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wii drums and updates
  CamilaPunt, Sep 25 2008

Ya so like few lp'ers here, i got into the whole guitar hero thingy. Played it a bit but nothing serious like I see Raszi & co doing. I recently found out it became a wcg game, had I known that I might have tried to become good to classify for brazil just for fun hehe but oh well, too late now.

Anyways, my recent purchase is the drums for rock band. If u guys enjoy that sort of stuff, the drums is really fun too. It actually requires much more physical effort than the guitar and works up a sweat incredibly fast as you move up the difficulty levels. Also, for a real musician point of view, the drums is more to something a real drummer might use, as I have seen people practice with similar things for rhythm and other kinds of trainings, so learning it might actually be useful while also getting a fun sorta workout.

One thing that is pissing me off though is the fact that guitar hero guitar apparently doesn't work with rock band ? Can someone confirm this? I find it pretty ridiculous that I'm going to have to have 2 guitars to play 2 different games. Might be ok for people who live in the states, but the friggin guitar here in bra is like 200+ dollars plus if I already am a nerd for having 1 guitar, 2 will be like, i guess double-nerd. No fun :/. I understand they are 2 different companies and such but nintendo should require them to be universal.

Besides that in poker I have gotten into a hu mode once again. Been doing pretty well. Mixing it between nl and omaha from 2/4 to 5/10. I am finally playing hu omaha on a consistent basis. I basically have no experience in omaha except for some random funnes back in the day. I just jumpred right into 2/4 hu to sorta of learn and am amazed at how bad (usually) the competition is. It really is incredibly soft compared to nl hu. And since in nl a weaker player can sorta hang in there for a long time if his cards are missing 100% of the time, in omaha there is non stop action which ends up working great for me, the less noobie of the match player hehe. Gonna keep having a go at it, I would however like to play vs decent players. So if any lp'ers are up to playing pm me cause I really wanna learn. I will stay at a max of 2/4 for now until I start getting the hang of it.

In my diet quest, i reached my 5th week yesterday (wednesday) and have now lost a total of 12.5 kg's. My fifth week sucked ass as my sister had her festival going on pretty much all week and all I did was stay backstage and eat/drink A LOT. I was extremely surprised when I weighed myself to see I had lost close to a kilo. Pretty sick. My plans right now is to hire a personal trainer for running, I'm gonna try for a short term goal of preparing myself for a semi-marathon type of event. Running by yourself sucks, and most of my friends here work/school (losers), so personal training seems like the best option as its ridiculously cheap here and quite good service.

and thats about it.

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Few updates
  CamilaPunt, Sep 17 2008

Been a while since i posted so anyways, a while ago I had talked about starting a diet and well today makes one month since i started it and results are:

-11.5kg's or 25.35 lb's.

I went to a specialist who set up my diet plan and whatnot and just kept working out everyday. After 1st week i lost 5kg's and doc said I was losing weight too fast so I needed to add food. I decided then to let sundays as a free day where I can eat anything I want. I like this because it helps me keep honest on weekdays since I know I can pig out on sunday with no guilt trip. Also, i've read from some bodybuilding experts that doing this makes it so your body does not adjust to the diet as quickly, thus a longer period of constant weight loss.

I must say I love the feeling of having an empty stomache and I don't miss the days of eating until I burst. Even now on sundays if I order like a pizza for example, back in the day I would basically eat the whole thing in one sitting, now I am super full half way through it and can't stand anymore. I think more important than the diet is just really learning how to eat well and making sure once this doctor regulated diet is done that I will keep it sorta for life.

In poker, well its been going pretty good. I have mostly been playing 5/10 6max. Started trying out ftp in hu and a little 6max too. I had my biggest losing day last week where I tilted away around 12k but for the month I'm still up about 15k or so and doing surpsingly well in sports bets as well. I am however getting tired of the poker life, even though the money is good and all I don't find it satisfying and I'm sure plenty of people feel the same. I guess I need to find what I really wanna do and keep poker as a fun hobby. Originally I decided to take this year off after graduating univ. and just travel and play and hopefully figure out whats next in the process. But atm I am getting a bit sick of my lifestyle and still haven't figured out anything hehe. In some ways it hurts me to think about getting a regular job with a shit pay where you have to work on a regular schedule when I am used to such a easy/nice life. Grass is always greener on the other side I guess or maybe its just my instinct of being unsatisfied with whatever i'm doing.

