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Phil Hellmuth Appears on Barstool Pizza Review

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Well, it's always good to catch some air-time and Phil Hellmuth follows this rule for sure - he recently took part in satirical sports lifestyle site, Barstool Sports, popular Barstool Pizza "One Bite" Review section.

In each episode Barstool Sports founder and "Chief of Content" Dave Portnoy reviews a pizza parlour, giving them points from 1 to 10. The initial idea behind the show was to test "every pizza parlour in Manhattan".

Previous guests on "One Bite" include sports stars such as baseball Hall of Famer George Brett, current MLB star Bryce Harper, former WWE wrestlers Mick Foley and Chris Jericho and other non-sports celebs such as Dr. Oz and rapper Hoodie Allen. This time poker super-celebrity Phil Hellmuth took part in the show.

Unfortunately for both Hellmuth and Portnoy, the pizza place they ran into wasnt exactly top of the line. In fact Portnoy went so far as to say, “This pizza stinks, but it’s a 99-cent slice I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy.” of the slice he bought from 99 Cent Famous Pizza at 1 E 28th Street

Hellmuth gave the pizza a rating of 4/10, saying it was 'high grade'. Portnoy wasn't quite so generous, giving a rating of 1.8, saying he was embarrased to have brought Hellmuth there, especially as Phil brought along his parents.

Watch the video here:

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