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SC2 Beta Key pls
  doctorstu, May 05 2010

Have some free time with uni work and keen to finally make the switch to SC2, can anyone spare a beta key please?

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wtf ftp?
  doctorstu, Apr 08 2010

I cashed out a bit from FTP and decided to re-deposit some of it this morning. I transferred the money onto my credit card and make the deposit on the site. FTP declines it for some reason so I go check to make sure I put it on my CC and the money is gone.

WTF they declined by transaction but took my money? Anyone else had experience with this? Bahhhh waiting for support bawwwww post

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Sitten and Goen and Girlsnfswfckoff
  doctorstu, Apr 04 2010

Just adding more to this so I can remember this horrible grind. Still not playing many at once or each day just because I cbf, it's the easter weekend.

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SnG love - NSFW
  doctorstu, Apr 01 2010

So I stopped playing for the last year due to uni commitments but after the grad medical admissions exam on March 21 I've had heaps more free time on my hands so I started grinding out 10/25NL. I started poker playing nothing but SNGs and used to have a decent win-rate back in the day but I always told myself it wasn't 'real' poker. For some reason I came to poker with the mindset that cash games are 'real' poker becaue the money is right there on the table.

Anyways I dropped a heap of money playing 6-max on stars and ftp and decided to play a few SnGs just for fun. Went back to my old 5+5.50s and decided to also try out the $3.50 MTTs people have been talking about a lot. Long story short, 1st and 6th in the MTTs and ~40% ROI over the 21 STTs I play last night. Uni has killed any micro I had so I'm maining 4-tabling and just playing spots as I can.

I could really use some advice on STT ROI % I should be getting at these stakes and if anyone wants to throw me an AHK script for FTP so I don't have to click I'd appreciate it.


Also this.

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FTP processing time?
  doctorstu, Jun 01 2009

So I just deposited $600 at FTP and it's waiting to process which is kind of new to me as I'm used to pstars instant processing. Can anyone fill me in on how long this takes usually? So not in the mood for waiting around

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Life Tilt
  doctorstu, May 27 2009

Fuck Physiology 2A

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FTP bonus + rakeback
  doctorstu, May 27 2009

I've finally managed to get the FTP client to look better than ass so I'm thinking of moving my roll over for the 100% deposit bonus and rakeback.

I'm sitting just over $500 which is pretty sweet :D

From what I understand I'd need 8300 FTPs to clear the bonus but I've also been told that the bonus is deducted from the calculation of rakeback until it's cleared. Can anyone explain to me how the calculation works as I'm a little fuzzy on it.

Also if anyone wants to let me know what NL25 is like on FTP vs Stars I'd appreciate it. Also funny pictures are welcome.

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Some NL10 Shenanigans
  doctorstu, May 11 2009

So good to be back but NL10 is a joke, I wish I had a BR =D

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Return to Poker
  doctorstu, May 11 2009

So I quit poker almost a year and a half ago and swore to get a real job and stop messing around studying crap I didn't care about. End of 2007 I moved to adelaide, enrolled in BMedSc at Flinders and have been studying hard and working ever since.

A few weeks ago I sat down and watched a bit of poker and decided it was time to get back to it. I have no BR of which to speak so I short-stacked NL10 @ 5BI to see if it's worth my time until I get paid and had some sick results.

Up until the last downswing I think it was 13PTBB/Hr but def got smashed in the end. Only ~6k hands over the last week but that's mainly due to my gf using my desk while I play on my laptop on the couch.

Should be set for BR next tuesday then it's ooooooooooooooooooooooooon.

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Tax Return
  doctorstu, Jul 20 2007

Just got $2,111 in my account from my tax return. My friends, I am going to crown casino thank you very much!

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