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enlighten me
  tloapc, May 03 2012


it's a concept I must admit while thoroughly buzzed (which I progressively leave this place to b), I currently need enlightenment into

So plz, enlighten me towards the concept of peace and it's apparently(?) principle of importance as a worldwide goal in life

P.S. if my above words were not enough in your opinion to warrant a blog let me know and I'll post visuals to re-express some impulses as to make it a more entertaining/dramatic/splooge capable link as I do have at least a small touch of vanity hidden somewhere (but I'll prob do it later as this buzz rox way too hard lol)

most likely tho being a pretty groovy betting man I'm betting I'll hear much more silence than anything else which is awesome...
regardless either way, peace

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  tloapc, Apr 26 2012

No but really, if you clicked on this link/blog and then somewhere complain or contemplate ban etc then that's ur own goddamn fucking fault and I don't know what to do for u
I suggest growing up a bit and not blaming me for your bad genes/mentality
(yes that was merely a pre-emptive attack)

A question... is this Belladonna?
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Poll: Well is it?
(Vote): Yes
(Vote): No
(Vote): repeat the question? whoever she is she's fucking fine
(Vote): goddamn I'm so high

it's funny, cuz compared to most Americans, I'm not hateful or bitter at all
I know this because I'm in touch with my hate and I hate u all equally (generally speaking)

so let's get to some more good stuff eh
here we go
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for a snapback to reality, if your looking for an update into the times of how things currently are on a higher level than most can imagine, check this clip out

especially from 29:30-30:39
(tho unless ur really up to date, u should really watch the whole thing to increase ur chances of figuring out what I'm babbling about)

truth is god...or is it...god is truth
regardless, what realist doesn't like to fuck at some point in their life? srsly why shun it?

next time maybe I'll do some music

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  tloapc, Mar 16 2012

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The enemy of my enemy
  tloapc, Feb 16 2012

is my friend...

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2nd in NH
  tloapc, Jan 10 2012

Ron Paul Celebrates Historic Second Place Win in New Hampshire Primary
"We urge Ron Paul's opponents who have been unsuccessfully trying to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney to unite by getting out of the race and uniting behind Paul's candidacy."

Read more here

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  tloapc, Dec 30 2011

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Newt Gingrich
  tloapc, Dec 01 2011

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OWS occupies Ron Paul
  tloapc, Nov 22 2011

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Herman Cain
  tloapc, Nov 05 2011

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Meet The Press
  tloapc, Oct 23 2011

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