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PokerStars responds to Gordon Vayos action: “We need to protect the game”

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Defrag   Poland. May 13 2018 21:20. Posts 4717

PokerStars made a careful comment on the lawsuit filed by Gordon Vayo, who was second at 2016 WSOP Main Event. The player's lawyer responds that a group lawsuit is due.

We have recently informed you that Gordon Vayo sued PokerStars for confiscating his prize for SCOOP 2016. He was supposed to get more than 692 thousand dollars for that. PokerStars accuses him of playing the event from the USA, which is forbidden. Vayo explains that he was at that time in Canada. More information can be found here.

Online Poker Report got to PokerStars' response. As it reads: “We can't comment an ongoing case. As an operator of a regulated site we believe that we need to protect the integrity of the game and offer secure and safe poker platform by obeying the terms and regulations of our services. This year we have paid out over 500 million dollars in tournament prizes and we will continue our strict policies to protect our players.

The jounalist says that if w compare the money PS mentions to what Vayo has not received it seems obvious the room had strong evidence of some wrongdoing.

Effective technology?
In the next part of the article he wonders how good of a tracking technology the online rooms use. According to him most players would be surprised how effective it is especially when it comes to PokerStars. It is believed to be best in its class.

The efficiency of the technology has to be high as it is used by American states where online poker is legal. In Nevada and New Jersey it is povided by GeoComply. When Pensylvania was legalizing online poker, the representatives of the company ensuured politicians they are able to deliver software that analyzes plenty of information from user's device. GeoComply collects information about IP, Wi-Fi, GSM and GPS. There is no better equipment on the market to pinpoint a user's location in order to avoid misuse.

What about the money?
Let's say Gordon Vayo doesn't get the money he won in 2016. What will happen to it? Back in 2014 Michael Josem from PokerStars presented the appropriate rules on TwoPlusTwo forum. They say that a player breaking the rules hurts othe players then his winnings are distributed among them. If no one was hurt then the money is given to charity by PokerStars. “We never keep the money. That's not how we make profiits” – says Josem. Did Vayo hurt other players?

What now?
Lawyer who represents Gordon Vayo said there are others like him. In an interview for “Card Player” he suggested: “We will be monitoring the situation as there are many players who suffered the same fate and maybe we should join our forces. We will see what PokerStars does and act accordingly”.

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Nitewin   United States. May 13 2018 21:51. Posts 1002

ouch, that's what I call a slowrolled bad beat.


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