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Chinese internet tycoon Xu Chaojun arrested for running illegal poker games

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Defrag   Poland. Aug 01 2017 22:14. Posts 4636

Xu Chaojun, an internet tycoon, former Vice President of RenRe (a Chinese social media platform with over 240 million users), has been arrested last week. During a police raid, where nine other players were arrested as well, police found over 3 million yuan ($446,000) on the table.

Chaojun is also the founder and a teacher at the Beijing International Poker School and a man who recently fought in a "Man vs Machine" competition against super-computer Lengpudashi (the 'brother' of Libratus). However, he wasn't caught playing the game, but rather hosting it while raking 5% and as such he could be found guilty of running an illegal poker game.

Xu tried to explain himself, and told the assembled press that the game was never about the money:
“The participants involved are not professional gamblers, but members of the social elite. It is known that Texas Hold ’em is more popular among rich people, so I think this case is intended to send a message.

“Money is not the issue here, a loss of 80,000 yuan doesn’t mean much to these people. Their desire is simply to conquer the game.”

If found guilty of running an illegal casino, Chaojun could face between three to ten years in jail.

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flounder44   United States. Aug 03 2017 00:19. Posts 913

sum1 go put up nate diaz gif

traxamillion   United States. Aug 03 2017 02:24. Posts 10343

If it wasn't about the money why are you raking it my dude

shootair   United States. Aug 03 2017 04:39. Posts 415

The social elite in china have so much money they don't know how to spend it. Raking their poker games? #goldmine

dnagardi   Hungary. Aug 03 2017 17:46. Posts 1526

  On August 03 2017 01:24 traxamillion wrote:
If it wasn't about the money why are you raking it my dude

it wasnt about the money for the players lol.

TimDawg    United States. Aug 03 2017 18:59. Posts 10167

3 to 10 years in jail? lol

online bob is actually a pretty smart person, not at all like the creepy fucker that sits in the sofa telling me he does nasty shit to me when im asleep - pinball 


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