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Can someone explain this
  KeyleK_uk, Sep 14 2014

As kc qs 6s 55.33% 557,642 86,399
Ac qh jc 7d 44.67% 441,967 86,399


As kc qs 6d 54.68% 550,627 86,399
Ac qh jc 7s 45.32% 448,982 86,399

I don't know if I'm just being really stupid

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PLO Vegas
  KeyleK_uk, Jan 16 2014

Hi LP! Hope all is well.

I have really concentrated on PLO for the last year or so and am feeling very rusty in holdem. I'm looking to play 2/5 PLO in vegas probs gonna start with 100bb sits until I get a good feel for whats going on. I am going to vegas with 5 friends 27th Jan - 11th Feb.

Does anyone have any suggestions of good places to play PLO in vegas, obviously fish and/or lower rake is really what I'm after (eV I guess) rather than a nice room etc

Thanks in advance for replies.

EDIT: Looks like we're going through venetian deepstack series, so I guess that will probs be the best place to play?

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Props to PokerStars
  KeyleK_uk, Sep 09 2013

Hi LP!

My flatmate is a tournament grinder who has played about 4500 tournaments in the last 12 months or so.
Anyway on this day (last Wednesday) he was playing the big 162 and a few other tournaments (about 1 hour into his grind) when a stomach pain he had from earlier in the day when we were at the pub came back heavily. Fortunately I guess my ex girlfriend had an appendicitis 5 years or so ago and everything about this reminded me of that, all the symptoms seemed the same, so when the pain worsened and I could not see what else it could be we called an ambulance and asked their advice. They said if the pain got worse or didn't get better come to the hospital in half an hour. He left his tournies blinding out and we went to the hospital and to cut a long story short he did have an appendicitis, stayed in and had it out the next day.

He got a 'sick note' from the hospital, emailed stars, sent the proof of this and they refunded all the tournaments he was in when this happened to a total of $300ish. I feel like this kind of thing should be recognised, especially now with all the shady things that have gone on and are going on eg Party Poker. Pokerstars are the only really online poker site that give us a small ray of hope in an otherwise seedy dark online poker world.

Anyway, props to Stars

-Friend had an appendicitis, had to leave his tournaments and blind out and Stars refunded all his buyins ($300ish)
-I should have been a doctor, obv in the wrong profession.
-He handles intense pain really well

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2v 2/3v3 partner Starcraft 2!!!!
  KeyleK_uk, Aug 18 2010

name: KeyleK Character code: 875

I need a good 2v2 partner or would like to team with a 2v2 team to make a 3v3 team

I'm ranked 6th in Diamond Div so would like a pretty skilled partner


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STARCRAFT 2 - 2v2 partner?
  KeyleK_uk, Jul 28 2010

Europe serve
Name - Keylek /f add me anyone...

I'm looking for a decent 2v2 partner, I was diamond in the beta so looking for at least a decent platinum ally. message me in here or on (seeing as NurOs decided not to be my 2v2 partner like old times! (()

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363 stars for FT
  KeyleK_uk, Feb 21 2010

or w/e close to that..

Just busted the 4 mil guaranteed and wanna get my money off of stars before i forget about it

You send first unless ur obv reputable.. As proof that I'm going to actually send feel free to check that i just cashed for that amount in the stars 4 mil ;p

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ME bustout 1D
  KeyleK_uk, Jul 09 2008

ok this is the first chance i've had to blog since busting the main event at the end of level 3 in day 1.

I had an easy starting table so I was very lucky indeed, i folded KK to a 4bet in the first level - a guy made it 300 i made it 1100 and he very quickly 4bets it up to 4100 i thought about it for about a minute or so and then was just like well easy table and I don't know where I'm at. Obv he had K4s but I Can't be annoyed at my fold cos i had an easy table and I just didn't know where I was at in the hand.

Anyway my bustout hand - I'm on 21000 blinds are at 150/300.

A 20k stack raises up to 1100 in hijack, right next to him in the CO a guy makes it 3600 with 50k behind, on the button a crazy aggro guy makes it 10700 so there I am in the SB thinking the CO guy has a pretty good hand but the button is probs pretty weak and I'm just hoping for a hand, of course I look down at AKs and tank and ship my last 21k in. It folds to the CO who says "I probably have the 2nd best hand" and mucks his AQ, the button then says "Well I can't possibly fold sorry" and calls and turns over K8o.


he starts to count up some chips to pay me off, I then say to him "Wait just one second" turn T, river 8.


Damn if I won i'd been on 50k with only one relatively good player left at my table (the CO in this hand).

Grrrr ok well i'm gonna grind out some online/live cash i've had enough with tournaments until next world series lol.

other tournament bustouts

1500 nl built up to 11k, lost 8k JJ vs AJ then rebuilt to 8k and lost when i reshoved bb blind into AK i had 87 as it turns out. (blinds were like 200/400/50 or something)

1500 limit shootout. I get 3 handed with humberto and another really good online tournament player "goleafgo" if anyone knows him, anyway we get heads up with him having alot more chips and battle it out for 4 hours, at one point i had a 23k to 4k chip lead but to no avail he won and played really well so....

