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Poker book review
  Gigabeef, Dec 06 2010

Hey guys, short and sweet blog. If any of you have already read Carthac's latest blog post this is going to look somewhat similar, but I will also be writing a review shortly of "Dynamic Fullring Poker". I think Carthac wrote a good summary of the expectations of the book, and I will be posting a review here too shortly from an nl10'ers perspective.

Have a good December everyone!

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nl10 progress+month so far
  Gigabeef, Dec 05 2010

Have ran well and feel like I'm actually understanding these limits and playing well too.

Currently 4tabling and table selecting extremely hard, things have gone damn well tbh. I moved up to nl10 at the start of November and got hit around a bit after initially running really well, which affected my confidence a bit, so moved back to nl5 even though I was super rolled for it to make myself feel comfortable again.

Well I am glad that I did, because once I was feeling confident again and had built some of the money back that I had won and then lost at nl10, I tried again with much better results. I read through some really epic threads about the microstakes again, the responses to my last blog post helped greatly and something seems to have just clicked into place for the time being and I feel like I'm really being extremely concious of what everyone is doing around me at the tables, not tilting or calling bets where I am obviously behind, playing in position FAR more than oop etc. One thing that I have been putting active work into is double barrelling on good turn cards which has been going great so far.

I don't have a massive sample but I do feel quite strong in a lot of situations now at nl10 and have faith in my BR management to be able to keep learning and improving and hopefully take some shots at nl25 in the near future!

November at nl10 (shots at nl10 and trying again after moving down for a bit):
+ Show Spoiler +

December so far:
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All of nl10:
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Adventures into nl10
  Gigabeef, Nov 18 2010

So I tried moving up to nl 10 and actually ran really hot, which was lovely and also boosted me significantly into nl 10 territory. However something went horribly wrong as I proceeded to lose 6BI pretty quick and then break even after that. Small sample, but 6BI down is pretty bad, I'm sure I can improve what I'm doing 10000x to minimise these losses. Still it could be worse.

+ Show Spoiler +

It seems a little strange to me, there seem to be waaaay more aggressive fish at nl 10. I've been trying to tailor my play to the individual players and am also trying to practice and improve my valuebetting, however sometimes I think that I'm overthinking things and making it harder for myself.

I know that I'm terrible at dealing with 60/40 type aggronuts who 3bet about 20% preflop and raise a plenty postflop, but only if they are the ones betting. It feels like if I just try to wait for a good hand against them I end up spewing mountains of chips folding and when I do get a good hand, they shut down because I cbet or bet the turn and not them. Not sure what to do generally here.

Also I'm not sure how to deal with 10-15% 3bets from some guy in the small blind when I open otb and I'm more likely to just leave the table than to do anything about it in the game itself.

Lastly, I feel really uncomfortable 3betting for value with any of the unpaired hands. Even if I know they will call with worse preflop, if I miss the flop I have no idea whether I am ahead or not and don't really want to cbet bluff into a 3bet pot with A high knowing that they will call with all sorts of random pairs, but don't like the idea of check folding every time I miss either. You just don't hit top (or middle depending on villain) pair that often to make nice value money it seems.

My most hated thing of all is when I raise to isolate a limper preflop, get a call, limper checks so I cbet the flop and get called. We both check the turn and then he bets ~3/4 pot otr. I feel totally helpless to this and it happens a lot.

I think I need to sort out my thought process tbh, trying to remove these kinds of inconsistencies atm. I feel as if it should be simple to see what to do against each villain of a certain type in the micros but I feel confused instead unable to come to the right idea on how to play against them.

Right now I'm playing a mixture of 5nl and 10nl, but hope to feel 100% confident to move to playing 10nl all of the time soon!


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HEM and leaks
  Gigabeef, Oct 28 2010

Ok so I've been thinking for a while about tuning my play to the 2/5c games and about cbetting and all that, so rather than just thinking about it I just cranked out some HEM to look at a few things.

I am just wondering if these stats are reasonable to draw conclusions from because I know that some can be extremely misleading by not understanding the filters properly.

So I wanted to know about cbetting primarily to start with, and filtered for cbet made = true which looks fine and up. I changed it to vpip = true (so it doesn't get raped by the blinds) and searched for flop cbet = false, which also looked fine. At this stage I don't particularly care what is going on in the graph as long as the slope is in the up direction.

Next I wondered how cbetting without a hand was, and so I again set cbet made = true, along with the 'hand values' tab set to any high card, and then any high card and low pairs. Both of these graphs sucks massive ass, with a lot of money lost, so I set cbet made = false and this one also has loads of money lost, but a little more than cbetting.

Just now I quickly had a look at (again with high card + low pp) cbetting the flop and then cbetting/not cbetting the turn. Its an incredibly small sample where I've cbetted both (57 hands or so), but I'm actually up there but as I said that could be due to the number of hands. Not surprisingly, hands where I cbetted the flop and then didnt cbet the turn also have masses of losses.

I'm not really sure what this tells me, the only thing I can see is that it is marginally better to make a cbet with air in the spots that I have been choosing as opposed to not bothering and just giving up, and possible I need to cbet the turn more even when called on the flop on good boards.

