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want stars money have paypal
  lostaccount, Sep 13 2015

look to trade up too 500$ on paypal for your stars let me know.
i give paypal and receive stars. thanks a bunch can do smaller amounts too

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coaching + staking
  lostaccount, Jan 07 2015

If anyone who is marginally winning or looking for a coach. i am interested in doing a staking + coaching deal.

Some of my back ground info, i have been playing poker for 7 years and played up to 5/10 cash game.
my main games now are 15$/35$ 180 mans + mtt up to 109$ + some 30$ spin n goes.
don't really play cash game anymore.

i am looking 2-3 students, mainly 180 man sng players.

pm me your stats screen names and reference if you have any.

this stake is for 2.5$ 4.5$, 8$, 15$ 180 sng man and
up to 15$ spin and goes

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selling some action
  lostaccount, Dec 13 2014 here are my stats
i have final table 2 sunday million so i know how to luckbox

selling 50% to
11:00pst 109 turbo no markup
11:30 hotter 75$
11:45 215$

1% 3.99$
10% 39.9$

send to jlost88 on stars

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PayPal for stars
  lostaccount, Sep 01 2014

Need some stars 1k have 1k paypal.
Can do smaller amounts too

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Need stars for PayPal
  lostaccount, Aug 03 2014

Can trade 800 PayPal for stars.
I can do smaller piece if you can't do 800 at once.

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looking to sell action
  lostaccount, Aug 02 2014

hey guys looking to sell action to the 2100$ tournament on stars tomorrow. I won a satellite to the tournament so i must play. Selling at 0 makeup.

1% 21$
5% 105$
10% 210$

will sell up to 50%

send to jlost88 on stars

sold out thanks everyone for investing

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have paypal want stars
  lostaccount, Sep 11 2013

if anyone wants paypal for stars let me know, want to unload some paypal money. 500-1k
will trade for any amount

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super tuesday
  lostaccount, Jul 29 2013

Hi i am jlost88 on stars and looking to sell some percentage of the super tuesday.
I have not been playing too much mtt lately but i do feel i am a little +ev.
Will only be 1 tabling the super tuesday so i will be super focus.
here is my opr

1% 10.50$
10% 105$

jlost88 stars

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ftp for stars anyone
  lostaccount, Mar 11 2011

does anyone want to trade their stars for my ftp i can do up to 10k.
also if anyone wants ub/ap ill take stars or ftp.


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Need stars money
  lostaccount, Jan 03 2011

hey LPers happy holidays

if any of you guys have extra stars to trade for AP/UB money or even want some ftp lmk
I need some stars money up to 5k.

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