340 crapshootament at rio i bubble AJs vs 66.



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Grumble + 'challenge'
  KeyleK_uk, May 12 2008


Ok so me and 3 other regulars are sitting in 2 tables of 3/6 and 5/10 hu each so we can wait for some games. Now none of these guys will play me which is probably a good thing for me because they're probably not much worse (if any) than me.

Anyway so then this guy "Heliga_ak" whose a nice guy but for some reason comes in and opens like 8 tables of his own, as many or more than all of us put together. Now I asked him about it and he said obv it was so that he could get more games, but I responded with "don't you realise that we're all going to just do the same thing and it looks really lame for the fish that there is 30 odd games open and only like 1 running". So anyway I opened a bunch of games and now the list is flooded with people waiting for games, and it just looks really lame. I mean it'd be no problem, if this heliga_ak guy was willing to play all comers ie, if he didn't sit out when I join then he can have as many tables as he wants its just pretty lame in my opinion - what does everyone else thing of it.


Ok challenge for today is sit with tables open and play all day (11 hours or so) now I started at 9:30 GMT i've only found one game and was 600 up at 3/6. I'll post results and graph for the day afterwards. This is to get an idea of how much can be realistically made in an average day - instead of poker tracker telling me i'm making 560 bucks an hour even tho obv i spend alot of time waiting for games which pokertracker doesn't take into account. The reason I call it a challenge is 11 hours is a long time to play straight and if I commit myself to posting results afterwards (I hate posting bad results) then i'll post w/e.

Oh while I'm waiting for games I'm playing GTA4 - awesome. Just did the first job for that little Jacob guy.

Good luck guys
Keylek // AlcateL00

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Not playing that well
  KeyleK_uk, Apr 13 2008

I'm not playing great, playing a bunch of fish and winning but only marginally lol. Gonna take today off, enjoy myself.. Catch up with Lost (watched series 1-3 in the last 2 weeks now on episode 4 of series 4 and it's pretty good)

Just thought I'd update for everyone thats interested

Going to the states on wednesday gotta sign the deeds for some property I'm buying out there, it's such a steal that I couldn't not buy it and my uncles gonna look after it for me. Does anyone know where you can play poker in minnesota - minneapolis? Hopefully will get back and have some 10 hour sessions or something thats what i'm in need of lol.

Posted this hand but it didn't get enough love so posting it again

Submitted by : KeyleK_uk

Texas Hold'em $6-$12 NL (real money), hand #P4-65310169-25
Table Bismarck, 13 Apr 2008 8:38 AM ET

Seat 8: Joeunder ($598.00 in chips)
Seat 9: Alcatel00 8d9h ($798.25 in chips)
Alcatel00 posts blind ($3)
Joeunder posts blind ($6).


Alcatel00 bets $13
Joeunder calls $10.

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $32)
Joeunder checks, Alcatel00 bets $24
Joeunder bets $60
Alcatel00 calls $36.

Turn(Odds) (Pot : $152)
Joeunder bets $110
Alcatel00 bets $235
Joeunder bets $300
Alcatel00 bets $350
Joeunder calls $112 and is all-in.

River (Pot : $1259)

Alcatel00 shows 8d9h
Joeunder shows 3h4h
Alcatel00 wins $1

Dealer: Alcatel00
Pot: $1
259, (including rake: $1)
Joeunder loses $598
Alcatel00 bets $661, collects $1
258, net $597

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March Results
  KeyleK_uk, Apr 03 2008

Insights into the month as a whole

Well, it was quite an interesting month in general. While I only played 12k hands I played two live tournaments that took up a couple of days each and a cpl of online ones. Also I had a day where I played terribly, didn't lose THAT much money but butchered an AQ.. I Basically flat called the raise preflop (Which I like to do occasionally, when the games incredibly aggressive and I can easily stack a weaker ace/queen if the flop comes out nicely), flopped an ace, c/r'd him and for some crazy reason c/c'd the turn, I mean lead/call or c/r woulda been fine there but anyway he rivered his two pair with T5 and got my stack and I insta logged off and didn't play for like 4 days cos I'd literally played so bad that day. Since then I've ground up another few k.

Now looking for a 12 PTBB/100 winrate over 100k hands and think it's achievable not like my 100000 bb/100 I was going for before

My Last Session

My last session of poker was pretty funny, I was playing a donk heads up at 3/6, his stats were 47/10.32 with like a 35% call pfr, he limped loads of his buttons, infact most is his 10.32 pfr was him reraising me not the other way around.

Anyway, he bought in short for like 520 i ground him down a little and stacked him with this hand, pretty standard:

Submitted by : KeyleK_uk

Texas Hold'em $6-$12 NL (real money), hand #P4-64510408-13
Table Lancaster, 3 Apr 2008 9:06 AM ET

Seat 3: tflo1 ($371.80 in chips)
Seat 9: Alcatel00 AcAs ($685.00 in chips)
tflo1 posts blind ($3)
Alcatel00 posts blind ($6).


tflo1 bets $12
Alcatel00 bets $44
tflo1 calls $35.

