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u wasting?
  dnagardi, Sep 04 2012

how much time u waste on
the internet, its duality amuses me.
with one hand its helping you while the other stabbing you
can u really escape the browsing circle? probably just taking a break
checking mails, fb, news, forums, REPEAT MOTHER FUCKER
(im not even mentioning games)
i feel so unproductive, degenerate blank mind
you feel what u should do, but you cant do it, you are constantly paralized, all your life
but maybe its the normal way, its all good and normal
normal, say it in a whispering chilling voice
normal, what kind of a sick fucking name is this anyway (poser sentence(

comment only if u feel like it, let it be your choice
comments ROFLMAO. u got afraid now. just a little tiny bit

dont draw any conclusions, they ll be wrong

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Started live poker
  dnagardi, Jul 08 2012

well long time no blog

I havent really been playing poker consistently ever since FTP took my roll (live howard)

I was a slight winner at NL200 6max and after black friday I went to paradisepoker but I had to play NL50 coz I didnt have the bankroll for higher limits. I kinda lost motivation to regrind also the software tilted the shit out of me (no autorebuy?? you serial?). So I was playing there a few months, won a bit then stopped online poker.

I must say life is so much more happier and balanced when u dont have to force yourself to put in the grind, you dont have that depressing feeling in the morning because of the buyins lost last night. I could properly concentrate on university and myself.
But hey, we need that fucking money and since poker is much more easier and profitable than the regular student job that I could get here in Hungary I started playing live poker.

first of all, its outrageous how bad these guys are. There are some tighter ones but they are still pretty much clueless. Lot of people are not even here to win money. The diversities of the personalities are fun to observe. Everything is just so different from online. So far i put in 30 hours and considering that we play 20 hands/hour I got about 220bb/100 which is sick. Now i got all kind of questions to you live players.

Could 200bb/100 be normal for 1$/2$ live or its just a huge upswing?

I've heard that a guy like me got banned from another room because he was a constant winner. Could that really happen? I mean should I just deliberately make stupid moves and loud scenes to assimilate into the fish?

How do you prepare your minds for all the bullshit chat that goes on for hours? It honestly numbs me. I feel if I were to listen to music it would look really disrespectful also I would miss a lot of info.

Well thats all that comes into my mind now, feel free to add anything considering live poker (your experiences when you started?)
I appriciate all your comments

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run it twice @FTP
  dnagardi, Apr 19 2011

does it worth to select it? whats your oppinion on the subject? also it says on the site: "* Please note that maximum rake might vary for hands that are dealt twice." they take more rake when you run it twice ?

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Full Tilt Poker
  dnagardi, Apr 05 2011

Recently I'm constantly experiencing little lag spikes and even disconnects for 1-2 secs while playing on FTP. And it cannot be my connection since pinging is all fine + its the same on 2 different providers. You got these latency issues too?

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epic downswing
  dnagardi, Jan 24 2010


So I've been playing poker for the last 16 months or so, but never ever encountered such a big downswing during that period... My confidence in my game now is like zero. I wonder if such things happens once in a while and are considered standard or im doing something wrong...

any thoughts appriciated

-30bi, nl100 6max (10bi from that is rush'fucking'poker)

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  dnagardi, Jun 24 2009

I'm in need of advice. Look at the red line(non showdown winnings), it's sick. I play 6max nl50 at FTP with 20/15/3.4 3bet.

any ideas appriciated


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