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Javascript coach, any level of experience
  SemPeR, Sep 09 2014

Prepping to get into Hack Reactor. Doing kata on codewars because someone from Hack Reactor told me it would be good to add to my study routine.
Comparing my shitty solution with the upvoted ones and learning stuff has been fun.
Would be great if I could have someone to bug with rando questions via Skype IM. Faster turnover than forums.

Was thinking a microstakes player on here would get a lot of value if they could ask me rando line questions, and I'd learn faster if I had someone to check my intuition against.
PM if interested. I won't be selective as I consider myself a huge fish in this game.


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Stars for PP/Cash
  SemPeR, Sep 02 2014

Got a lot of Stars. Want Paypal/Cash/MB.
PM for Skype.

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  SemPeR, Apr 12 2014


Pretty good book.
Review in the thread.
PM if interested in discussing.

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[Request] NLP Advice
  SemPeR, Apr 04 2014

Hey all,

Anyone on here an expert on NLP?
I'm doing a bunch of reading this week. There are a lot of books and I want general principles, ideally not just theory but actionable in interactions with others (day to day conversations, negotiations, and introspective work; ie, not a specific domain like pickup).
Have time to read 1-2 books. A little info on why these are good general texts would be helpful. Materials/practices to avoid and for what reasons would arguably be more helpful.


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HU Matches?
  SemPeR, Jul 14 2013

Does anyone want to do some 2-tabling NL for 1k hands at any stakes 200nl and lower?
I'm trying to improve my 100bb+ HU game.
PM and we can arrange a time.

Would prefer the matches take place at networks with rakeback deals, or Stars, but will do whatever.
Tied up most of the next 2 weeks, but I was thinking 2-3 hours Wednesday or Thursday.

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Selling SM Pieces (July14th)
  SemPeR, Jul 14 2013

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Selling Cake$s
  SemPeR, Jun 14 2013

Will take Stars, MB, Paypal, apartheid diamonds.
PM please.

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Math Help
  SemPeR, Jun 01 2013

Anyone here good with propokertools?

Here's what I'm trying to do:

-2 ranges: hero and villain
-a flop
-A hand in Hero's range

I want to find:
-Hero's sub-range for that flop, that represents the top x% of hands, ranked by equity against villain's range.

What I'm doing now:
-Use Odds oracle to find out that Hero has minimum equity of X%, Y% of the time.
-Go through the range, and take out the hands that have
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Anyone done this before?

For example, on 8h6c5d, if hero range is top 75% of hands, I want to enumerate the top 2/3 of hands, ranked by equity, against villain's range (say, 35% of hands)

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Food/Nutrition For Poker?
  SemPeR, May 27 2013

Goal here is stable energy levels for poker playing/study.
I lift a little but have modest goals.
Bench 1x my bodyweight, Dead/Squat 1.5-2x, which I expect to reach later this year.
I'm 5,10-5,11 @ ~160 could lose some fat and gain some muscle, but comfortable with this weight.

I feel I eat slightly better than most but there's so much room for improvement.
When I'm grinding I usually just get subway (a footlong is like marginally healthy, so much bread+sodium) or some soups, yoghurts, salads with a protein shake.
I think it would be helpful if I had a routine, and way to just be fully stocked with a few clean carb and protein choices, preferrably non-perishable so I don't have to micromanage that shit, to fall back on (like buying a case of buckwheat noodles and canned fish).

Any pros here pay a chef or have a good system down?
Success with temporary coaching or meal plans? I could use pointers.

If you're a nutritionist or personal trainer, I can trade cashgames coaching if you play lower than 2/4.

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Girl Sells 10% of Herself
  SemPeR, May 09 2013

This is troubling. Reflects poorly on North American education system.

Interesting thought though.
If I were to do this, I would be extremely selective about the investor.
That person had better be able to do some serious mentoring.

link link link

Good luck to everyone playing SCOOP.

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