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $100)
Alcatel00 bets $70
tflo1 bets $321.80 and is all-in
Alcatel00 calls $251.80.

Turn(Odds) (Pot : $743.6)

River (Pot : $743.6)

tflo1 shows 9dAh
Alcatel00 shows AcAs
Alcatel00 wins $742.60

Dealer: tflo1
Pot: $743.60, (including rake: $1)
tflo1 loses $371.80
Alcatel00 bets $371.80, collects $742.60, net $370.80

And then he rebought for 600 so I was like awesome pay day, ground him down a little and then lost this hand:

Submitted by : KeyleK_uk

Texas Hold'em $6-$12 NL (real money), hand #P4-64510408-34
Table Lancaster, 3 Apr 2008 9:11 AM ET

Seat 3: tflo1 ($494.80 in chips)
Seat 9: Alcatel00 QcAc ($1
152.20 in chips)
Alcatel00 posts blind ($3)
tflo1 posts blind ($6).


Alcatel00 bets $15
tflo1 bets $61
Alcatel00 bets $457
tflo1 calls $408.

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $950)
tflo1 bets $19.80 and is all-in
Alcatel00 calls $19.80.

Turn(Odds) (Pot : $989.6)

River (Pot : $989.6)

tflo1 shows KcJd
Alcatel00 shows QcAc
tflo1 wins $988.60.

Dealer: Alcatel00
Pot: $989.60, (including rake: $1)
tflo1 bets $494.80, collects $988.60, net $493.80
Alcatel00 loses $494.80

obv not much I can do or w/e but then I lost QTs allin on the flop vs 97 on a 97Xss flop, and J6h vs AQ on a KQThh flop so now he's sitting on like 2500 and i'm back to 600. Then I made some suicidal 3 barrels with my top pair and he station called me down each time and i'm back to like 1300. So basically we're like 90 hands in i'm heavily down and I know he's a station. Then we play for like another 200 hands and he's running like a god, like Q5 vs AA he turns a Q and wins a sizeable pot (like 400 after i checked back the river), but his agg frequency is like 0.67. And then he does something that is shocking, he starts actually folding to my 2nd a 3rd barrels with draws or 2nd/3rd pairs. And suddenly I can't value town him anymore. So I then play this hand:

Submitted by : KeyleK_uk

Texas Hold'em $6-$12 NL (real money), hand #P4-64510408-500
Table Lancaster, 3 Apr 2008 10:44 AM ET

Seat 3: tflo1 ($1
530.40 in chips)
Seat 9: Alcatel00 9c8h ($1
610.90 in chips)
tflo1 posts blind ($3)
Alcatel00 posts blind ($6).


tflo1 calls $3
Alcatel00 checks .

Flop (Pot : $12)
Alcatel00 checks, tflo1 bets $12
Alcatel00 bets $33
tflo1 calls $21.

Turn (Pot : $78)
Alcatel00 bets $65
tflo1 calls $65.

River (Pot : $208)
Alcatel00 bets $177
tflo1 folds .

Alcatel00 shows 9c8h
Alcatel00 wins $384

Dealer: tflo1
Pot: $385, (including rake: $1)
tflo1 loses $104
Alcatel00 bets $281, collects $384, net $103

And obv show it to him on the end, I then show him another bluff and he goes absoulutely insane (for him). Because literally he's raised 4 hands out of the 400 we've played sb to bb, all his raises are reraises on my raises. And then anyway he raises 4 hands in a row sb to bb all different amounts, and then the final hand of the match happens.

Submitted by : KeyleK_uk

Texas Hold'em $6-$12 NL (real money), hand #P4-64510408-504
Table Lancaster, 3 Apr 2008 10:45 AM ET

Seat 3: tflo1 ($1
443.80 in chips)
Seat 9: Alcatel00 3s4s ($1
695.90 in chips)
tflo1 posts blind ($3)
Alcatel00 posts blind ($6).


tflo1 bets $23
Alcatel00 calls $20.

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $52)
Alcatel00 checks, tflo1 bets $112
Alcatel00 calls $112.

Turn(Odds) (Pot : $276)
Alcatel00 checks, tflo1 bets $1
305.80 and is all-in
Alcatel00 calls $1

River (Pot : $278)

tflo1 shows 9cQd
Alcatel00 shows 3s4s
Alcatel00 wins $2

Dealer: tflo1
Pot: $2
887.60, (including rake: $1)
tflo1 loses $1
Alcatel00 bets $1
443.80, collects $2
886.60, net $1

rofllllllllllllll. Ok so it took me 400 hands to beat this donk ! But to be fair he was running like God.

Anyway without any further delays here is my graph and PT screenshot for the month of March.

once again more hands next month lol !

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