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Where to get stakes?
  AutumnSolace, Jul 11 2009

Is there a website or somewhere that people give stakes?

I've been playing around 6-8 hours a day this past week and am really into getting better. Hit the hardest downswing of my life and am trying to pick up the pieces. I've started with $10, went to $300, and currently am at $85.

I have like a desire to be staked for NL10 because I feel I can take it on. I have no idea how staking works so any information on how general staking works would be awesome too.

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Fulltiltpoker Rakeback Question
  AutumnSolace, Jul 03 2009

I remember reading here that someone here kept bugging support until they let him open a new account for rakeback? Is this true?

Anyways I e-mailed support asking what options I had. I made it clear I already had an account with no rakeback. The person told me they gave my information to and they will be in further contact with me. Is this BS or what? Or can they actually add rakeback to my pre-existing account?

Any info/help would be appreciated.

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Lowest limit HU software?
  AutumnSolace, Jul 02 2009

The lowest I can find is NL10 @ Cellsino.

Wondering if there is anywhere else that has NL10 or lower since my rakeback provider doesn't know the fucking difference between a username and nickname and because Cellsino is rigged as fuck.

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Rakeback Question
  AutumnSolace, Jul 01 2009

How often is it updated?

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What is this All-In EV Graph?
  AutumnSolace, Jun 21 2009

What is the All-In EV function for the graph of HEM?

How is it calculated? Is it a feature I should be using daily?
Or should I not be relying on this feature at all? Any information appreciated.

Pic related, it is my All-In EV graph:

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100 PS for FTP
  AutumnSolace, Jun 11 2009

I have 100 PS looking for FTP.

Will send first. Thanks in advanced.

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Preparing for impact
  AutumnSolace, Jun 03 2009

I've lost 50% of my bankroll lately.

Tried to take a break, tried HUSNG's, did STTSNG's, and everything just ends in me tilting really hard. This is so depressing. And I finally got some courage to clear my mind and try NL5 again, which I lost 2 buyins ($5) to the most retarded donk shit ever.

I remember some really nice LP member offered to sweat me but I have just been in the worst tilt/mood ever and nothing has been going right. My 6-max isn't terrible though. I know it has some leaks but I feel like my understanding is pretty solid for NL10.

So that being said, I tried NL10 with 20 buy-ins.. did pretty good. But one night some fucking piece of shit would call me deep with A3 UTG and hit a A33 flop. Fucking pissed me off so much I tilted to 15 buy-ins and its been going down hill from there. I tried doing other fucking things and nothing is going right.

So going to try NL10 again with 10 buy-ins. Who gives a fuck really. I have a bigger chance of going broke but no one gets anywhere at NL5 or NL2 because that shit isn't even poker.

Going to go to sleep, relax a bit, and take a shot. Wish me luck.

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Pokerstars for UB
  AutumnSolace, May 27 2009

$15 I send first.

Will it still work even if I didn't deposit any money into my account?
I put in my details though like my address, full name, etc. - etc. - etc.

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Good Time to Add Omaha?
  AutumnSolace, May 23 2009

I'm still learning NLHE... currently a slightly winning player at NL10.

Started with $10 about three months ago and currently at $220 now. There is still a WHOLE lot I need to learn but things are going fast in my opinion. That doesn't mean much since I'm at the incompetent level of microstakes where people donk it out with horrible hands, but whatever.

But also I want to eventually learn Omaha. From my old deucescracked membership I downloaded fyslexic duck's Omaha series (8 videos or something?) and still have them on my HD. Apparently lots of people are getting into Omaha since it is soft apparently? When do you think it is a good time for a poker player to open his game to other forms of poker or does it just really depend on the player? Like, you can't get worse at NLHE while working hard with Omaha can you?

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Halp Me Find Leaks
  AutumnSolace, May 15 2009

I'm a micro stakes player that sucks.

Seriously I need someone to just sweat me for an hour and just review a session of me playing. My bankroll is currently $140 and I don't know how to properly work out a payment plan without getting a huge dent in my money. Maybe we could arrange like a 1-hour session a week and you get 20% of my profits?

Well, if anyone is willing to do this I'm open to suggestions for how I'll pay you. I have teamviewer 3 and mikogo + msn:

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