This week looks very promising in funness as my sister is running this alternative music festival and a lotta good bands coming to play in it. I particularly am looking forward to seeing Peter Bjorn and John, here is a well known track of theres:

and also Shout out Louds, a track of theirs:

Shes gonna do a tour with them and other bands around a few places in Brazil, I'll probably tag along in my city and in Sao Paulo, just because SP kicks ass.
And thats about it.

Peace ya'll.

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Biggest pot
  CamilaPunt, Jul 03 2008

So today I won my biggest pot ever in poka, I think... Was fun.

The situation was the following:

I had joined the wait list for my normal 5/10, 3/6 tables and saw a single 25/50 table going. Decided to watch the table while waiting for my tables to open. As I watched I realized one guy was tilting bad and another guy was a regular fish at my normal stakes (like uber fish). So, I was thinking this is definitely +EV to play.

Now I am in no means rolled for 25/50 as I believe in having 100bi rule at 5/10 and up, but I started the first 2 days of the month well, up about 10k and decided to play with that much variance on this table. As I figure that if statistically things go well this should be highly profitable.

In any case, about 10 minutes in this hand pops up vs tilter:

Submitted by : CamilaPunt

Hand #1550011924000076: Oslo (6-max) 11924
Seat 1: Avoc*** (7580.00 in chips)
Seat 2: ObeyMe (5000.00 in chips)
Seat 3: Ti N*** (11041.00 in chips)
Seat 8: Play*** (15155.00 in chips)
Seat 9: dzvd*** (11901.00 in chips)
Seat 10: Whyi*** (5060.00 in chips)
Avoc***: posts small blind $25
ObeyMe: posts big blind $50
Dealt to ObeyMe [AcKh ]
Ti N***: raises to $175
Play***: calls
dzvd***: folds
Whyi***: raises to $725
Avoc***: folds
ObeyMe: raises to $2,275
Ti N***: folds
Play***: folds
Whyi***: is all in 4335.0000
ObeyMe: is all in 2725.0000
Whyi***: returns uncalled bet $60
ObeyMe: showsAcKh
Whyi***: showsKd5s
@@@ F_L_O_P @@@ [2s8c4h ]
# # # TURN # # # [2d ]
&&& RIVER &&& [Jh ]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
ObeyMe wins $10,370 with Pair of Deuces with Ace kicker

As I saw his hand pop up I was like "yes", and at the same time "fuk" cause that is the most standard looking hand to cause some beats. Anyways it held, so fun fun.

Besides that, the weight loss challenge I set is not gonna happen. I only ended up getting about 2k of action and will not try to kill myself for 2k. I am actually quite happy because losing that much weight in a month is basically impossible. I am still working out super hard now, going to the gym twice a day. In the morning I do a 1 hour spinning class and night some weight lifting + running followed by a fairly rigid diet. I'm starting to feel really good, it's just an awesome feeling to start getting in shape + losing weight.

Tonight I am going to Rio de Janeiro to spend the weekend with my gf, desperately looking forward to it as I have not seen her in quite a bit. And thats that.

Peace ya'll.

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Prop bet
  CamilaPunt, Jun 25 2008

Ok so I want to do a ridiculous challenge for myself and would like to get some action from people here. I posted this in brazilian lp but I don't think I will be getting enough action from there.

Here is the deal:

Few years ago I went through bad health problem (cancer). Got treated, am fine now. During and up to now I stopped working out completely and gained insane amount of weight. Before treatment I was weighing in around 95 kg, my height is about 1'92 m.

About a month and half ago I joined a gym and started working out again. I weighed in at 125kg's. Yesterday I weighed myself and am now at 120kg. Dropped 5kg and I am not eating as best as I could, this in 45 days.

BET: Starting as soon as possible, I am to lose 15kg (33 pounds) in one month. It's an insanely high amount of kg's and I don't really care, I just want to challenge myself to my limits. I like it like that!

how to keep it honest:
1) I will video myself weighing in at my home or if people want I can go to some professional facility of mutual accordance and weigh in there. The video will contain me saying some password to guarantee that I filmed it that day and will be posted on youtube.
2) Escrow. Some trusty lp'er to take care of all the money.
3) For what its worth, I give my word. I have made a bunch of prop bets with many lp'ers and I think they can vouch for me paying/getting paid.

