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Stars down?
  Enigma, Apr 10 2013

07:30 - EST here 10/04/13
Anyone else having trouble logging into stars this morning?
Do I have a problem with my settings or are other ppl having problems?
My internet is obviously working (as I am on LP right now!)

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  Enigma, Mar 08 2013

If you have random numbers in your screenname...probably a fish
If your name is not spaced or capitalized...probably a fish
If your pic is your dog or yourself...probably a fish
If your pic is of your baby/children...omg, you are a fish
If you are from russia...99% of the time you are a fish

Im sure there are more prejudices I hold, but are they valid?
Share yours

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  Enigma, Feb 28 2013

Feeling kinda negative about my downswing last few days of the month.
I have this problem when I feel like I am getting run over/unlucky/coolered etc. I play worse.

Anyways I played a new record number for myself of over 12,000 hands in 1 day. Only braking even (ended up -0.29$ lol).
Some of you ballers might scoff at such a low number but It is impressive to me.
Got the Mental Game of Poker about mid-month and you can see the upswing, that is due almost entirely to this book. Still need time to let all it has to offer sink in, but at the very least has made me aware of problems I can work on fixing.

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Big step
  Enigma, Feb 06 2013

Hey guys,
I took a big step/risk today and posted a youtube video of myself playing.
I want to start giving out the knowledge, but it is scary.
What if people think I suck?
What if my opponents watch and find out how to destroy my game?
Anyways, it is too late now. First video is out there.
Would love some feedback from my fellow LPer's.
Enigma LHE Intro video

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Stupid game sometimes
  Enigma, Jan 31 2013

What a dumb month...

at least finished in the black, but for almost half the month was running in the red. came very close to busto at one point. Had to move down a few limits for about 5 days as I didn't have enough buy-ins to play my usual number of tables.

Looking forward to Feb.; gonna be in Vegas from 8th-12th, and in the meantime will try to keep online results in the black.

GLHF everyone!

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HM query and Travel plans
  Enigma, Jan 13 2013

Happy January,
Hope the new year is being kind to you, it has been a great start for me.
I was hoping someone that has played around with HM a bit more than me could let me know how to set it up to see how a specific holding measures up in different situations.
Eg. KQoff vs a raise and one caller.
Or to see a certain hand by position Eg. 88 utg.
I know how to see by position and by situation, but can you focus it on specific hands?

Also, I will be heading to Vancouver Mainland this week on buisness for a week. I really only have about 2-3days of work to do so was hoping to play some live games while visiting. What are the best venues out there? Is there any live LHE action or all NL? Do any rooms offer mixed game or Ohmaha/8b?

Heading to Vegas in 2nd week of Feb also, maybe you will see me at the Bellagio.

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Random questions on analysing your own play
  Enigma, Dec 19 2012

So I have been doing really well using HM to review my sessions, have been finding it very helpful (sometimes only to reduce tilt in certain situations).
I have been encountering a few recurring questions that I simply need other players to awnser.
How much value (bb/100) would you say is lost by being out of position?
I am not sure if I am playing poorly/too many hands OOP or if the reduced winnings as opposed to same hands in position is proportional to the loss of value that comes with playing OOP.

Defending vs players that steal too often. Related to the above, but I would think logically that you should defend (opponent steal%) - (% lost due to being OOP). So if they steal like 36% could you successfully defend 34%? only 30% etc. My default I believe is fine but there are quite a few regs that I see stealing way too often and want to punish this more.

How do you know if you are not playing certain hands well (eg. showing profit but unsure if played to maximum value)? Best I can figure to do is to mark those spots to look at, but even still it seems fine all the time. How do you find if you can play it better other than completely changing how you play that spot for the next n hands?

Apologize if these seem like fish questions, but I like to understand everything inside out. As I have found with my work (as I train many people in skilled operations) it is incredible how trying to teach someone else something you know very well can highlight where you have gaps in your own knowledge that were previously invisible to you. I have become enamoured with the idea of taking this approach with me to my poker game.

Cheers and good tidings,

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HH review
  Enigma, Nov 16 2012

Just read interesting suggestions about how to go about doing HH reviews, and started to question my process.
I know I do not do it often enough, what about the rest of LP?

Poll: How often do you do a HH review
(Vote): after xor before every session
(Vote): weekly
(Vote): monthly
(Vote): never?

The article was from and it suggested doing about 20min up to an hour (depending on volume) after each session. I think the last time I reviewed mine was mid September.
I did find a few spots to refine at this time, then didn't really go back into it for a while.
After chatting with a friend and fellow grinder I found a few things to look for in my own game (by talking over exploitations of a few opponents we encountered in a live 10/20 game ---> after the game obv) because he noticed a few things I did not. In the live game we both still maximized, but the flaws he saw in a slightly different way than me.
I then went through my database filtering for money lost.
I took the top three spots I was losing money and objectively looked at what I could do differently. Although the changes were very slight I found it very helpful, and now I also see more clearly when my opponents make these class of errors.
This article and retrospection on how helpful it was for me the last time I did an in depth review has reinvigorated me to be more diligent in this regard.

I am interested on how everyone uses HH to refine their game? Thoughts, tips, whatever you think might be useful.

Also, if anyone is interested to maybe set up some type of HH review trade. It is always helpful to have a 2nd set of eyes and I think that this would kinda force me to be more dilegent in this regard. Keep in mind I play LHE, my NLHE game is only good enough to beat 1/2-2/5 live.

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October week 1
  Enigma, Oct 04 2012

Tryin to play only small stakes this month as it is a very busy time for my buisness right now. Priority, time, and most of my energy is focused on buisness but still gettin some hands in. Decided to keep it low so I would not stress over the swings or otherwise be distracted from my resposibilities. Just over 1500 hands and boasting an impressive 4.24 bb/100 so far. High above my average (1.08) but I have also been refining a few aspects so we will see if there are any long term improvements. Most notably I have been avoiding trap plays by check calling marginal holdings on the river vs attempting to get value. I find that the equity lost by missing the value bet is comensated by the bluff induction gained, and I avoid getting raised on the river with weak hands that force me to make harder decisions. Idk if this is good or bad, but im giving it a try for at least the next 10k hands and will see what happens.

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Weathering the storm
  Enigma, Sep 30 2012

So after a depressing two weeks of losses finally had a good run. My last session of the month today had a ridiculous 6.84bb/100 over 823 hands. Need to remember times like this when you get s**t on over and over and post loses of -4bb/100 + and you just want to throw up and quit life. Only made about 23 units overall but no longer want to cut myself! (j/k)
Guess the lesson to be learned here is that making proper decisions based on ev will prevail even when it feels like you are being owned.
I know I am still guilty of chasing losses and spewing off bets when stuck, but I guess this is one of those things that makes poker hard.
Hope everyone had a great month!

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