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NJ Poker Legislation
  NeillyJQ, Dec 18 2012

Hey guys, on the 17th and 20th of this month (been awaiting all month) - we are having hearings in the USA about the New Jersey Bill being passed.

On the 17th, the bill passed 48-24-4

heres the article..

not getting my hopes up, but startin to look to be going in a much more positive direction.

Thursday they vote again, we get looked at by the govt like once every year, so if this goes through, its pretty big to say the least.

we're appeasing all the casino's and taxes for the government by what I've read, sure theres more to it obv.

so many americans havent played online since 2006 UIGEA, so much dead money you guys have no idea. Most of us found a way to keep playin online from 2006-Black Fri - but all the randoms that just want to deposit and play quit then.

so now lets just hope pray and be patient, this should be a large step for poker, a large step for pokerplayerkind.

haven't used a #Onetime in a long time, never use them in MTT's, so heres my huge 1 time this year.


Oh, I played 4 days this month;

after the degenspree at nl200-nl1k losing 3k, i had 500 left, i rebuilt that up to 2k in like 4 days grinding this month. I've been pretty sick, and up all night, sleeping all no games run during those hours

finally got back on normal sleep schedule and ready to keep grinding up - mostly mtt's, some small stakes cg's (nl10-nl50), only mtt'z unless its like 2am, then i'll cg if im grinding.

ok well u guys have a blast,
happy holidays
i hope everyones doing very well,

Fayth, if you read this, are you doing the xmas charity again? Thats the best thing you do every year, and its like the 18th~

GL Everyone!

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  NeillyJQ, Dec 09 2012

Blackchip seems to be one of the best sites running in the states right now, hero has lowered there gntds alot, but they are still getting up to 5k in 2k gntds etc..

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  NeillyJQ, Dec 07 2012

Obviously going back to MTT's before I fucking lose my mind,lol... cashgames are fun for me, i tend to play em a month a year or so.

- everyone go to comments of previous blog, page 3 - Byrnesam made a fucking epic video. -

wait heres the link

BOOM - FuckiNG GeniuS. -Byrnesam i take back everything vs u bud, ur king of forums lol totally epic


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Movement of Poker Legalization USA
  NeillyJQ, Dec 05 2012


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What do you want to see!?
  NeillyJQ, Dec 02 2012


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  NeillyJQ, Dec 01 2012


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November EOM
  NeillyJQ, Dec 01 2012


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best day cash
  NeillyJQ, Nov 28 2012


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Buffalo Poker Classic
  NeillyJQ, Nov 05 2012

3rd place.


I got 5700.

Paid off my a debt to my father for 1618.
Paid off my rent for this month and next month.
Paid off a debt to my step mother for 916.

Kept a lil over 2k, going to chop mtt's with my dad and he will buy up to 70% in any 1k, or stake me with the same deal as the past if I want to freeroll it most likely as he'd always want to make more as well.

long grueling mtt - great learning experience - many pros came out, good strong field, happy to get what i got, going to grind another week of online cash before going to the live cash arena, maybe 2-3 more weeks online before casino. its no rush, but will be playing a lot of live days cg's and mtt's. just 1/2 (bring 300 - 2 150 bi's in a 1/2 game is fine for most 8 hour days, usually never have to rebuy in a 1/2 game)

So ya thats what happened whats going on it really sucks, 2nd was 28k and that woulda really fucking helped my life a ton and paid off a ton of debts..

oh well, close to busto, on the way to robusto i hope, been back on my own dime broke for a couple weeks, now im rollin again, just took me going to a good mtt.

waiting on finding a car thats decent as well which is a lil stressful in the cash situation but i've been here before, am invited to a ton of great games in buffalo salamanca and altoona, and know of all the mtt's going on within a 100 mile radius pretty much.

Just grind er away and hopefully be at my higher self, and best player that I can be come next wsop etc;

one step at a time from here.

gl lp,

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buffalo poker classic update
  NeillyJQ, Nov 04 2012


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