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after all this years...
  drone666, Apr 03 2017

*these years*

seems like I still can't manage my anger

player many hours last 2 months that resulted in 3 things:

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+ Show Spoiler +

+ Show Spoiler +

feels like im getting old and play poker isnt that fun anymore, helped with the fact that its been 1 year since pokerstars killed hu, now I have to grind vs player 1 and player 2 at anonymous tables or vs some ukranian multiaccounter that I can't trash talk because I dont know who he is...

feels bad and good at the same time

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my art work
  drone666, Jul 06 2015

in moments of inspiration while I play poker I'm able to produce this art:

beautiful isnt it ?

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best month so far
  drone666, Apr 01 2015

-1.2k in bets
-1.5k in a small site that prob went busto

going to stick with pokerstars from now on
currently taking shots at 1k, current goal is to be a 5k reg until the end of the year, Im confident ill get it if I stop spewing money in life
probably spent close to 6k this month so my BR is probably even this month

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2015 so far
  drone666, Jan 03 2015

went for a trip to Koh Phi Phi/ Koh Phangan / Koh Tao with a few friends on dec 30
in the NYE party at the beach I lost my phone ( prob a suspiscious girl stole from me lol ) with all my pictures and contacts from the last 2 months

next day I wake up with food intoxication, diarhea and vomit every 10 minutes, went to the doctor and I had to cancell the rest of my trip and return to Bangkok
6 hours walking around searching for a stand by ticket at the airport, still with diarhea and vomit every 10 minutes
finally got a ticket, the lady says "wow you are lucky to get this ticket, its the last flight today"

arriving in Bangkok I realized 1k USD stolen from my baggage by the air company( stupid to leave money in checked baggage but I was sick and wasnt thinking straight )

expecting to live 6 more days if things keep like that

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some good run
  drone666, Dec 09 2014

Im too lazy to make updates but ill try: broke up with my gf after 3 years and now im living in bangkok since october 29

everything is cool, got some sick badrun in the first 2 weeks of november but now things are goin well

goodrun money ???

I believe 70%+ was vs regs, im feeling really confortable playing anyone lately, with the exception of a few 5k+ regs that also plays midstakes, but its really good to play them at 400 for learning purposes

I also feel like im learning so much lately and I'm improving much faster than anyone else at midstakes, maybe ill hit the highstakes soon =)

still cant find a decent coach, I know that theres lots of coach/staking teams at midstakes but their deals sucks, good thing is that ive been able to compete with people getting coach just by studying on my own

if anyone here is in thailand, give me a shout!


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robin hood
  drone666, Jul 29 2014

well, not exactly robin hood but whatever
some crazy variance going on, 2nd month in a row that im beating 80% of regs im playing and losing to random fishes

also, decided that I will sell all my stuff, break up with gf and move to southeast asia in October, prob Thailand, still not sure, so I'll backpack and see some countries and decide later, but will avoid the nerdhookergrinder lifestyle that most pokerplayers in Thailand have

Im getting old for this travel shit, I'm almost 28 now, have to travel the world while I still dont have kids


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some improvement
  drone666, Apr 30 2014

will only post graph now, but I will write about my month later

overall: beat regs, lost to fishs, got 1 coach session, some things makes sense now, connected the dots, discover that some people who play high suck, feeling confident, but not happy with how I perform, anon tables are rigged, tilted a bit, didnt play as much as I should, not going to gym as often as I should, my house is a mess and Im too lazy to clean, lunch is barbecue dinner cupnoodles, spent too much in things I dont need ( xbox one ), but I can feel the EVOLUTION!

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need Skrill got PS/Neteller
  drone666, Apr 18 2014

need 1~1.5k skrill
can send PS or Neteller, I pay the taxes and can send first to reputable members

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sleeping schedules
  drone666, Apr 02 2014

for years my sleeping schedule is fucked up
I've been sleeping most of the time 4am and waking up 12pm
I think I wake up in the morning like 15 times per year, only when I really need to

I always thought most creative people used to stay awake in the night and sleep at daytime ( also that they did that polyphasic sleep that I think it's bullshit )
but I found this and I'm a little surprised

anyway, should I change my sleeping schedule ??? even when the night field is way softer ???

another thing, usually when I go to the gym right after I wake( 12:30pm~1:00pm) I'm lazy for the rest of the day, anyone experienced something like that ?? shouldn't be the opposite ??

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sick beat
  drone666, Mar 31 2014

saddest day in a while
my 12 years old dog died today

RIP Malinka

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