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fuck poker

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Cards fuck me again
  BeMannerPenner, Nov 18 2008

im used to mediocry sessions now. i have huge swings cause i run into big suckouts and coolers alot.

this session tops them tho

-6 buyins in 3k hands. i could win ONE hand with more then 100 bb in it where i stacked a station with a set.

other then that i lost 1 buyin KK vs AA, 2 buyins Set vs flushes ,~2 buyins sets vs suckouts, 2 buyin in shortstack suckouts and 1-2 in just hitting nothing ever. most of the time i lost the minimum but most stuff was just anavoidable ( midstacks J5 > QQ etc).

i just hate when crap like that happens. in 50k hands i ahd exactly one session that was really good (5 buyins in like 2k hands or so) but massive crappy ones and now this again. hello crappy 2ptbb/100 soon...

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5k hands -> goldstar
  BeMannerPenner, Nov 17 2008

playd 5k hands to get goldstar finally. session started out HORRIBLE as u can see in the graph. i lost evry single allin situation beeing in 75% or more favourite in evry one.god how much i hate lucky shortstacks and morons.

kept playing and did fine. but ofcourse the cards decided to fuck me up just before i reach my target throwing one KK vs AA preallin and some nice smaller fuckovers into me so i end the session breakeven instead of up 3 buyins.

but since pretty much evry single of my sessions goes that way (lose big, win slowly back, lose big) im used to it. just hoping that i can run good one time again. 2,5 ptbb/100 are pathetic for crappy nl25 and looking at the people i lose like 75% of my money to its even more stupid.

but achieved my goal, goldstar again after one year of not playing and overall im still doing ok. need to open up my game tho again. the nitstyle im playing atm is boring...

/edit was pissed of stopping breakeven for the day and playd another 3k hands. even with some suckouts and setups i ended up +2bi. not a great profit for a 8k hands day but better then -1/4 buyin after 5k.

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Yay session
  BeMannerPenner, Nov 08 2008

great session to offset the craptastic one the night before. gf + a buddy were here bringin me luck.

hit some big hands where i did win, my aces held up and the idiots i valuetowned didnt manage to hit their 3 outers most of the the time. poker can be so easy and fun.

other then that im still playing pretty nitty (17.5/13.5) for my old standarts but i think this is ok on nl25.

30k hands playd now after my break and close to 3ptbb/100 again.

oh and perfect hand: Submitted by : BeMannerPenner

PokerStars Game #21840367704: Hold'em No Limit ($0.10/$0.25) - 2008/11/07 16:45:04 ET
Table 'Alzirr IV' 6-max Seat #4 is the button
Seat 1: Lassi32 ($74.30 in chips)
Seat 3: catoandtonic ($25 in chips)
Seat 4: HAYATO BR ($18.55 in chips)
Seat 5: uluvme ($26.65 in chips)
Seat 6: GremlinLau ($24.65 in chips)
uluvme : posts small blind $0.10
GremlinLau: posts big blind $0.25

Dealt to uluvme 9s6s
Lassi32: calls $0.25
catoandtonic: calls $0.25
HAYATO BR: folds
uluvme : calls $0.15
GremlinLau: checks

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $1.00)

pa-all-in joins the table at seat #2
uluvme : bets $0.50
GremlinLau: folds
Lassi32: folds
catoandtonic: raises $1.50 to $2
uluvme : raises $3.25 to $5.25
catoandtonic: calls $3.25

Turn(Odds) (Pot : $11.50)

uluvme : bets $8
catoandtonic: calls $8

River (Pot : $27.50)

uluvme : bets $12.75
catoandtonic: calls $11.50 and is all-in
Uncalled bet ($1.25) returned to uluvme

uluvme : shows 9s6s (a straight flush, Five to Nine)
catoandtonic: mucks hand
uluvme collected $48.50 from pot

Total pot $50.50 | Rake $2
Board  8s7s2s5c5s
Seat 1: Lassi32 folded on the Flop
Seat 3: catoandtonic mucked 2d2c
Seat 4: HAYATO BR (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 5: uluvme (small blind) showed 9s6s and won ($48.50) with a straight flush, Five to Nine
Seat 6: GremlinLau (big blind) folded on the Flop

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Still fighting a uphill battle
  BeMannerPenner, Nov 06 2008

Lost most big hands, didnt hit when i needed to and managed to bleed of almost 2 buyins at a 40vpip table with 50+vpip donks left and right cause i couldnt win one hand >2$ in almost 2 hours there.

