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  ciachooooo, Feb 15 2009

wow, it's so amazing, it looks like this ex-degen will follow bm rules, good work Ryan!

i though, if he can change his bad habbits, it's my turn now.

i haven't treat poker seriously, had like max 3 months when i played 20k hands, just spent few hours a week playing nl50, where games were really soft, where downswings almost don't exist, cashed out from time to time, saying to myself "ok this is last cash-out, from now i move up when have 25bis for next level" but didn't do it

1) play at least 30k hands each month. no matter what. it's half of feb, so in feb at least 15k
2) watch at least 3 cr vids each week. no matter what.
3) no fucking cash outs!
4) analize each session. EACH SESSION!
5) make notes on my blog

question about analizing: what would you recomand?
a) put some hands into blog
b) making threads
c) ask some players on pm if they would help me, and talk to them about playing on msn
d) any other idea?

actually i'm playing nl100 btw

some hands which i thought about, some are very standard, but i'm not 100% sure what is the best way of playing them:

1)+ Show Spoiler +

what do you prefer? beting and trying to take it down here, having many outs when someone call, but giving them chance to check/raise, or taking free card? opponents are running cristianiari: 58/10/3 baitsymbiose: 17/4/1.5

2)+ Show Spoiler +

at this moment i had him like 50/25/1 after 16hands
on flop i made standard cbet, willing to slow down on turn, but ace turn made him holding ace less possible, what should i do on river? bet 30, fold to raise? by betting 20 i was hoping to got called by any 9, maybe 8, and ,maybe sometimes raised by a missed fd, 99 or 88 when he got angry after his monster became weak hand on riv, does my thinking process make sense? (obv i called and he showed at)

3) + Show Spoiler +

ok vs 30/1/1.5 to get value from pocket pairs which i think he isn't folding (at least on flop and turn) or you think i should slow down at some point? my first thought was to check/fold river, but then i was like "oh its so weak" and pushed riv, what do you think?

4) + Show Spoiler +

is it fold pf? and what about river, should i reraise it? would i ever get called by worse? or is someone betting flop?

hope i won't fail in my goals, GL everyone

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  ciachooooo, Nov 12 2008

nvm, be a man!

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advice needed
  ciachooooo, Nov 08 2008

hello LP!

so much have changed from my last blog post...
fortunatelly I've done everything for my Uni, and now I'm on second year of cyvil engineering.
but unfortunatelly it is fucking hard year at uni which sux soooo much.

i can't play poker anymore (maybe never I couldn't have done it)
when i was everest player i crushed nl50 for 7ptbb/100 over decent sample, then i was trying to play nl100, was breakeven, took some lessons, and my coach said its ok, i should be nl100 winner, just keep playing

but i had some personal problems, that were incoming my focus abilities, so i moved down...
then i decided to leave everest poker because it really sux. my everest account was on my friends name, and due to some problems i couldn't cash out using neteller, juz by check
so i started playing with only 400$ on ftp, nl25 was eeez, with 800$ stated nl50, still lots of fishes playing 50/5/1

on everest i was playing like 15-20k hands a month, after moving to ftp i was going to start treating poker more seriously, buy cardrunners, play at least 40k hands month, and keep moving up in stakes

when my roll hit 1600 i payed cr for 1 year, bought pt3 (before that i played on trial version), and keep playing nl50, hoping to move on nl100 this year

but then something changed in my game
this month nl50:

is it too small sample to decide about my game? -12ptbb/100 is sooo bad, i know i spew like 3bi, but what about rest 17? what stats should i show to give someone chance to help me?

i'm not even rolled for nl50 anymore, i'm moving between nl25 and nl50 anytime i reach 850$, move down at 750, but i can't win any single session at nl50! could it be like that because i don't feel comfortable with 17bi rule?
should i just grind nl25 and take some lessons?
i still feel like nl50 is easy, but i keep losing money there!

i can't even decide if i'm losing money due to my poor play (i'm definitely not playing A-game but i think it's normal on downswing) or are these hands coolers

so what i'm gonna do:
-start every day from making a blog post with biggest hands won and lost day before
-keep playing nl25 till i reach 1250$, so i feel comfortable at nl50 and gain some confidence
-stop watching cr till i'm on nl50, when i'm on it i watch only nl50 videos to not overthink plays against nl50 fish
-max 6table 6max and really focus on it
-40k hands month

hands from today session, i'm prolly not playing anymore because i have lots work to do for my school;/
+ Show Spoiler +

24/17/7 reg
on flop i was pretty sure i'm ahead, just called to ch/rai turn, he checked behind, i was 100% sure i'm better, do you think he's vbeting worse 2p here? or bluffing river? imo yes, but maybe it's one of the reason why i keep losing money
checked turn because of his high agression

+ Show Spoiler +

cooler, just post it because it's bigger pot, prolly shouldn't

+ Show Spoiler +

40/29 on flop i put him on bluff/9 is it ok to just call and bet 1/2 pot any turn other than 9?
if i reraise on flop what worse is calling me? tt-kk is 3beting pre? (5%3bet)
i think river is obv check/fold, right?

