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For car connoisseurs
  Baalim, Aug 03 2010

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Diablo 2LOD key
  Baalim, Jul 21 2010

Hi i want to play with some friends and i lost the last key i had, anyone has a spare one? thx

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When it rains, it pours
  Baalim, Aug 27 2009

nice session, and no no awful tilt spewing or anything, its just that nothing worked my way in all the session, sick my first time i loose 15 buy-ins in one sitting, ive lost 10 buyins quite regulary because of my ridiculously loose game but this is just crazy.

So acording to the laws of luck involving gambling and love, according to this graph im about to have an orgy that would make Caligula look like a monk.

oh and last weekend i faceplanted drunk and i needed stitches... FML

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The Graph
  Baalim, Dec 01 2008

November sucked hairy balls... consideirng i hit a 18k downswing (omfgwtfbbq!!!) i ended up amost break even so it feels like a win, plus finally i put up decent # of hands (20k hands is good 4 tabling) so here is the graph:

BTW im selling my action in the upcoming LAPT mexico, i already sold 100% of myself for the "main event" and there is a 2nd chance event, so in case i bust early in the main event and play this shit (1000+80 buy-in) anyone want to buy 50% of me for 25% of the profits + buyin make-up? if so please PM me.

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D8 (lolz)
  Baalim, Nov 20 2008

D8 25k Ch 12.5 NL2

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  Baalim, Nov 04 2008

so november:

the day i meet PiS.ToTo im going to cut him open like a fish and eat his entrails... what an insane idiot with the most amazing luck ever.

PS: NEW worst session

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worst session in my life
  Baalim, Nov 03 2008

I dont exagerate when i should i should be up around 12k in equity, this was just INSANE, it was also my longest session ever, with an average of 5 tables running for atleast 14 hours straight, and 1 bathroom break (i ate infront of the computer).

The lowest valley was as low as -7k, and eneded up -4700, so frustrating

All these hands happened in this session, and they are obv not all of them

QT wtf

std kk vs aa

finally i frustrate the fishy regular and this happens

nothing left to do

no split for you :<

ugh, lee rewards the fish for flatting on this board oop

fucking lucksack PIS clan mother fucking donkeys

same clown again

i love KK

no coinflip for you :<

fish with overset obv

-__- calling station

thx for the set-up lee

this fucking 14/11 nit decides to call with A8s? and hit obv

thx for the river against the huge station that wanted to win every pot

The huge fish i were trying to stack the whole session, weee i finally make a hand... or not.

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 5300 hands and saw flop:
- 329 out of 1005 times while in big blind (32%)
- 152 out of 1017 times while in small blind (14%)
- 612 out of 3278 times in other positions (18%)
- a total of 1093 out of 5300 (20%)
Pots won at showdown - 174 of 375 (46%)
Pots won without showdown - 1112

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Rally mayhem
  Baalim, Oct 21 2008

Well this rally was 2 months ago, sadly i couldnt race since my car wasnt out of the repair shop (again :<), problems with the fucking gearbox and suspension so i went there to watch it, and get WASTED!!, nothing like driving twisty mountains roads drunk

Anyway... well it turns out there this mythical turn, (i dunnot, seems like a std turn to me) that always takes casualties, well in 2005 3 cars crashed in the same corner, and considering its over 100km (60miles) of race, its really weird that they went in the same corner, but here are the pics of 2005:

So, this 2008 the same event, which is my city event, took place and something very similar but more hilarious happened:

Police cars transit the stage while closing it, like 30 mins before the 1st race car passes, obv some cops get hot-headed and think they are rally drivers, and this cop wasnt the exeption, well he understeered into the grass:

Close call, but no damage done, it just got stuck in the grass, so this is Stage 1 a few Kms from the start line, and a Red 206 Peugeot shows the cop how a true racer crashes:

But its not all done, the mythical turn wanted more blood so another brave driver sacrificed himself to please it, not before he took a little revenge of many years of police abuse, such a hero!

Video of the guy taking revenge in the name of all Mexicans abused by the pigs

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Worship me!
  Baalim, Oct 12 2008

Definitelly sustainable... and i lost a couple o race for 100bs (AKs vs QQ) and other random crap... sick :D

Deep donation and with 0.1% to win rofl:

this is just Art

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  Baalim, Aug 03 2008

This is way beyond the awesomeness scale!, this actually might just define the word awesome:

Yes it is a chip with Sammy Farha's pic and signed by him ;D

And the best card protector evar!

Best purchase EVER... fuck sissy 1.5k purses lol.

please discuss how awesome i am now.

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