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  fishsticks, May 07 2007

This weekend I went to down to NYC to visit friends. Saturday we made a run to AC and played at the Borgata a bunch, which was fun - but I ran poorly and didn't play that well either tbh and ended up like -$50 for the session. Oh wells - still a fun time.

Anyways I suppose I finished up $1200 for the week, going to look to get back to the grind today and start in on a new week.

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  fishsticks, May 03 2007

Played an online session that went okay this afternoon, cashed $200.

Played the live game again tonight, and I think I played quite poorly. I made $150, but I really didn't play very well - but whatever, I guess I keep going to that game since I don't have to play that great to get paid.

Up $1250 on the month so far.

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  fishsticks, May 02 2007

Beautiful day out today. Slept in, and took the dog to the park for a while. Fun in the sun.

Played an afternoon session for a few hours. +$300 on the session.

Two full stack losers though that I don't know how I feel about.

1) I have AKs, raise in the CO, button cold calls me. He is BAD, and I'm already psyched. Flop comes Q82 so I make a standard cbet, and he minraises me. I had seen this junk before, and I felt confident he wasn't strong based on past history. I elect to just call and take a turn, with a plan to move him off his hand. Turn comes a three, giving me 4-flush to the nuts. I check to him, he half pots it, and I checkraise all in (he was about 100BB and I had him covered so it wasn't an overbet or anything). He SNAPCALLS with 98o, I whiff the river, and MHING. Yowsa - fo shizzle buddy?.

2) I have TT in EP, raise it, get 3bet from the blinds by a relatively loose player - although I hadn't seen them 3bet from the blinds at all so I have her on JJ+/AQs here. We're a little deep, so I take a flop in position playing basically for set value, and she's the type that just might c/f AK on a raggy board. Flop comes QQT. YAHTZEE! She checks, I pot it, quick call. Turn is a 9. Again, check, pot, quick call. River is a J. She has about a 3/4 pot bet left, and pauses and pushes it in. Shitballs. At this point I'm confident it's not AA/KK/AK, and I'm pretty sure I'm against AQ (which is good) or JJ (which is bad). I feel pretty strongly it's JJ, as I don't think she's a slowplayer. Whatever, I call anyways expecting the riverboater to take all my chips, and sure enough it's JJ. I know standard logic says snapcall, but given my reads I really felt I could have let that one go and I just didn't make the fold. Oh wells.

Two days of grinding has me up $900 this week so far. I'm not playing live tonight, as I'm tired and I'm just gonna watch American Idol from the other night and get a good night's sleep. Hoping to grind another couple hunge out tomorrow, as I'm probably out of town this weekend (that means you Drew - any chance we can make an AC run hehe?)

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New Month
  fishsticks, May 01 2007

So the rest of April after my last entry was uneventful. I didn't play a whole ton, and broke around even for the time I played.

The first day of May I had a small winner, but gave it all back screwing around with Turbo STTs on Full Tilt - I thought I enjoyed them at first and now I feel I'm just pissing money away with them. Such high variance I feel I'd need a HUGE sample to show a consistent profit. Screw it.

Today I "got serious" again and put in some solid time. Won $300 at the online tables today - lost a 150bb hand flopping middle set vs someone else's top set near the end to prevent a $500 winner, doh.

Decided to play in the weekly live action donkament the place that runs my preferred local game has on Tuesday, and ended up cashing $320 ($250 net). Played a little cash after and won $50. Game was soft but I was tired and playing like shit, so I wrapped it up.

My dog is whining BADLY as I'm writing this, and it's pissing me the fuck off. I don't understand what he wants, he never does this and he JUST double-barreled the yard. WTF buddy?

So, yah - I won $600 today in total. Gotta have the discipline to grind out some solid sessions over the next few days.

Edit: If using profanity on these blogs is not kosher someone please just leave a comment and let me know (I don't know LP's policies and such)

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  fishsticks, Apr 28 2007

Haven't played a ton, basically been breaking and goofing around. Played a Friday afternoon session that didn't go so well on FTP (played fine, ran crazy bad), made a little cash at UB, and got some of the loot back at FTP playing random STTs while watching the draft and such.

Down $50 total for the various adventures, so no big deal really there. I forgot that I actually enjoy STTs, heh.

I'm planning on playing a real session tomorrow to close out the week. I'm feeling okay with cashing a grand my first week, but I obviously want to start to ramp up a little bit as the weeks pass.

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Day 4
  fishsticks, Apr 26 2007

Was going to play an afternoon session online, but got sidetracked and ended up hanging out with friends and getting sloppy and going out for steaks. Good times. Yum.

Played for about an hour when I got home and cashed $50. *twirl*.

Went to the live game again tonight (yah, it's probably less profitable per hour than online play, but live poker is so fun). Got busted early on with KK vs my AKs all in preflop. Doh. Two hands later I run queens into aces. Doh doh. My donkalicious image got me some loose action, and I was able to leave the game a whopping $10 winner a few hours later. The AKs I don't mind my play the way the hand went down - but my queens play was bad. I knew the guy would only play AA/KK the way he did preflop, and I still CALLED all-in anyways with queens, as I was steaming a bit. Oops.

Anyways, at least I collected myself and played my A game from then on and got everything back. Up a total of $1050 for the week.

Drew - it's a no go. I talked to Kim, and she actually is arriving Friday night, and, well... Blech, sorry. Looks like I'll be enjoying the draft solo from the couch.

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Day 3
  fishsticks, Apr 25 2007

Played an afternoon session, and lost $200. No real bad beats or such, I was just tired and not thinking clearly and just plain played tilty and bad. Gotta curb that crap.

Played an evening session, and ground $100 back. I noticed there were 3x as many players playing 1/2 at UB than .50/1, and with only about 7 tables of 100NL running usually all filled with regs, I wonder if the 200NL games are just better.

I decided to donk around with $50 I had kicking around on FTP tonight before bed, and this happened:

This put me up $200 total for the day, so I guess I'm up $1000 total after my first 3 days. Woot.

Drew - when you read this, make an account here so you can comment.

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Second Day cont.
  fishsticks, Apr 25 2007

Faired okay at the live game again. The play there is pretty soft, but I'm not sure how I feel about keeping the odd hours I need for late night poker. Anyways I finished up a total of $650 yesterday, so it was a good day for me - and I'm up $800 in my first two days. I hope to keep running/playing well out of the gate to get some buffer cash built up for myself.

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Second Day
  fishsticks, Apr 24 2007

Well, yesterday I ran pretty bad online and lost about $100. Oh wells. I went and played some live cash and finished up $250 (net $150 on the day obv), and I'm happy to have found this game, it seems pretty soft. I'm strongly considering mixing in a healthy dose of live play into my routine.

Today I ran well and cashed about $450 in an afternoon session multitabling the 100s. Probably heading back to that live game tonight.

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  fishsticks, Apr 22 2007

I decided to create a blog so people who are interested can keep up with my poker progress and general life stuff.

I put in my two weeks notice at my job about two weeks ago now, and Friday 4/20/07 was my last day at the 9-5'er. I'm going to be playing cards full time to support myself for the foreseeable future. I have a couple months of living expenses saved up in the event I ran bad early on, and a very supportive girlfriend.

I did have to drain my bankroll, however, to pay off some stuff and get some cash on hand for this. This is leaving me with only like $3k in the roll. So, for the first month, I'm just going to multi NL100 since it's softer and I want to get off to a smooth start with my financial situation.

That's it, I'll try to keep this updated every few days with how I'm doing.

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