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Sports bet brag
  iop, Aug 05 2015

Just managed to luck box a sports bet. I guess I've used up my luck for the remainder of this year.

TLDR = Bet ~$5 turned into ~$5,000

LOL - Sweden's biggest newspaper even wrote an article about it.

The bet

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2014 + 2015 (pics) Update
  iop, Jul 08 2015

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Life update - milestones
  iop, Jul 13 2014

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2013 recap
  iop, Jan 04 2014

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Pics and what not
  iop, Oct 03 2013

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Just another update
  iop, May 16 2013

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Your welcome
  iop, Apr 07 2013


You'll understand the blog title once you watch the music video.

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2012 recap
  iop, Dec 26 2012

  On January 04 2012 06:14 iop wrote:

Plans for 2012:
- Continue working out, and getting in shape. - Started out well, the first ~6 months went well, and they I started a new job which has had me working a lot.
- Spend less money on partying. - Sort of, but not really
- Start saving money. - Nope
- Sell my stocks to eventually buy an apartment. - Could have sold them, but will wait a bit longer.
- Plan a trip ahead, instead of going on small spontaneous trips. - Done.
- Be happy and content with work. - Done.
- Win one donkament. This should be doable, even though I don't put in the volume. - Not really close.
- Start training MMA. - No.

2012 Cliff Notes
- Dated the most beautiful girl for a year, broke up a month or so ago.
- Travelled a lot, Amsterdam, London x4, Madrid, Berlin, Budapest, Rome, New York, Chicago, Miami, Sarasota, and a few places in Sweden.
- Happy with work, even though the hours are long.
- Played a lot of Tennis, Badminton and Table tennis.
- Got glasses
- Work
- Got a suit tailored, as well as a new tuxedo.
- Evenmore work.
- Spending New Years Eve in Miami.
- Learnt a lot on Revenue Forecasting, Reporting & Analytics.
- Words used: ubiquitous, discrepancy, monetization

Plans for 2013
- Get back into a routine of regular training, try to get into my work schedule.
- Get a pay raise
- Get even more responsibility at work.
- Sell stocks, invest one part, and the other part should go towards a down payment for an apartment. (will do so even if i move)
- Keep enjoying all aspects life
- Win a donkament
- Racking up even more air miles for a new card status
- Move to NYC if the opportunity arrises
- Play more golf

Pics of 2012

Our "Gentlemens club" trip to Budapest

Yours truly in Stockholm

In the North part of Sweden

In the South, where I'm from

Malmö FF playing the last game of the season against AIK

Partying at Top of the Standard in NYC with friends

View from our NYC office

View from our Chicago office

Our Christmas Dinner (the "Gentlemans club")

Tuxedo dinner/party in Stockholm (Venetian mask theme)

Chilling with Family outside of Rome

Chilling with Family in Florida

Playing golf in Florida

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2 weeks vacation - pics
  iop, Jul 29 2012

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Just turned 27
  iop, May 09 2012

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