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Bloody Hell

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Love this song
  Luna_Bluffgood, Jun 03 2013

starting at 1:10 this might be my favorite part of a song ever.

any pointers for other dubstep to get in to?
Atm I like Knife party, bassnectar, skrillex, Doctor P, Skream

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Lol Adam Scott
  Luna_Bluffgood, Jul 22 2012

My friend had 10€ on Adam Scott to win the British Open at 39:1. We has 5 up with 4 to play against Stricker and lost...

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Oh the German Autobahn
  Luna_Bluffgood, May 30 2012

Talked to a guy at my golf club yesterday.

Conversation went something like this:

Guy: Bought a Lamborghini last week. Took it to the Autobahn. I stopped at 345km/h, because I felt a bit unsave.


Guy: Yeah, it's sick. When you pass a car, you can't tell what kind of car it is, because it's gone so fast.

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Scoop Stud
  Luna_Bluffgood, May 09 2012

Having a good time, while playing the low SCOOP Stud and reading Daut's Stud guide for the 15th time, while drinking some beers and listening to some nice dubstep.


[x] win Scoop event
[x] profit


[x] bust scoop event (most likely against crazy russian dude at my table) (ever notice how russian are aggro like scandies but bad?)
[x] profit mentally by being able to continue to read Game of Thrones

----> the day cannot suck. Sweet times

EDIT. Game of Thrones it is then. Probably misplayed several streets though.

Submitted by : Luna_Bluffgood

PokerStars Hand #80186700244: Tournament #2012050101, $25+$2 USD 7 Card Stud Limit - Level X (200/400) - 2012/05/09 22:41:03 CET [2012/05/09 16:41:03 ET]
Table 2012050101 27 8-max
Seat 1: neckbr4ke (10769 in chips)
Seat 2: DrunkinClown (859 in chips)
Seat 3: KolaBeldi_Jr (3296 in chips)
Seat 4: TheCart3r (5778 in chips)
Seat 5: Terry_Toria (7588 in chips)
Seat 6: FaraChef (6524 in chips)
Seat 7: Hero (3643 in chips)
Seat 8: Jandrulo (2748 in chips)
neckbr4ke: posts the ante 40
DrunkinClown: posts the ante 40
KolaBeldi_Jr: posts the ante 40
TheCart3r: posts the ante 40
Terry_Toria: posts the ante 40
FaraChef: posts the ante 40
Hero: posts the ante 40
Jandrulo: posts the ante 40

3rd Street (Pot : $320.00)

Dealt to neckbr4ke As
Dealt to DrunkinClown 2s
Dealt to KolaBeldi_Jr 7s
Dealt to TheCart3r 5h
Dealt to Terry_Toria 2d
Dealt to FaraChef 8h
Dealt to Hero 6d6s6h
Dealt to Jandrulo Th
Terry_Toria: brings in for 60
FaraChef: folds
Hero: calls 60
Jandrulo: raises 140 to 200
neckbr4ke: raises 200 to 400
DrunkinClown: folds
KolaBeldi_Jr: folds
TheCart3r: folds
Terry_Toria: folds
Hero: calls 340
Jandrulo: calls 200

4th Street (Pot : $1,460.00)

Dealt to neckbr4ke As Kd
Dealt to Hero 6d6s6h Jh
Dealt to Jandrulo Th 8d
neckbr4ke: bets 200
Hero: calls 200
Jandrulo: calls 200

5th Street (Pot : $2,060.00)

Dealt to neckbr4ke AsKd 2c
Dealt to Hero 6d6s6hJh Jc
Dealt to Jandrulo Th8d Td
Hero: checks
Jandrulo: bets 400
neckbr4ke: calls 400
Hero: raises 400 to 800
Jandrulo: calls 400
neckbr4ke: calls 400

6th Street (Pot : $4,460.00)

Dealt to neckbr4ke AsKd2c Ks
Dealt to Hero 6d6s6hJhJc 2h
Dealt to Jandrulo Th8dTd 3c
neckbr4ke: checks
Hero: bets 400
Jandrulo: calls 400
neckbr4ke: raises 400 to 800
Hero: raises 400 to 1200
Jandrulo: raises 108 to 1308 and is all-in
Betting is capped
neckbr4ke: calls 508
Hero: calls 108

River (Pot : $8,384.00)

Dealt to Hero 6d6s6hJhJc2h 9h
neckbr4ke: bets 400
Hero: raises 400 to 800
neckbr4ke: raises 400 to 1200
Hero: calls 95 and is all-in
Uncalled bet (305) returned to neckbr4ke

neckbr4ke: shows 3hAhAsKd2cKsAd (a full house, Aces full of Kings)
Hero: shows 6d6s6hJhJc2h9h (a full house, Sixes full of Jacks)
neckbr4ke collected 1790 from side pot
Jandrulo: shows 9c9dTh8dTd3c4s (two pair, Tens and Nines)
Jandrulo is sitting out
neckbr4ke collected 8504 from main pot
Hero finished the tournament in 1715th place
Jandrulo finished the tournament in 1716th place

