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transfer needed stars -> ftp
  egood, Feb 17 2011

since no one was really willing to do this before i'll sweeten the deal a little. I'll trade $271 on stars for $250 on ftp. Please pm if interested.

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Transfer my stars for your FTP.
  egood, Feb 01 2011

I got about $271 sitting on stars, I'd like to transfer it to FTP. PM me if interested.

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egood's fitness log
  egood, Nov 14 2010

Decided to make a fitness log after seeing the other one. Could have done it at 2p2, but not really well known over there so would probably just get trolled.

I havent weighed myself in a while for some reason, lol but I'd have to guess I'm somewhere between 160-180 lbs, will edit this when I do. I just keep forgetting.

all weights are in lbs, 1 kg = 2.2lbs, so just divide in half to get a rough estimate of kgs.



T-Bar Rows (barbell, free weights)
lower back started to bother me a little (still a touch sore from deadlifting), so decided to stop.

dumbbell rows
drop set, 55x10, 40x10

lat pulldowns (overhand grip)
2 Sets 150x6
Drop 110x8, 90x8 (pretty tired here barely made the 8).

reverse lat pulldowns (supinated grip)
drop 110x10

straight arm lat pulldown (cable machine)
drop 37.5x8, 27.5x10

One armed rows (rowing machine)
4 sets 30x10

dumbbell curls

Hammer curls

EZ-bar preacher curls
20x5 (lols)

I was worn out at this point so stopped.

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My stars your ftp.
  egood, Mar 22 2010

I'd like to xfer about 1.5k to ftp to try out some rush. I'll send first to reputable members. I also have references. send me a pm if interested.

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fuckin feb
  egood, Feb 28 2010

the 20k hand redline crash was me trying to mass table to keep my platinum status, which i missed by 150 points (F U STARS!).

even if i played a 1k session every day, i wouldnt play enough hands to keep it.

whatever, im just gonna 4 table, make money and fuck the vip system

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  egood, Jan 31 2010

January was fun. I started out pretty much only playing 25nl, which is impossible:

Since i'm rolled for 50nl and used to play it, my friend whose been sweating me told me to just stick to 50nl. He's been sweating me a lot and helping me with my game (he's a 2/4, 3/6 reg). And even though its a small sample im really confident with my game at 50nl right now and will stick to this limit.


Running Really good right now though so that might be part of it. Waiting for the inevitable doomswitch. I feel that I'm playing really well right not but who knows I might just be running really hot and a luckbox.

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$15 ftp -> stars
  egood, Dec 10 2009

i got like $15 randomly sitting on ftp i'd like to move to stars if anyone can help me. thx.

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gf randomly ignores me
  egood, Nov 08 2009

so we're chillin in an xbox live party together. I've been playing halo and she's watching shit on netflix. I say "BRB" cause i gotta take a piss, she says "ok". I come back, say "back" she disconnects her mic, leaves the party, logs off xbox. She's still logged on to msn so i sent a msg there, then i text her asking what's up. no response. she never does this. if she was goin to sleep she would have told me or texted me. WTF? I have no idea what i did wrong. We were chillin in that party talkin for like 4 hours.

its not that big a deal, but its just like a "what the fuck?" for me lol.

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  egood, Oct 10 2009

Obama won nobel peace prize, wheres your thread?

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gift ideas
  egood, Sep 27 2009

my gf wants to get me something cool and unique for my birthday, but i dont know what to ask for. budget would be like $100-$200. ill ship $5 on stars to whoever has best idea.

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