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Selling WCOOP ME action
  sTrAtO, Sep 25 2011

I want to sell 45% of myself in the wcoop main event. I've not been running super hot so far in this wcoop and I only have one cash in one of the $1K wcoops where I finished in 37th place but I still believe I am playing good. My most recent big score was a 5th place in the Sunday Rebuy for $18k.

I've been playing lately a ton of $2/$4 NLHE SH but I've still been pretty active playing tournaments.

I'm selling at 1:1 (obv)

5% = $260
10% = $520

I want to sell all of the action to play the event but If I only manage to sell like 35 or 40% I may play it anyways but I rather sell all of it. I'm selling 50% actually but sold 5% already to a friend.

Post here to book and send the money to o_omx (Mexico) to confirm. In the case I don't play the event I would ship back the money immediatly, you can trust me on that.


10% player999 confirmed
10% sakisaki confirmed
5% Ket confirmed
5% Nightfox confirmed
5% drone666 confirmed
3.5% eso confirmed
6.5% in swaps with two friends.

55% me

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Selling WSOP ME action
  sTrAtO, Jun 29 2011

Hello guys,

I'll be going this year to the WSOP Main Event. I think I'm EV+ in the tournament although it will be my first time in Las Vegas and obviously the WSOP. It won't be my first live experiencie though as I have played in 3 LAPTs (Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico (2008); Rosario, Argentina (Sep 2010) and Lima,Peru (Apr 2011), and this August I will be playing the Punta del Este event as well as the Americas Cup which I qualified for). Unfortunately, in the last two LAPTs I was not able to cash in the Main Events but I have done pretty decent in the Second Chance (SC) events. In Argentina I Final Tabled the $2,000 SC but busted in 8th place unfortunately. I was chipleader for almost the entire tournament but lost two big flips when we were down to 18 players (AT
Online I've also had decent tournament success besides the recent Sunday Million score. Check my id: o_omx in both stars and ftp (I dont play on FTP anymore due to recent obvious events)

I believe I'm a trust worthy player and I have never stole any money from my backers. TimDawg, Baal and lostaccount can confirm this.

Anyways, I would like to sell up to 30% of my action at 1% = $120 which I believe is a decent rate. Minimum purchase is 3%, but if I fail to sell enough action in time I guess I could start booking 1% and 2%s.

I think it is very important to tell you guys that as a Mexican I will be charged with 30% tax of the prize money I get and it is unsure if I will be able to get those taxes back or not. I would have to fill in some forms and ask for a tax refund and in case I'm given the taxes back, I will obviously give you your money from that.

I'm leaving to Las Vegas probably on July 5th so hopefully you guys will be able to buy something.

Send me a PM or post in here to starting booking.

Thank you,

Francisco Rios

Hey guys, I finished selling action. Thanks to Darki and Arirang who got the last pieces.

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  sTrAtO, Nov 15 2009

I'm looking for a one time stake for the FTOPS Main Event $500+35 that starts in 20 minutes.

I think im +EV in the tournament due to blind structure and im trustworthy, TimDawg, Baal, etc can vouch for me. Unfortunately, I no longer can afford $500's with my BR but I think I can score good.

gogogogogo its almost time

$450,000 for first

edit: done, thanks sakisaki

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FTOPS Main Event
  sTrAtO, Nov 15 2009

I'm looking for a one time stake for the FTOPS Main Event $500+35 that starts in 30minutes.

30/70, 30 for me.

contact me on
aim stratomx88

I think im +EV in the tournament due to blind structure and im trustworthy, TimDawg, Baal, etc can vouch for me. Unfortunately, I no longer can afford $500's with my BR but I think I can score good.

gogogogogo its almost time

$450,000 for first which is $315,000 for u!

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Selling action ASAP $1k WCOOP
  sTrAtO, Sep 13 2009

Hello guys, Im selling 50% for the $1050 WCOOP that starts in 25 minutes.
I'm doing pretty decent in the last days and running hot today but 1k is way too much gamble.

So if anyone out there feels like buying 50% or 2x25% would be awesome. PM here asap

50% = $525
25% = $262.50

gogogo, i final tabled the $109 80k gtd 2 weeks ago for a $13.3k prize worth a 3rd place and also been going deep in other tourneys lately.

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FTOPS transfer
  sTrAtO, Aug 09 2009

Sup guys, I need $322 FTP moniez for FTOPS #10, will send $322 stars.

Anyone willing to do it? Thanks

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Sunday stake
  sTrAtO, Jul 12 2009

Sup guys

Been a lil out from conversations lately on LP, been mostly lurking and posting a lot at the latin LP...

I'm wondering if anybody out there is willing to stake me for the next 10-12 sundays in the Sunday Million, Sunday Warmup, $55 200k gtd, not sure if adding some FTP tourneys or even a few more on stars is possible, but im mostly interested in the 3 listed on stars.

We can discuss the terms, percentages, makeup and all of the neccesary points on aim/msn.

my OPR:

1 Final table in the Sunday 500, 2 1st places in the $55 $70k gtd, 3 top 24 in the sunday warmup, 1 1st place in the nightly 100k, 2 FTs in the $11r and $3r, and a few other small accomplishments.

PM me your contact info here on LP or add me on aim: stratomx88 or msn:


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LAPT Punta del Este
  sTrAtO, Mar 04 2009

So LAPT Punta del Este is in 2 weeks and I'll be going there. I want to sell 50% of my action if anyone is interested. Selling 50% in both main event and second chance. If I don't play the second chance I will obviously give the money back. This will be my second LAPT. Played in Nuevo Vallarta and cashed like 7k in the 89way chop (lol).

Here is the information

Main Event $3500+200
50% = $1850
25% = $925
10% = $370
5% = $185

Second Chance $1020+80
50% = $550
25% = $275
10% = $110

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Help + suggestions
  sTrAtO, Dec 18 2008

Don't feel like making a thread cause i just need to know a good DVD player to install in my pc. WMP blows tbh so if you could name a few decent dvd players that are free would be very appreciated.

Also, i'll ship $5 on stars/ftp to whoever tells me what is the name of the intro of the video, i love those type of songs in latin, specially Era.

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1 time PCA ticket
  sTrAtO, Dec 09 2008

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

The WBCOOP is an online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers.

Registration code: 621586

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