Total pot 10294 Main pot 8504. Side pot 1790. | Rake 0
Seat 1: neckbr4ke showed 3hAhAsKd2cKsAd and won (10294) with a full house, Aces full of Kings
Seat 2: DrunkinClown folded on the 3rd Street (didnt bet)
Seat 3: KolaBeldi_Jr folded on the 3rd Street (didnt bet)
Seat 4: TheCart3r folded on the 3rd Street (didnt bet)
Seat 5: Terry_Toria folded on the 3rd Street
Seat 6: FaraChef folded on the 3rd Street (didnt bet)
Seat 7: Hero showed 6d6s6hJhJc2h9h and lost with a full house, Sixes full of Jacks
Seat 8: Jandrulo showed 9c9dTh8dTd3c4s and lost with two pair, Tens and Nines

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Blackjack solved
  Luna_Bluffgood, Sep 12 2011

Played a golf tourney with this woman the other day. Somehow we ended up talking about gambling and stuff. She apparently plays Blackjack from time to time and has quite certainly figured out why she is always winning. luckily, she told me.

Apparently since she is always only playing 10€ at a time, while the other players are always betting 500€+ a hand, the "bankier" (her words not mine, I guess she ment croupier) will not go after her as much. That is why she always wins.

So there you have it. Ima go cash out my roll and head straight for the casino!

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  Luna_Bluffgood, Sep 12 2010

They are about 1400 people short of the guaranteed atm, so I'd consider playing the wcoop 530, if anyone will take about 200-300$ of the action. It started at 17:00 ET

PM or write in comments if you're intested

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Same procedure as last weekend
  Luna_Bluffgood, Sep 12 2010

Selling %% of WCOOP again. Planning to play the $2159 9max at least, and possibly the $530 if I can sell enough, as well as the $215 4max on monday.

Looking to sell about (50-60% of the $215) and 60-80% of the $530.

Tournaments accomplishment so far:

3 deep runs in the 3+r on stars
47th wcoop 320$ 6max for 2,3k
36,32, 18th in the warmup
won 2 20$ 180man tourneys for 1k each and a 36$ for 1,7k
won a 11$ deepstack tourney for 2,9k
won a $55 DNG on stars for 21k

PM or write in comments if you're interested

EDIT: Sold 62% of the 215. Now looking only to sell %% of the $530. Will play if I sell 60% or more.

215$ 9max sunday 13:00 ET:
25% exalted
20% to max
10% Fujikura
7% danycbd

530$ 9max sunday 17:00 ET:

215$ 4max monday 14:00 ET:
25% Twisted
20% max
10% Fujikura

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  Luna_Bluffgood, Sep 05 2010

Looking to seel %% in both the wcoop 215$ of today. I'm also playing the 109$ at 13:00 ET/19:00 CET, where you can buy %% as well at face value if you want. Sold 25% there already. Looking to sell baybe 50%

I already sold 30% in the 6max and 45% in the 9max. Looking to sell about 60% of each

21,50$ for 10%, shippable on stars and full tilt.

PM me when interested or post in comments

EDIT: Sold all

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This is getting weird again
  Luna_Bluffgood, Jun 08 2010

Two nights ago, I dreamed that Tom Dwan had a propbet, that he had to capture and murder three people. I was one of them. He kept us in some sort of supply shaft/vent, which was really deep. On the top there were some fenced off windows, and you could only get up there by pressing yourself against the wall and your feet against some cupboard. Still, once you got to the top, there was the fence and Dwan waiting with a hot peace of metal with a handle on it (makes sense right? otherwise we would totally burn himself) and waiting to burn us if we tried to get out. So somehow we managed to get the fence of and I grabbed the peace of metal (somehow without burning myself) and we were able to get out and outmaneuver Dwan. But then we decided it wouldn't be fair to call the police, since he had been such a nice guy kidnapping us, so we let him go.

Well that wasn't all. Last night I dreamed I was watching a video of Midian (probably because I clicked on his blog about that nl100 video yesterday) showing us his place in Korea, where he was living with susie. It was really nice with all darkwooden furniture, really classy, and sick TV.
That's all i remember.

Seems like I always dream something which has some sort of connection to what happened to me day/week before. I wonder why I didn't dream about D2, which I have been playing quite a lot lately. (I might just be the worst lvl 72 barb which is out there though)


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  Luna_Bluffgood, Jun 03 2010

It's gonna be the new rickroll i tell ya!

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