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Vegas games?
  acdawg712, Jan 21 2010

I am planning to go to Vegas soon, at the latest in June for WSOP. I have heard and read that the Venetian is the best room in Vegas overall. However, I hear that the competition as such a nice casino is a little tough than at some other, smaller rooms. I hear Bally's 1/2 game is really soft and that MGM's 2/5 game is quite soft as well. Any confirmation? Any other thoughts?

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LAPC trip
  acdawg712, Jan 19 2010

I have spring break from 2/27 to 3/7. The LAPC is wrapping up around that time, ending 3/2 I believe(the main event). I have heard the cash games are very juicy during the series. Will they be as strong near the end? I may also consider EPT Berlin which runs 3/2 to 3/7. Anyone considering either one of these?

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Got a job!
  acdawg712, Jan 13 2010

Got my job offer today, great to get this post-college monkey off my back. The offer is for 60k and is where I interned a couple summers ago. I am probably going to take it since it is pretty close to home, and therefore close to Atlantic City where I plan to become a 2/5 weekend reg and eventually move to 5/10 and beyond one day. I really enjoy live poker since the skill level is the same as online but for 10x the money and it is a enjoyable social experience rather than sitting on a computer grinding it out. I started out with 500 and now it sits at around 1600 in about 40 hours of play at mostly 1/2. I don't start until Mid-July, so I probably going to attend WSOP and finally meet the LP ballers. If anyone is going to go to LAPC or EPT Berlin I may be going. I have a paper due in an hour and some more interviews so good luck in your grinds in poker and in life.


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  acdawg712, Jan 09 2010

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP to play.

Registration code: 323721

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Quick Trade 90 FTP -> PS
  acdawg712, Nov 29 2009

I give you 90 on FTP you give me 90 on PS. Thanks.

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The day that could have been
  acdawg712, Nov 16 2009

I just randomly woke after falling asleep trying to watch my 'horse' in the FTOPS ME. I saw he got 9th and got very happy. I am going to get a decent payday! But then I read through the thread of the site I know him and I saw he was 4/9 and I got a little disappointed. Stupid FTP doesn't have observed HH so I don't know what happened yet.

It's funny that tournament players complain about essentially everything unless we win the tourament. We don't think about all the bad beats we put on others to get to the final table. Sometimes, we just have to step and think of all the good that had to happen for us to even go so far. When you bust, be angry but immediately thankfult that you even got there. Also, JoeDeertay had a decent run in FTOPS 24, cashing for about 786 with 5 KOS. Congrats. I had 15% of that. All and all a profitable day of staking and I am going to be thankful I was able to make money by essentially doing nothing. I am just randomly rambling, back to sleep.

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If NLHE is the Cadillac of poker...
  acdawg712, Oct 29 2009

then what is PLO?

I was thinking something European. Cadillac is the 'best' American car, I guess you would pick a high end European brand but then again it originated in America. I'd also want something that reflects the gamble nature of the game.

For now, I'm going to go with Pot Limit Omaha: The GM or BMW of poker

Any ideas?

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You know what sucks?
  acdawg712, Oct 02 2009

Finding the softest game ever and running like shit and dropped like 13 Big Bets in like 15 minutes. Djforever can attest to this.

I thought i was done for the month, shipped like 2/3 of my money out for staking but hit a small heater of +160 in the last couple days playing 3 dollar sngs and 6.5 super turbos.

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Anyone see the new FTP table?
  acdawg712, Sep 22 2009

For reference, visit

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lol liveaments
  acdawg712, Sep 07 2009

Got a text from a friend about a 1/2 game at a club here in Ann Arbor. Michigan games are for charity and I'm really not sure why they run them. I eat a delicious dinner of a zucchini fritter sandwich, garlic fries, and a porter beer. I get there at 9:30 PM and turns out they are playing 1/2 NLHE and PLO. I buy in for 100 since I am a nit.

Sidebar: I went to AC 3 weeks agoand dropped 560, 50 from NL200, 100 in PLO200, and 350 in 10/20 OE(LOL FISH). I made about 335 back, 70 in a spur of the moment 2 hour 1/2 session, 135 in a 30 dollar live donkament, and 130 playing a little 1/2 and a sng. So i want to grind it back up.

Very first hand I am utg+2(No posting) and i flat a raise with AA35 and like 2 more callers and my super aggro friend repot and the OR flats with about 70 more and repot all in and my friend repots. and so does the other guy all in. He has A66T(lol) and the other guy has AQQJ and board runs out KK992 and i hold. Im at 300 Then I sit on my laurels won small pot now and then I get AAxx again and call a raise then my friend repots again and OR calls and I repot and he shoves in 200 and OR has like 100 total and I call. My frend has 9322 lol and other guy has JQJ3. Board runs out T9T3T and I win the pot. Now i have like 640. I then call a raise(along with 5 people) with AQJ9 suited Ace diamonds. Flop is J94 2 clubs. Check around to button who bets 34 into 49. Short calls and I flat. Turn 5 and shorty shoves all in for 11 and re raise to 60 and button(my aggro friend) tanks and shoves for 200 and I call and he has J4. River is a 2 and short wins the main with 5322(he had a flush draw as well) and I win the 380 side pot and have like 750 in my stack. I played like one more semi interesting hand. I opened to 5 utg with 88 and get 3 bet to 16 by a 750 stack. BB cold calls(drunk guy). I flat. Flop is 774. We both check and he bets 25. BB folds and I call, planning to rely on reads on turn. Turn is 5 and I check preparing to call at least one more time. He checks behind. River is Q and I check and he is like I should put 300 here and checks and shows 56. i guess I could have played it better. I talked to him afterwards and he said he was close to 3 barrelling and Im not sure if I could have folded. So 2 AM rolls around and I cash out for 778. I tip 20 to the dealers and walk out with a 658 profit.

The game was very passive like 50/10 overall since my aggro friend raised like 50% of pots. The game was very soft and I look forward to another night there.

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