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  VeGeTTa89, Nov 08 2009

unfortunatley everything i write in these forums turns into shit. no matter how legitimate of a post it is, or how insightful it may be i am going to get flamed.i am starting to realize there is no way around it. a forum works diffrently than any other format on the internet. you can start a thread like the one i started today about the november 9 with good intentions, and hopes that youll have a little bit of fun, and then watch it turn into a nasty and ugly situation where even mods are threatning to ban you. i guess i hit my low point of the day

my girlfriends in pain because she has a tooth ache and needs to get teeth pulled tommorow, and she has no health insurance. I am thousands of dollars in debt. My job fucking sucks because of the economy/ and because of the situation over there. I haven't re enrolled back into school yet and feel like i'll never go back and im destined to be a fucking car sales man for the rest of my life. my poker career is non existant, because of lack of bank roll, I cant even get it Started...

i log on to lp to try to escape from all the RL bull shit and i get slammed. this is the only forum that i visit so its not like i have anywhere else to go..
I feel like i have two options... ;(

1 leave the forums and stop posting and go somewhere a little more accepting.

2 or Log back in here when i have a decent graph showing some profit and somehow prove myself to all of you. because i feel thats the only way ill be accepted here...

either way the hostility towards beginners here is insane. i posted a hand in the tourney page to get some advice on how to prevent what happend to me and i got RAILED. I post a question about whether or not its good to limp in every time i get a chance and i get RAILED. Its like everything i touch turns into SHIT ! and it sucks

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Hostility towards hellmuth ?
  VeGeTTa89, Nov 05 2009

WTF is everyones problem on LP with hellmuth? Sure hes an asshole. But so are half the people on these boards. The guys a fucking legend. 13 Bracelets ? He is the best no limit player up to this point. Why is everyone talking shit about me reading his book?

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  VeGeTTa89, Nov 03 2009

I feel bad about calling out hotty, and got a msg from her husband today. Just wanted to say sorry and all. I still have my skeptisism about the whole situation.But in the end to be honest with all of you I dont give a FUCK about whether there real or not. Yeh im new to the site? So what? I was just trying to get my opinion out there. And to newbsai I gotta tell you man. You are overreacting to the whole thing. No one on Lp or TL or any site for the matter is going to hold anything against you in RL, if your wife is real. The only reason they would hold anything against you is if she was FAKE. Anyways i wish you and your wife the best of luck with poker and everything else and hope you make it someday.

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