I am willing to accept bets up to 10k, possibly more. I have not thought about what are just odds. I read just now this guy who wants to lose 25kg in 3 months who is getting 2-1 odds. I think his bet is easy. For mine, I was thinking 1.5-1 odds, but maybe I am hustling myself.

I hope to get suggestions from people as to how to make things as just as possible.

Reason for this: I wanna get back in a good shape and making the bet motivates me 1000% more than normally.


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Thanks Tomson
  CamilaPunt, Jun 23 2008

First of all I'd like to say, sadly, that it's a no go for wsop me for me.

I am in Brazil, my student visa for the states expired end of last year and I was trying to get a tourist visa. Problem is the interviews for tourist visas are booked up to september. I tried getting an emergency interview, ps even sent a letter to the american embassy, yet they did not accept it. Apparently winning 12,5k to play in the largest poker tournament in the world is not an 'emergency'.

Anyways, I think it's for the best. Fact is, I get to keep the money and 12,5k less in my pocket right now makes a big hole.

Now to topic title. I'd like to thank tomson from lp! Weeee.

Here's the deal, close to a year ago I decided to get a coaching session and who better than tomson, I thought. I really enjoy his insights in the hand discussions, definitely one of my fav players to read comments on. We ended up having one session and I think it went really great at the time.

Then this month, as I told in the previous blog, things have been going great in poker, both in cash and tournies. And I thought to myself, why not make it better by having someone analyze my game and help it go up more. So I spoke to Tomson, and he readily agreed to give me another lesson. Now, since things have been going good, I got lazy in making the video and left it aside.

Last few days I have been playing an unusually large amount of poker and you can guarantee that my length of play is directly correlated to losing sessions. Nothing motivates me better than trying to end even. Eventually if I play enough I start losing focus and making errors... yadayadayada (we have all been there, right?)

So saturday I had my 3rd losing day in the month, and it hurt because it was a deep losing day. I have been playing tons of 5/10 6max and hu. Started the day by losing AA vs KK aipf and AA vs AK aipf, was one of those days. After that, a few mistakes here and there and I am down a bunch of bi's.

I decided to make a video of me playing. It ended up 1:30 session due to connections problems in the end. But watching the vid was really good to get that 'outside' perspective. I learned about myself and a bit of my thinking process just by watching the video. Things like me over-worrying constantly about my table image and just some other details. In the end the thing I took most out of it is that I was not 100% focused and that deteriorated my play. Now a days I really think of sessions less in terms of time, but mostly in terms of quality. I much rather short sessions with personal great quality than long sessions with poor quality. And as time goes by I always forget that and slowly start building up the amount of time I play, amount of hands until I reach a peak (this weekend) and eventually it pops and things start going bad. It something that requires my constant attention as it seems to naturally occur.

This vid helped me see this 'crash' beforehand and I am immediately made proper adjustments, or so I think hehe. Today, after taking a nice break and being really fresh to play more, I started one of the best sessions I have had in a long time. Things almost seemed easy.

Thus, Tomson, before doing anything is in someways responsible for this! Thanks Tom ! Anyways, I plan to make a new video for him and get that lesson for I am thirsty for some hand discussions.


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wsopME & long update
  CamilaPunt, Jun 11 2008

wsop seat + update

This will be a long update so bare with me please.

First of all, I won a seat to the me of wsop together with nolan. Was really cool to win it. As we got deep we started yapping on ventrilo and just cheering for people to get eliminated fast. Lucky for us, we were both always pretty comfortable and never in real danger of getting eliminated towards the end. Was fun.

Right now I am struggling to get a tourist visa for the states. I am living in Brazil this year and I signed up for the interview and the consulate is booked all the way to september. So I am trying the emergency interview thing and have had ps send an email to them to help. I think there is a good chance of working but I'll have to wait and see.


I must say I am really happy with how poker is going in the past few momths. It all started towards the end of last year when I decided to leave PS and go to rednines. There were a few major reasons why I left ps and I'd like to comment on them

1) I was pretty bad and just kept making a lot of mistakes from playing too much and plainly just sucking. I had a real bad image amongst the regulars and just felt like I was sorta stuck. I wanted to start over fresh.
2) The software is too good and it makes me want to play thousands of tables, although this might also be due to it being kinda slow. And I find that the more tables I play the worse it gets for everything once i'm in a long session.
3) I don't know if it was my impression but I felt like I would see daily things like KK vs AA all in pf and such. Might be 'standard' but I have noticed that after playing extensively on other sites I never got that feeling of consistently seeing messed up situations. I figure this is due to the player level being higher at ps.

