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Deucescracked videoes recommendations
  aCa_, Apr 02 2012

Lately I feel like I hit a wall in my poker skills and I don't feel like I'm improving at all.Been playing 10nl for a while and even though I've taken shots at 25 and 50nl usually it was more because of tilt and not because I was ready for it. I've always played casually but I really do want to improve my game and start moving up stakes and have been taking poker a little more seriously by analyzing hud stats more, writing more notes on opponents, and reviewing hands after sessions. Because of this I signed up for a subscription at deucescracked and hopefully I can improve my game from it because as of now I don't think I can improve on my own. It never really made sense for me to sign up for one of these sites because as a microstakes player i feel like theres no point of getting coaching if you just suck on the basics. Kind of like in sc2 theres no point of getting coaching from a GM if you are in silver because there is a lot of foundational information you need to know before using the higher level advice. Anyways if anyone could recommend some videos from deucescracked or some good authors for 6max nlhe let me know.Thanks

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Hero for paypal
  aCa_, Jun 18 2011


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