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Justin Bonomo wins $5,000,000 and Super High Roller Bowl champion ring!

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Defrag   Poland. Jun 02 2018 21:33. Posts 4717

We know the winner of Super High Roller Bowl – one of the most prestiguous tournaments with $300,000 buy-in – it's the incredible Justin Bonomo. Check the summary from final table.

Home for Super High Roller Bowl is ARIA Casino in Las Vegas. Four days ago best players in the world and a few rich businessmen sat at the tables to compete for huge money and champion title. Cap was 48 players and there were so many willing to join that final participants had to mostly selected by random draw.

Stacks at the start of the beginning of FT looked as following:
1. Mikita Badziakouski (Belarus) – 4,205,000
2. Daniel Negreanu (Canada) – 4,000,000
3. Justin Bonomo (USA) – 3,965,000
4. Jason Koon (USA) – 1,185,000
5. Nick Petrangelo (USA) – 600,000
6. Christoph Vogelsang (Germany) – 445,000

It was a very short evening for Nick Petrangelo. Soon after the game started the American raised with TT from CO. Koon in the button had QQ and put in a 3-bet. The action was back ono Petrangelo, who announced all-in. Quick call and no help on the board.

Vogelsang said goodbye to SHRB in the fifth place. He had the smallest stack at the beginning but by waiting for Petrangelo to hit the rail he earned additional $300k. When he had very little left he went open all-in from SB with Q6s, and he was called by Mikita Badziakouski who found JJ. Board brought no surprises here either.

Afte a cople of hous Mikita Badziakouski hit the rrail as well. Justin Bonomo opened from SB, and Mikita protected his blind. The flop came: T93r, there was a c-bet and call. Turn came 4c. Bonomo went for another barrel and Badziakouski replied with all-in. Both players had a ten (T), but American had a stronger kicker, king (K), and Badziakouski only eight (8). There were three players left in the game afterwards.

Bonomo was getting stronger and stronger and he robbed his rivals of their chips. In one very important hand he took most of Koon's chips, when his two pair proved better than his rival's two. Bonomo finished the deal a few moments later when Koon went all-in from SB with 86s, and Justin callded with A4. No help on the board and we had a heads-up.

Justin had 11 million chips in his stack when HU began. Negreanu was holding about 3 million.

There was a moment when Daniel caught up a bit and Bonomo had only 2 to 1 lead, but then he flopped a set, and Negreanu was drawing to a straight. All-in from Daniel Negreanu, no help on the turn nor river and Justin Bonomo was crowned the champion of SHRB.

Here is the best six in SHRB 2018:
Justin Bonomo (USA) – $5,000,000
Daniel Negreanu (Canada) – $3,000,000
Jason Koon (USA) – $2,100,000
Mikita Badziakouski (Belarus) – $1,600,000
Christoph Vogelsang (Germany) – $1,200,000
Nick Petrangelo (USA) – $900,000
Stephen Chidwick (Great Britain) – $600,000
Seth Davis (USA) – $90,000

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