So I started out at 100nl at r9's and just went super well from there and on. By december I was playing regularly 400nl up to 1knl with a nice roll and doing
really well, improving a lot on my hu game and working on 6max as well. I paid off my tuition bills and all the good stuff and graduated university with a bachelors in physics.

So I decided to come back to brazil in beginning 2008 (did univ in states) and just take a year off to travel and do whatever. Mostly because I was/am not certain
what I want to do in life.

Somewhere in the beginning of the year r9's gets closed and I get screwed. I dont remember exact date, but I remember I literally had only 300$ left on PS
on a wednesday and that my best friend from the states was coming down to visit me on saturday. I absolutely felt like I had to show him a great time here so I grinded like crazy and scrapped up like 2k and cashed most of it out to spend that week showing him around.

Afterwards, when he left, I was at ground zero in poker again and just did not feel like having to grind everything all over. A friend of mine staked me,
the first time I was ever staked. We ended up going through 3 stakes before I got off and I'll briefly recap them.

1st stake)
30k hands 50% 50% profits. I finished the stake in a week. Made a bit over 4k in profits and so ended with 2k for myself. Problem is I had a 1k bet I made
with another friend on bw that I lost (this before r9's got closed). We had agreed that I pay him once r9 return money or once I am back on my feet but due to some weird stuff that went on he requested his money asap and I gave it. So i had 1k left and with the tournies I had played during the stake on my profit I ended up having much less than 1k. In honesty at the time figured that r9 issue would be fixed real quick... but that didnt happen.

So we went to the second stake.
2nd stake)
This time the stake went pretty horribly. I forgot to mention he gave 2k$ in all stakes and that I was playing solely ps. At the end of the first week on stake 1 I was actually up 7.5k and just started getting demolished from playing so much. I was running bad/playing bad and that continued on this second stake. I ended up losing 1200$ and felt pretty miserable as I really wanted to make money for the staker and for me.

Took a few days break and he and I decided a 3rd try. I decided to leave ps yet once again and go to another site with rb.

3rd stake)
I started off bad but managed to pick it up and in about 10 days I was up a bit over 4k$ in cash profits. I forgot to mention that somewhere along the lines I had won a LAPT seat from the step 2 on my 1st try and so I decided I wanted to start playing tournaments and actually try to win them instead of getting sick of playing after 2-3 hours and donating. I ended up during the 3rd stake final tabling this 15k$ gtd tourney 3 days in a row, winning one of them.
At the end of the stake I had like 9k$ from tournament profits alone, so I knew this time I was in a very good state to be on my own.

I gave him his money and started again on my own roll. Began with 200nl and grinded up. About less than 2 months later, today, I now am back to r9 era playing anywhere from 2/4 to 5/10 (depending on table selection and amount of tables available). Have the biggest br I have ever had online and things in poker are going well.

2 sundays ago I final tabled the 150k gtd on cake poker together with lurped from LP (who btw i found to be super good) and I ended up getting 2nd place for like 21k. And now this past sunday the 12.5k package from ps to me wsop. I'm up this month ~50k which is my best month so far.

I feel I owe ton of credit for the small acomplishments I have to LP. A lot towards people that helped me either in positive feedback or in plainly saying "hey u suck" which just motivated me to do better. I have been working on my weaknesses in the game and feel I am much better now although I realize there is ton of improvements yet to be made. I try to pay back all the love from here by helping the beginners over at the brazilian lp which seems to be slowly growing.

And thats that! I plan on travelling a bunch this year that I have free. Been already to argentina and a couple places in Brazil but I look forward to going to Chile, some other places in Brazil, and asia for my 1st time.

anyways thanks for reading, here is a pic I took at the LAPT with greg raymer and chris moneymaker (im next to Greg). Peace .

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LAPT day 1 recap
  CamilaPunt, May 04 2008

So I thought I would write a recap of the experience here at the LAPT!

The day before the tournament began PS held a welcome party of which I ended up not going cause I have a cousin here in Rio and me and my gf opted to go out to dinner with him and his wife. The next morning I met up with lp's own Pinball. The breakfast at the hotel is high class, the hotel itself rocks, its just a shame the weather is sucking ass. Got to chat a bit with pinball and he told me about his times on the previous night with peachy keen who is also in rio but not playing. Found pinball to be really cool and hope to be able to hang out more before leaving.