-5$ with aces & -18$ with kings are quite a good example how good i ran today

most session i play look that way, just like it was when i stopped 1 year ago. but a great session yesterday helped getting my hopes up again.

but atleast i am silverstar again now yay

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2 sessions
  BeMannerPenner, Oct 17 2007

short stuff.

yesterday after another break playd ~1k session and it was mad fun. i just kept hitting and thx to a nice 2+2 guy with which i always clash at the table i was sitting with 3+buyin stacks at 2 tables cause i hit evrything vs him.

with some minor beats i ended up ~5 buyins.yay!

today playd 1k hands. was up over 5 buyins at a time. ended now pissed with +0,5 buyin. had 2 major beats für 240+bbpots which were avoidable but vs these players think i wouldnt play mucho different still.

1st me repop AA to 4,5 , idiot(had notes etc) calls.flop A48 2suited. i bet weak to get the idiot to raise.he just calls. turn heart but me nah fraid. bet weak finally he does what he loves and shoves his pocket tens midpair. i be happy and call. river 4th heart he has Th me lose and get mad.

2nd me call pp in bb after raise and cc. flop set,1 guy turns overset me lose big pot.

other smaller stupid shit (idiots calling with bottompair and make trips etc) killed my profits. now me pissed and stopped.

still good to see that if i dont fuck up big time or get huge beats i totally destroy these "players".some of my confidence is back. still i just cant stand it when i lose money to idiots.or huge hands beeing like bazibillion to 0,1 fav and lose.i get on massacre tilt and donk off another buyin then quit...

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should quit
  BeMannerPenner, Sep 25 2007

really thinking about quitting poker.

after my 15 buyin in few k hand downswing that kicked me from nl100 i cant win anymore.

after ~40k hands that i playd now on nl25 again i can really say i jsut cant win.

i mean my stats are ok, the players i lose against are horrible and i used to crush these stakes.

well now over 40k hands i barely can get a positive bb/100

i just dont know why. i know im better then 90% of the nl25 players. im not THAT bad. i grinded my way up from 5$ to over 2,5k while cashing out around 2k on the way up.dropped 1,5k in like 15k hands in the worst downswing ive ever seen.playd nl25. now i barely have enough to even play nl25(and i will NEVER EVER again drop down below that..). ofc i did cash out quite some cause i needed some quick money for some deals . but im almost broke online and dont plan to ever deposit.

i tried evrything from switching my rather aggressive game (~25/22)to more conservative stuff.
last 10k hands i playd 17/14/2,7 (even 54% won@shdwn )which resulted in amazing +1,7bb/100. with the loss of the great 100 hand session just now again breakeven.

i mean is it even possible to lose money/run breakeven at nl25 with such stats? with horrible nits and total donkfishes left and right how can i not win money playing totally basic abc poker(instead of the more fancy style i used when i crushed nl50 and nl100 at the beginning)

i jsut dont understand it. maybe i was just running amazingly hot for 300k hands and i dont know shit about poker. maybe im on a sick long bullshit swing.maybe im wrong and all these 70/5, 80/50 ,11/3 morons are way better then me.maybe the pokergod doesnt want me to play anymore. i dont know.

well if i have some more of these nice 100hands = -2buyin im broke and if no 1 wants to stake me(and why should anyone after not beeing able to make proft at nl25 for 40k hands...) or gimme free money for beeing the amazing guy i am im done with poker.

ya i know just another boring and stupid "zomg im losing!" post but well...

ps. if some read really till the end and has money on ps iwould like to transfer the ~70$ i have rotting on ftp for agesto stars. so if sum1 wants to help me out on that pls pm me. (ofc trusted member pls and i send 1st). because ftp is obv rigged against me(iirc i lost 200$ of my 250$ test deposit with aces which had amazing 23% win and ~ -210$ over 10k hands)

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90 secs of DOOM
  BeMannerPenner, Aug 13 2007

1,5k hands session midnight with high grade.

stats 18,8/14,8/2,8 won@shdwn 58%

evrything went fine. i could bust quite some shortstacks over my tables (HARRRRRRRRR) , managed to win a nice 240bb pot with a set vs aces and sum1 who folded on turn and other then minor suckouts etc all went great. was about ~2,5 buyins up.

then the 90 seconds of DOOM started.