+ Show Spoiler +

at this table i've been playing 41/37 and had maniac image, had nice run from 25$bi
i put him on 77-tt i had Kh, i didn't think fd is in his range after flop action was almost sure his drawing to 2outs, thats why i bet so small on turn, to make him think his good and call turn and riv, or shove turn
is there any sense in my logic? or its just no brainer push on turn and i got what i deserved?

I'd like to hear your honest opinions about stats, hand, suggestions about playing and blog posting
criticism will be apreciated (and advices too

cu at tables

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good life, bad poker
  ciachooooo, Sep 01 2008

wow, it's over 2 weeks since my last blog post, but many things have changes since then.

day after it i felt in love in gorgeous girl i knew from high school, and we've been spending tons of time together, luckily she feels about me in the same way, good life!

but about poker, i had a bad run, for a few days i was losing money on nl50, and even nl25..
but after a few days i run normal, play nl50 for a short time, get my money back, and today i wanted to play nl100 again...
epic fail;/

it started ok winnig a buy-in wheh hiting top set against a donk, who pushed with 3rd pair...
but after it -6bi in 600hands
i played horrible, and maybe had a little lack of luck, advices are welcome

1+ Show Spoiler +

2+ Show Spoiler +

are these hands 100% standard at this stakes vs decent 22/18 and 26/20 regulars? according to positions, and fact that i 3bet them quite a lot? is losing pots like these just standard, or a leak?

3+ Show Spoiler +

i feel so bad about playing this hand, i don't know what was i thinking calling turn and riv
opponent is 40/26, should i bet/fold or check/call turn? river i beat only aq which is never easy fold right?

4+ Show Spoiler +

another pf all in vs 19/18 whos 3bet % was 18 (it means that he 3bets 18% of time when raised to him?) spew? or should i just play reraised pot oop with tt?

5+ Show Spoiler +

33/30 when he called pf i put him on sth big, is check/raising turn good here? i did this, cause from range i put him oryginaly on (Ajs+, Aqo+, tt+) qq is now muche less likely, so im beat by aq, which i still have decent outs against, and tt which i suck against, but by checking i feel like im giving him chance to bluff scary turn, is this way of thinking good? i didn't know he do spews pf, i know him from nl50, where his stats were tighter, and i thought he is rather abc player

6+ Show Spoiler +

just crying

what do you guys think about this hand?
i feel after this session that i suck so much, prolly will crush nl50 for a few days to get better feeling, cause i suck even more when i'm down...suck at poker of course!

i can't understand this, is there so much difference between nl50 and 100 that i can't beat it, or is it just in my head, that i can't play good poker at nl100?

thanks god i have nice real life
cu @ tables!

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lets get the blog started!
  ciachooooo, Aug 15 2008

Hello everyone!

my name is Bartek, and i've been playing poker for about a year, right now after becoming fucking impressed by Myths poker knowledge (sorry Peachy guy, he impressed me more ;d) i decided to create blog, post hands in which i have some doubts, hoping that some nl200+ regulars will find time to discuss with me my leaks etc.

right now i'm playing nl100, after crushing nl50 for 9ptbb over ~45k hands

today i played one sesion, not really impresive one

i'm satisfied with vpip/pfr/agr because i play looser and more agresive than at nl50, but my wsf and won at showdown sucks so much, hope its just because of small sample

now some hands i wanted to ask about:
1) + Show Spoiler +

what do you think about my bet sizing? i wanted ace rag call me as many streets as possible, does it suck, and i should be beting ~90%?
villain runs 30/11/1 over small sample in which i haven't seen him calling 3 streets with
2) + Show Spoiler +

opponent runs 19/11/1.5 but was constantly 3beting me from blinds while i was raising from co/button, what play is best here?
i thought he can easily think that i'm frustrated with his 3bets, and his calling range will be really wide, but i was wrong, as he thought for a long time before calling this with qq, what is best option vs this kind of player? 4bet to 25, and fold to a raise? just call and play jj oop in 3bet pot which can possibly suck?

3) + Show Spoiler +

can i find a fold somewhere here knowing his a 12/7/1.5 nit? after his turn raise i thought about set, but i thought "i can't be so fucking scared about playing vs nits, if its set, well i have to pay him off" what about ak, aj i beat on river? is this correct to call turn despite the fact he's a nit? i thing easy call river because of ak,aj ay?

4) + Show Spoiler +

and the last hand, i'm most interested about
i'd obv love to get it in on flop, but what to do on turn, is it easiest bet on earth? or should i just take a free card, and give up on turn? what about my small river bet, is it worth it? is he folding in 30% here because it looks like vbeting a monster or its terrible?
(36/0/0.3 bleh)

thanks in advance

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