Anyways, game time arrives and we go to it!

My first table had like 2 guys who I found good and were directly on my left. On the fourth hand of the tourney I end up limping 66 in mp and 3 other join in. Flop is 56x and I front bet and one guy calls turn blanks and I bet close to pot and guy just calls, river blanks and I bet pot and he just calls and flips over 55... nit!

Vs this same guy I have later an interesting hand where utg limps and he raises in mp and I rr in lp with AK. The guy has like a bit less than 5k chips total. He thinks a bunch and flat calls pretty much pot committing himself and flop comes all low cards, he checks and I insta shove and he flips over QQ and fold... the dealer goes "wtf" in portuguese and we all laugh hehe.

So I get moved to another table, with about 16k chips, starting stacks was 10k, avg is like 11.5k so I am doing ok. My neighbor table has Humberto Brenes and very soon he gets in an all in spot and loses and the brazilian guy who eliminates keeps saying in portuguese "shark, where is the shark... sharky sharky" hehe. Anyways one of my very first hands in this new table is 1010, i raise in lp button flats and bb flats. Flop is 10QK with 2 clubs, bb checks i check btn bets 1500 in about 2k ish pot. BB thinks and calls and I rr to 6500, button folds and bb thinks for an hour before calling with A7 clubs, turn blanks and river boom club! Fag.

I get crippled to about 5kish and just continue grinding, stealing a few pots etc. I get back to about 8kish when ep guy limps and i raise AQo, a short stack with about 4.5k shoves all in and I call, he has AK and i suck. Back to about 4kish or so. A bit later I get 88 and shove on bb vs co raiser. He has Qks and I hold. Get back to about 8kish where again I start the grind.

At this moment at another neighboring table, moneymaker is in an all in spot and brazilian guy sucks out on river with a flush or something and all I hear is "suck it!" in portuguese and a lot of cheering (note: we, brazilians, are not bad manner but just extremely emotional!). Anyways I am back to about 13kish, avg is about 17k and another criticle hand emerges the guy who called with A7clubs earlier shoves all in as a short with like 8k chips or something and I call with AK on the bb. He shows K9 and starts shouting "one time", I quickly correct him in saying "not one, but two times" and I probably jinxed myself cause flop comes Kx9xx. Fag 2 times.

Anyways, I am crippled once again, and get moved to another table. I instantly shove AJ and get folded and an orbit later shove A9 and get called by one of the cl's who holds 1010, a guy by the name of Leo Bello who is quite famous here. Anyways, his 10's hold and the guy is very gentlemen-like getting up and shaking my hand and giving a comfort hug hehe.

All in all, was a fun experience, my first big live tournament. Today I plan on going site seeing with my gf and some friends. We probably gonna hit the statue of christ redeemer, dont really know the name in english and some other sites. And thats about it, thanks for reading .

edit: I would put pics but the internet at the hotel is sucking quite a bit so blah.

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sick movies
  CamilaPunt, Apr 19 2008

I say sick in the true meaning of the word, what the hell is up with the extremely violent and sick movies hollywood is dishing out. It's like a competition to see which movie can be sicker.

I've recently watched and will comment on them without any spoilers, as if u watch the trailer u will surely see what i say:
Untraceable: where we see a guy dying through use of acid, of extremely slow burns and other great stuff.
Funny Games: where 2 kids for fun go house to house fucking with families, and this director apparently wants to pull a kubrick and act like its art.
Death Sentence: a film where a son gets killed for the hell of it by a gang and then the dad becomes the ultimate bad ass.
Can't remember what other garbage I watched but there is plenty more.

I know some people will tell me just to not watch them, but I am not against violence I just think that if a movie has these kind of stuff that it should be with a good purpose and these last movies I've watched suck and use the violent gore element as an attraction to stupid kids who like to see that stuff.

You would think that with the weekly shootings at universities and shit in the states that these kind of stuff would not be getting a good repercussion anymore...

world is messed up man

on a bright note, watched 21 last night and thought it was pretty good except for the ending but whatever... yackati yack

to end, heres a good poker song and good song in gen

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small green button plz
  CamilaPunt, Apr 09 2008

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looking for wow exp cd key
  CamilaPunt, Mar 27 2008

if anyone wanna sell .. pm me

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