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888Poker room plans to “Take Back The Game”

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Defrag   Poland. May 13 2017 15:47. Posts 4612

The world’s 2nd largest online poker brand, 888poker, has launched a long term strategy under the bold new banner of ‘Taking Back the Game’, accompanied by a brand new TV campaign which will air on 11/05/2017.

As a huge influencer in a fast-evolving market, the 888poker site is celebrated for its on-going commitment to supporting and enriching the experience of its players.

888poker was the first to recognize a desire for change and a growing sense of frustration from players due to the direction in which the industry is developing; uneven matches, slow games and disproportionate VIP bonuses. The online poker room have now made it their mission to change this, so their players can enjoy a poker game worth playing.
888poker is, essentially, ‘Taking back the Game’ on behalf of the players.

Working towards this goal over the past year, 888poker has already launched a number of initiatives aimed at rekindling online poker players’ enthusiasm and love of the game, including:

    · The launch of a unique loyalty program which offers its recreational players a more beneficial structure and rewards system.
    · Exciting and original promotions which offer all players, no matter their skill level the chance to win more cash and prizes. For example, this year’s hugely popular ‘Treasure Quest’ which required players to complete daily challenges in order to reach the end of an online game board.
    · Exceptional, innovative and quick-paced poker variants to enhance players’ game experience. The extremely popular ‘BLAST’ poker is just one example of this – and players can expect some other exciting developments in this area very soon!
    · As exclusive sponsors of the World Series of Poker, the largest online poker event in the world, for the third year running, 888poker has made the WSOP more accessible to its players. This year 888poker will send over 250 players to Vegas through its online satellite tournaments and promotions, which offer buy-ins starting from just 1 cent.

Several other initiatives and projects are also expected to be announced in the coming months.

SVP Head of B2C at 888Holdings, Itai Pazner, spoke enthusiastically about the poker site’s ground-breaking new approach:
“For many years, 888poker has been celebrated as a platform which welcomes members from all different levels of experience and ability; a place to call home for recreational and professional players alike.
‘Taking back the game’ is about going one step further for our players; it’s about moving forwards, not backwards, and shaping the future of online poker so that we give our players a better experience.
We have a clear and positive picture of how we see 888poker developing over the next few years, both online and offline, and I personally can’t wait to see 888poker transform and revolutionize the way online poker is played!”

A TV, VOD, pre-roll and digital display campaign will launch this new strategy. #Buzzkills, a campaign calling out all these negative elements about online poker and highlighting the changes that 888poker has made to create a more enjoyable game for a more diverse community of players.
Four 30 second ads channel the frustrations players feel as ‘What a Buzzkill’ and reveal 888poker’s solutions – less waiting, more playing; fairer games; better chance of winning and exciting promotions for everyone, encapsulated in the endline: ‘888poker. Taking Back the Game’.
888poker will continue to develop its exciting new initiatives in the coming year, whilst introducing a number of additional promotions and projects to further its ambitions for 2017.

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JohnnyBologna   United States. May 13 2017 15:55. Posts 1393

Same shit different day.

By doing a little bit at a time, a lot can be done 

lucky331   . May 13 2017 16:39. Posts 964

finally its here! we will finally see the second poker boom.

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. May 13 2017 21:20. Posts 14476

Are the HUDS banned yet or is that coming in next update?

NL5 Grinder 4Life 

Highcard   Canada. May 14 2017 06:31. Posts 5415

  On May 13 2017 20:20 LemOn[5thF] wrote:
Are the HUDS banned yet or is that coming in next update?

when did they say they are banning huds

I have learned from poker that being at the table is not a grind, the grind is living and poker is how I pass the time 


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