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WSOP 2018: Roberly Felicio wins a million bucks in "The Colossus"!

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The poker marathon in the famous Colossus tournament has ended. The WSOP title goes to Brazil and a million dollars to Roberly Felicio.

The biggest tournament at this year's WSOP has come to an end. This year 13,071 players decided to pay the buy-in, which is impressve, but it means a drop by as much as 41 percent, when we compare it to 2015.

Nine players returned to the game yesterday. Steven Jones was the first to be eliminated. For a resident of Arizona, it is the greatest success in his career. He won a total of $87,806 in live tournaments (including the prize from this one). Jones was eliminated when his all-in with the A2s was not enough to with Song Choe and his J7off, that hit two pairs on the flop.

John Racener, the biggest star of the final, dropped out next. In live tournaments he collected 9.74 million dollars. His greatest success is the WSOP title from last year. In the Main Event 2010 he also finished second. Yesterday in a decisive hand Racener moved all-in for 8 big blinds when he found AJo. Song Cheo called it out with 7-7.

Seventh place went to Gunther Dumsky, and the sixth to Choe. Timothy Miles hit the rail in fifth. JJ turned out to be too weak for Sang Liu and his AKoff that connected on the flop. Miles is an experienced poker player. In live tournaments he has won over 2.78 million dollars. He is a two-time WSOP Circuit champion. At the WSOP, his best result is the third place in $1,500 NL Hold'em during last year's edition.

Scott Margereson secured the fourth place. The Briton had A6o, not enough to outplay Roberly Felicio, when they were facing a crucial hand for the fate of the first player. There were no helpful cards on the table. After this tournament, Margereson's wins reached $1.48 million. In April this year he won the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown.

Joel Wurtzel was eliminated in third place. The American went all-in with the A4o, Sang Liu called him, and revealed the KToff. The king has paired on the flop.

And so Roberly Felicio and Sang Liu met in heads-up. The former had a small advantage in chips. Although it was initially the Brazilian who increased the lead, Liu managed to take the lead, when his JJ and Felicio's TT clashed in all-in. A few minutes later, Liu was one card away from the victory in the tournament. However, card on the river gave Felicio two pairs and he took down a huge pot.

About 35 minutes later the tournament was settled in favor of the Brazilian. It was all-in pre-flop. Sergio Felicio unveiled AJoff, and Sang Liu showed A6s. Liu needed a three or a spade on the river to complete a straight or flush and stay in the game. Help did not come.

The victory in Colossus is the greatest success for Roberly Felicio. In the previous WSOP tournaments, his biggest win was $3,428 (it was his only place paid at the festival). In live tournaments, his winnings were previously $ 95,000.

“I am very happy. It was a tough final table, heads-up was very tough, but I'm very excited to take my first bracelet home. I still can not believe it” – said Felicio after the final. In the audience of the Colossus finals there were, among others, Andre Akkari, Felipe Ramos and Bruno Politano.

“It was a great experience. I learned a lot, I had a great trainer in the person of Felipe Ramos. I remember when I first sat down with Andre Akkari, I was shaking. And now I have a bracelet, just like him and I still can't get my head around it” – added Felicio.

Results of WSOP 2018 Collossus – TOP-10:

1. Roberly Felicio: $1,000,000
2. Sang Liu: $500,000
3. Joel Wurtzel: $300,000
4. Scott Margereson: $220,040
5. Timothy Miles: $166,091
6. Song Choe: $126,158
7. Gunther Dumsky: $96,431
8. John Racener: $74,118
9. Steven Jones: $57,425
10. Matthew Silva: $44,743

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