3 hands happened :

a)i raise 66 pf and get a caller, flop comes 2 suited raggish with a 6. i bet,get raised and shortly after were allin.

b) KK in the sb. raise and a call before me, i 3bet to 4,5x the original raise ,the original raiser folds the caller again calls. flop comes 5J5 rainbow. i bet ,get called, and checkpush irrelevant turn.

(villain is a monkey shortstack who lucked his stack together by various suckouts.i busted him at 2 other tables after which he left both times)

c) got 86s in bb , villain(a okish but sometimes idiotic) raises , 1 caller and i call cause as said villain is capable of totally senseless spew moves. i flop the flush,bet out and villain instashoves other guy folds.i snapcall.


a) hes on a flushdraw and hits the river. 220bbpot
b) he had 65o and i lose. 260bb pot.
c) he has a set and boats up on the turn. 250bbpot

evrything in under 90 secs. im stunned,pissed and instantly quit.

weed helps me to stay calm. love herb. healing of the nation. was kinda fun writing that but i bet its very boring to read. so dont do it.

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  BeMannerPenner, Aug 13 2007

ya. and again a rant about those freaking fuckers.

i have 2 probs with them:

1) They ALWAYS suckout. checkpush midpair for 40bb against my aces? usually they will hit 2 pair oder some nice running sraight. seriously i had sessions where i lost over 90%(!) of the allin situations vs 50bb- stacks. and ofc i entered evry single one as fav.

2) they pust me on mad crazy monkey tilt. when i lose to a obv totally retarded fucktard again and again (QQ< K8o pf, after that AK tptpk < turned set, after that AA < AQ pf allin ... ) i cant stay calm. usually im a peaceful guy. chill alot we. standart beats(iof not in MASSES) np. but these freakin idiots piss me of so hard i really want to smash their head against a wall.

dunnmo how to handle that. dunno how to stay calm with those fuckers.

reason for this is ofc another 20 minutes of bullshit. 1khand session evrything standart. last 20 minutes i lose evrysingle pot over 20bb. most of them to 20-50bb stacks. ev rysingle one was a suckout or a cooler(idiot calls my rr for 1/4 stack with 22 and hits ofc)

+2 buyins became -2 in 20 minutes and now im pissed.

other then that:
had some decent sessions last week. running at 9,5ptbb/100 over the last 12k. good to see that sometimes the cards dont give the idiots free money

convinced girlffuckfriend to some nice assfuckery. girlassfuckscore up to 3! high five!

my PT is running again but database i lost. but still have 400mb worth of HH's somewhere.


[x] 60bb minbuyin evrywhere.

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150 hand session
  BeMannerPenner, Jul 28 2007

ty fu bye

poker hates me

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seems like i cant beat anything
  BeMannerPenner, Jul 27 2007

since my sick streak which kicked me from nl100 down to nl25 im not playing much.

but the great thing is when i play it seems like i cant even beat nl25 anymore.

i used to run at 9+ptbb/100 over ~75k hands.

well now ervything is different. i tried different approaches. nitting it up , now im back to my old aggro standarts.

evry session is the same:

i lose 2-3 buyins in the first 500-750 hands to some nice KK vs AA , set < draw or w/e and after that play till i have my losses back(usually around 2-2,5k hands). now im sick and bored cause i again playd 3 hrs for nothing and i quit for the day.

this results in a amazing 2bb/100 winrate over the last 20k hands at FREAKIN NL25!

maybe im just too bad now. maybe all those scrubs outplay me hardcore. maybe this is just ANOTHER joke of the poker god to fuck me over. i dont know.

im pretty much sick of it. i know im multiple times better then 99,5% of the nl25 players. i rarely lose money against the decent players. after evry session my PT shows the 40/5/0,5 idiots as the ones i lost the most against.

imo my stats are ok,my reads are decent most of the time, i get my money in when ahead , steal pots left and right abusing the nits with light 3bets and trap the wannabe rambos.

just dunno what to do anymore. its so frustrating. guess i just have grind and grind and grind till maybe one day the poker god lets me win again.

massive whine post again weeee

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