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This is Bullshit

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lol I'm a degen
  Bullshit, Mar 10 2011

been a while since I've posted and since then I've had lots of ups and downs

the last little while I've lost about 120k being retarded including 50k flipping

I've decided to stop all degen activities for now and play strictly NL cash games for the next new months starting from 2/4 and moving up every 20 buyins

in other news I'm gonna move this month to downtown Toronto and hopefully get everything done soon and go to EPT Berlin in April

heres a graph of my 2/4 grinding so far was a bit rusty but starting to get used to 9-12 tabling again

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and I'm even
  Bullshit, Nov 01 2010

so after such a swingy month I'm up like 5k after losing about 10k or so the last 3 days playing 10/25 and 25/50 live I didnt play very good and ran pretty bad the last day so cant be too mad

I think for november I need to just settle down and grind online before going to BCPC where I'm most likely to engage in some degen activities and be playing 25/50+

no graphs for october since most of my play wasnt online NL cash but for november hopefully I'll have a nice graph before I leave for BC!

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and the swings continue
  Bullshit, Oct 25 2010

this def has been a sick month the week I made the last blog I had won 44k the 4 days before putting me up 30k for the month but lost 45k from week till last wednesday putting me down about 15k for the month then I went to play live on Thursday till today and won 35k so I'm up 20k now sorry no graphs! will split the rest of the month between online and live (monday - thursday online and weekend live)

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and we're back
  Bullshit, Oct 15 2010

dropped 11k yesterday and I'm even on the month its been a pretty swingy 2 weeks and since I'm going to bcpc in a month I'm going to stick to 6max NL only till then which is about a month away and I'll post a graph then

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swingy month o_o
  Bullshit, Oct 14 2010

started down 12k at NL and plo for the first week or so won 44k the next 4 days and lost 18-19k the last 2 days 15k lost was due to a lot of stupidness (hyper turbos - 30/60 triple stud - 25/50 cap) lol we'll see what the rest of the month brings

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  Bullshit, Oct 07 2010

plos been tilting me pretty hard so I'm gonna stop playing it and grind NL so if anyone sees me playing PLO for the rest of this month I'll ship you $100

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lol already busto :(
  Bullshit, Oct 05 2010

was at 3.4k lost some at 1/2 6max then played $530 sngs lost 3 then lost the rest of my $300 at blackjack lol

I'll hold off playing on party/fulltilt till I can get like 20k on em I guess

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starting on partypokah!
  Bullshit, Oct 04 2010

I could only deposit 1k as thats the limit so I'm gonna try to run it up at 2.3k now playing 1/2 HU 4 tabled some guy hope he plays me again tomorrow I need to build my roll

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Fallsview Casino
  Bullshit, Sep 09 2010

anyway play there often? probably gonna start going more also on a side note tournaments are fucking gay

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First Live Donkament imo
  Bullshit, Aug 19 2010

since all the blogs I make are mostly whining here is a positive one

I just booked my flight + hotel (Deerfoot) for tomorrow was originally planning on leaving today but that didnt work out so the 1k tourney is likely going to be my first live tournament ever followed by the 5k HU and the 2.2k mainevent + 5/10 cash and some other smaller events if I bust early in the 5k/2k

if anyones coming to Calgary ship me a pm we'll meet up and goto the casino / for drinks or something

I've been doing well online since I took a brief trip to montreal at the end of June/start of July

up some money at staking and other stuff as well thats like 10-15k or something

I probably dont plan on playing anymore online this month and obviously it didn't end too well as I lost like 10k in the last 2-3 days but I was really tired/hungry when I played and def tilted/spewed a ton so I only have myself to blame

overall lifes pretty good right now I turned 19 2 days ago yay! and I'm looking to move to downtown Toronto by the end of the year so hopefully I can find a nice place

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