How do you guys check for really simple and obvious leak spots?

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  Gigabeef, Oct 25 2010

Want to try and move up to 10nl when I've got the bankroll and this really doesn't help. Think it might be affecting me a little tbh.

+ Show Spoiler +

First 1.5k hands of this was my return after like 6 months, clicking buttons cos I'd forgotten what to do lol

So hard to learn and advance when getting consta-raped every time I go all-in though, I have lots of things to improve on but I guess just keep playing the way I am now, cos I'm just not sure what to change. Even if I was at EV, these results are still crap. Could be running bad in non calculable ways like coolers and stuff and also small sample size so whatever.

Also I've been encountering this thing where I tried to strive for "value" all of the time like I should, but keep hanging myself on better hands but against fish of all people. It's like when they limp call hit 2pair/disguised straight on the flop and I b/b/b with TPTK they call all streets and own me... not nice (because I know they also do this with midpair or 77 on Ahigh board)...

Oh well what can you do? Fortunately take 2 was these last 10 days so happily I get a free $25 from FTP which is cool.

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another 2/5c blog
  Gigabeef, Oct 14 2010

Collection of thoughts:

As said in the rake thread, its pretty damn high, which I have thought before on many occasions myself as well. I seem to be getting raked at 7.5 BB/100 (like 75c/100! That's a big deal to me :D), which is pretty hideous. With rakeback, that turns into 6.2 BB/100 but it's still pretty immense.

So I'm kinda stuck at breakeven atm, with any edge that I have transferring directly into FTP's bank account, and as such can't seem to build my bankroll anywhere atm. However I am half re-learning the small amount that I knew before as a result of taking a large break from poker after getting frustrated last time, so I can dig it for now. Just trying to improve.

Also been thinking about some cbetting stuff, which I have been thinking about for a while.

Incoming splurge of maths thoughts beware (just about ev calculations and stuff):

+ Show Spoiler +

The main reason why I actually decided to think about how I am cbetting is because I took a look at my cbets when I have no pair at all, and I am actually slightly down (although this is probably because of variance, as I only have a smallish sample from recent play) and I just thought it would be an interesting thing to take a look at.

I'm also trying to figure out where I have leaks in my game (obviously everywhere seen as I'm not crushing tbh) and working out the best way to analyse my own game to work out where I'm losing money unnecessarily.

Anyway, I'm having fun and not spewing cash and that's what its all about right? :D

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microstakes progress
  Gigabeef, Mar 31 2010

Ok so second blog post, I've been trundling away playing .01/.02c and have built my roll to around $100. Took a few shots at .02/.05 here and there after about $85 which has mostly gone well so far, but I've only really been playing on tables that I think have totally terrible people. I am still swapping back and forth between 0.02/0.05 and 0.01/0.02 depending on how the tables are, so I'm not exclusively playing 2/5 just yet.

In my last blog post someone mentioned that you can get HEM by signing up to different poker sites with a deal, and I was just interested as to how that works tbh. From looking at the offer, you get a kind of redeemable e-voucher thing to buy stuff in the HEM store and some of the sites give you more than others.

Would stars be best to sign up with to get this voucher? As far as I'm aware (I don't play on Stars), all of the Stars bonuses and rakeback etc come from actually playing there and getting volume rather than affiliate orientated rakeback like FTP? Is this right?

Also the Stars token is only $75 credit whereas HEM itself is $90. However the small stakes version is $40 which is totally coverable by the voucher, and I'm not going to have to worry about moving past .25/.50 any time soon at all, so I'm not entirely sure what to do.

And if I get HEM this way, that does give a full copy of HEM and not some lame crap like I can only use it on Stars or something? I'm just kinda dubious because there is usually a catch to these things somewhere along the line.

I'm not really that desperate to get it anyway, yes it would probably help but I don't think I really need it yet however I'd like to be able to use it in conjunction with reasonable note taking that I do regardless and it will let me analyse my game better for the future too I think.

Cheers all!

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1st blog post
  Gigabeef, Feb 11 2010

Hey all, first blog. Well basically I've posted a few times here but I mainly just lurk because I don't have much to contribute to most discussions really but that's fine.

So I started totally from scratch playing 1/2c NL with a limited bankroll in the hope to learn the basics of ABC poker gameplay on the cheap which has worked for the most part. Put on $20 with FTP (the only poker site that works at university) and together with rakeback and the bonus, have increased that to over $40 so far after initial losses for a bit that I figured were to be expected (seen as how I'd played poker before maybe 3 times...).

I can't imagine that I will want to update this a lot (like anyone cares anyway ) but I just wanted to put a few thoughts down here so maybe I can get some insight from others.

1) Hands.
+ Show Spoiler +

2) Number of tables.
+ Show Spoiler +

3) Tilt.
+ Show Spoiler +

4) The eventual move up.
+ Show Spoiler +

5) PT3/HEM.
+ Show Spoiler +

That seems to be about it, depending on what happens I might put some more nanostake thoughts up at some stage.

Bye for now

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