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Ian Steinman Makes an insane fold on the World Poker Tour

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Defrag   Poland. Mar 08 2018 18:48. Posts 4703

If you watched the finals of WPT Rolling Thunder you probably witnessed this incredible hand. Ian Steinman folded a set of kings when he faced a bet from WSOP champion, Joe McKeehen.

It was the final table of WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event with only 5 players left. Each had $69,650 already locked. Blinds were 30,000/60,000, with 10,000 ante.

First to decide was David Larson, who threw K6 away. Ping Liu folded then Q9, and Andreas Kniep in the button let go of T6. Ian Steinman, who happened to be sitting in the small blind got KK and bet 160,000. He was called by WSOP 2015 champ, Joe McKeehen, who held QT. The pot rose to 370,000.

What happend next? See the video for yourself:

"I thought this decision was bad, but something told me I should do it. Still knowing that could have been a terrible fold. I think I analyzed the hand a bit too much. Good I was lucky there to be right "– said Steinman asked about the hand by WPT journalists.

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Mar 08 2018 22:34. Posts 8449

what a retarded river line but he s obviously aware of it so

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Baalim   Mexico. Mar 08 2018 23:02. Posts 32244

both played it awfully

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fira   United States. Mar 09 2018 02:50. Posts 6277


anyway this is an absolutely ridonkulous hand. how does QT even call the flop? how does KK fold river putting the other guy on QT? that's gotta be some sick live read or something. "i don't know how he has it, but he has it."

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fira   United States. Mar 09 2018 02:55. Posts 6277

seriously though someone needs to contact WPT and tell them to show player stack sizes for these hand videos. this is the WPT for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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thewh00sel    United States. Mar 09 2018 02:59. Posts 2729

They showed stack sizes but then mckeehen tweeted that they were wrong and both had pretty much the same stack to start (chipleaders i think)

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fira   United States. Mar 09 2018 03:02. Posts 6277

oh ok...

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NMcNasty    United States. Mar 09 2018 03:38. Posts 1923

  On March 09 2018 01:50 fira wrote: how does KK fold river putting the other guy on QT?

Especially since Joe is aggressive he's probably 3betting suited QT preflop, or QhTh on the flop. Opponent has to very specifically be floating with one of the worst possible hands to float with.

Baalim   Mexico. Mar 09 2018 04:38. Posts 32244

the float on the flop is bad, the lead on the river is awful and so is the fold when he beat a big chunk of his value range

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PoorUser    United States. Mar 09 2018 05:07. Posts 7377

tourney players lol. he has the sight tho so good for him.

Moneys gotta go in here 

TimDawg    United States. Mar 09 2018 08:56. Posts 10171

  On March 09 2018 04:07 PoorUser wrote:
tourney players lol. he has the sight tho so good for him.

lol this

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FrinkX   United States. Mar 09 2018 09:11. Posts 7453

  On March 09 2018 04:07 PoorUser wrote:
tourney players lol. he has the sight tho so good for him.

at least he has the sight and not the whiff like me -_-

u only get 1 shot at a fold like this

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Mar 09 2018 13:36. Posts 4110

  On March 09 2018 04:07 PoorUser wrote:
tourney players lol. he has the sight tho so good for him.


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BlizzY   Slovakia. Mar 09 2018 13:38. Posts 776

Buttonclicking at it's finest.

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Mar 09 2018 14:22. Posts 4110

QhTo is a somewhat marginal call on flop vs cbet size. It can be justifiable as an exploit. but yeah, tourney players.

I was GTO in 2007 -wobbly_au 

deathstar   United States. Mar 09 2018 15:32. Posts 103

I think an important factor in this fold is its the two chip leaders at the final table. And if the 2nd in chips, the person who went allin has been playing conservatively and respectful to ICM. Him bluffing this river never occurs. So does he shove Ace Jack on the river? I don't think so. I think he just calls. So does he have AK in his range, I don't think so and I don't he shoves either on the river. So its a question of what he does with pocket 5s and pocket 7s.
With 7s and 5s, its a question of does he want to risk 5th place vs pocket Kings, pocket Aces, pocket Jacks or do he just want to continue the tournament and win this large pot right here.
The line the chip leader took is not A9 or worse line. So, AT AJ AK AQ a5 a7 75s j7s j5s, JJ KK AA. 9/72 versus a river value range 7s and 5s lose.
So 7s and 5s are good 87.5% of the time verse this river bet if its value. If its bluff its of no consequence because the bluff never calls a raise.
Its okay to call with 7s and 5s and avoid that awful 12.5% elimination in 5th place by shoving.
Small raise gets value from all those two pairs. If he makes it 800,000 more. he gets called.
He only has 2.1 million left after he meets the 800,000 river bet. So a minraise leaves him with 1.3 million.
I think JJ calls the minraise, and KK+ considers for a long time before/if shoving.
Because the QT combos outweigh the 5s and 7s combos.
I don't think he has to worry about being shoved on if he minraises. I think minraise is the correct play with 5s and 7s.
So I don't like the shove with QT since he doesn't shove 5s or 7s. He should play QT as he would bottomness sets.
Going allin versus the chip leader as 2nd in chips with 5 players at the final table after the CL showed incredible strength. Just signals the nuts.

Baalim   Mexico. Mar 11 2018 02:46. Posts 32244

he should shove all sets on the river if he doesnt he is a weak fish, he also should bluff the river, if he doesnt he is a weak fish, actually if he gets folds from KK he should be bluffing river 100% of the time

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