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New rules for WSOP 2017 - no more unnecessary stalling by players!

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Defrag   Poland. May 15 2017 22:22. Posts 4627

PokerStars implemented shot clocks for their tournaments to limit excessive time being taken when faced with decision and World Series of Poker directors decided to go similar way. Finally, World Series of Poker has implemented new rules for this years series to guard players against unnecessary stalling in their bracelet events.

World Series of Poker announced earlier this week new rules to improve the pace of play, especially on the bubble. A set of new rules should speed up the game quite a bit.

Here are the highlights of new rules:
• Under the previous rule, participants were permitted to call the clock after a “reasonable amount of time”
had passed, and two minutes was defined as the minimum reasonable amount of time.
• That two-minute guideline has been removed.
• Participants may now call the clock at any point if they feel a participant at the table is taking longer than is reasonable for the game situation.
• When a floor person initiates a clock, the participant will be given anywhere from 0 to 30 seconds, plus a 10- second countdown. The exact amount of time will be up to the discretion of the floor person.
o This is a reduction in the amount of time given for a called clock.
• If a participant requests a clock, floor persons have the right not to initiate a clock at that time, based on game situation. (This is intended to prevent abuse of calling the clock.) The floor person may then initiate a clock once he/she deems an appropriate amount of time has passed.
• Floor persons have the authority to issue a clock without prompting from a participant.
• Participants who appear to be deliberately stalling the progress of the game or who frequently call for a clock unnecessarily will be subject to penalty.
• This rule is intended to discourage stalling or taking an unreasonable amount of time for straightforward decisions.
• Participants are encouraged to be respectful of opponents who are involved in a hand.
• Participants are also encouraged to call the clock if another participant is habitually or repeatedly slowing down the game.

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