14:08. Posts 957

Interesting to see so many clueless responses ITT.

An analogy for you who don't seem to understand what's going on here: imagine you see a table with a long waiting list (15+ people), and you had a software that could put you ahead of most people in the queue for that table, IF those met a criteria selected by you (for example, them being good regs). Or, say, you were playing zoom 6M, and you could select some people that you would never have to play a hand against, because of some 3rd party software. That's cheating. So is manipulating the intentionally random lobbies of spins.

Really not that hard to understand.

Also @Trav94 "I think the software he used wasn't against TOS at the time. " You're wrong.

My favourite line is Bet/Fold. I bet, you fold. 

Santafairy   Korea (South). Jun 11 2018 15:26. Posts 1330

how do you game select a random pool?

It seems to be not very profitable in the long run to play those kind of hands. - Gus Hansen 

Defrag   Poland. Jun 11 2018 22:43. Posts 4717

  On June 11 2018 14:26 Santafairy wrote:
how do you game select a random pool?

the program pulled data for registered players in the spin&go already from PS database (which players shouldnt be able to do so) and if it saw 2 fishes it registered him. He could also see players pre-registered.

Here is how it looked:


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