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SNE chase
  KeanuReaver, Jan 02 2010

Going to try to reach SNE this year, I think last year's unbelievably ridiculous breakeven stretch (300k hands with -120 bi's (yes buyins) under expectation) has taught me I need to take poker more seriously and I can't get away with 40-50k months any more.

In any case, just finished my first day at NL100 and for the first 5k hands (first half of the day) it felt relatively easy and that I might be able to do it without at least partial insanity...the next 5k hands (one long session) brought me back down to earth. The last hour or so i was having trouble telling which hands were taking place at which tables and i had to coast a little bit to get to my goal of 10k hands today...even still, huge day. 10k hands in 3628.44 vpp's and $1816 in profits all at NL100

Wish me luck LP, gonna need it but at least today showed me I can grind out a really nice profit at a pace higher than whats required for SNE. good thing too, i'll need some days off

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september plans
  KeanuReaver, Aug 17 2009

So August hasn't gone quite as well as I'd hoped so far, but still not too bad. 55k hands in and +1,900 in cash games (running about 2k below expectation) with another +1k+ in rakeback and the reload bonus. I'm really determined to make my 150k hand goal so much so that I've promised myself and my gf I'm not going to be going out at all for the rest of the month so if I can hit a decent patch of rungood my 10k month is still well within my grasp.

It's really important that this month ends up being very good as well, mine and my gf's birthday is Sept 9th and since it's her 21st we're going to spend it in Vegas...I'm wanting to get one of the better suites in the Bellagio to spend the weekend so I'm planning on spending a pretty huge amount of cash. It should be tons of fun though, most of our friends from down here and going to come too and we'll be partying it up so I'm really looking forward to it...if you're in vegas the weekend of the 11th send me a pm, wouldn't mind hanging out with some fellow lpers.

after that, I'm finally going to cash in my APPT credit and head to seoul for the APPT event held there late September. This vacation will probably be a lot more laid back than the one in Vegas, I really wouldn't mind just laying around all day on the beach after the tournament. If any baller lp members are going to be playing in this tourney hit me up.

In any case, my gf is still trying to do well in poker. I've been watching her play and she makes a lot of typical rookie mistakes (bad bet-sizing, too much fit-or-fold flop play) but otherwise she does pretty well. She's been basically breakeven since starting (probably around 30k hands, although I could be way off) which isn't bad considering she's a beginner and considering I haven't set up holdem manager for her yet. Her ability to grind still amazes me, yesterday I put in about 7k hands and was reasonably proud of myself, when I tell her she says nonchalantly "oh I got you beat, I'm at about 8.5k", pretty sick. She wants to go for supernova next year but if I can get her playing reasonably well and her bankroll higher she could easily make SNE.

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July and August + gf
  KeanuReaver, Aug 01 2009

July went pretty well, fell a bit short of my hands goals (mostly due to partying a bit too much at the end as well as my allergies hitting me really hard over the past week) but still managed about 8k total profits. It's about what I was hoping for but i did have a -15 bi run to end the month so it ended on a sour note, 5 digit month would have been very nice.

In any case, gonna go for a 150k hand month for august. That should be between 3k and 4k in rakeback so with that and potential winnings I'm hoping for a $15k month, it'll depend quite a bit on when I'll be able to move up to NL200. Needs to be a pretty huge month though since sept is going to be extremely busy, going to Korea for APPT Seoul and vegas for mine and my gf's birthday (on that subject, why the fuck are hotels so expensive the weekend AFTER labor day?). It's kinda cool but mostly lame that we were both born on the 9th but whatever, it's her 21st so obviously the trip is going to be mostly about her. Gonna be a huge strain on my wallet but hopefully if I bring a good amount of money with me I can win a lot of it back playing live donks.

On the subject of my gf she's really taken an interest in becoming good at poker. She's helped me a ton with my motivation to play (fox can attest to this, she's basically a surrogate supervisor) and has started to pick up on things herself. I'm a little skeptical about teaching her because winning in the online world is not easy at all and she seems to have a bit too much gamble and not quite enough patience but so far she's taken to it very well. The plus side is she can grind really fucking well, she enjoys poker far more than I do and has a natural workaholic mentality, she puts in 3k-4k hand sessions like they were nothing. In any case, if any micro stakes players have played with her on stars (her sn is bluegirl09) and can tell me what you've seen from her playing style I'd appreciate it. I'm still unsure if she can get past the massive NL25/NL50 cockblock even with months of coaching but we'll see. If she can she has more than enough drive to go SNE next year.


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Paypal for stars
  KeanuReaver, Jun 11 2009

yeah not asking for stars money, the whole seizure of money from processors has kinda fucked me over getting my car registered so I need someone to send about $450 to a friends paypal account to pay for the registration in exchange for money on stars.

Pm me or reply if interested, obviously only trusted members of the site. TY fellas

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updated vegas trip
  KeanuReaver, Mar 20 2009

about to head out, still needing the money though
gonna go $1k in vegas for $1050 on stars, i'll have my laptop with me so it can be done wherever. pm me!

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Vegas for the weekend
  KeanuReaver, Mar 20 2009

so me, my gf, and a bunch of our friends will be heading up to vegas for the weekend, kind of a spur of the moment thing. gonna be staying at a friends house and partying for the most part.

unfortunately since it was kind of spur of the moment i don't really have funds to gamble with and was wondering if anyone up in vegas would be willing to do a little $1k stars for $1k cash trade, really wanting to get in some decent poker time while im up there so pm me if you can help a brotha out.

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adventures into FR NL200
  KeanuReaver, Aug 17 2008

Been about a month since I've started and I'm running 7ptbb/100 over about 23k hands. It's not an amazing sample size by any stretch but it hasn't felt too entirely ridiculous either. I've had some awful luck and I've had some great luck, some setups against me and some for me. Everything has felt really "typical". As usual, my biggest problem is my inability to dedicate a consistent amount of time every day to playing. 23k over a month is higher than I usually am but playing 14 tables I should easily be able to play 100k hands a month. I'm thinking making a prop bet with a couple poker buddies might be good, just something to try and form a playing habit...nothing huge, but enough that I'd be forced to take it seriously. In any case, graph for the sample. again, the sample is small but I've never had a graph look so pretty.

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Haven't updated in a while
  KeanuReaver, Jul 21 2008

Mom had a major surgery and I've been spending most of my time taking care of things at the house. Didn't leave much time for poker or other things so I haven't played much at all. As a result my funds are starting to dwindle a little bit and if I get into a rut I might have to see if I can get a stake from someone. I'm not too worried about it though since Casino Arizona is pretty easy and if I go there a couple times a week I should make plenty of money.

My knee is still bad but now that my mom's well I should be able to get it taken care of, I've decided to work around it for the time being though...I'm just really tired of being out of shape. I can't really run but biking isn't a problem, lifting should be alright too although I can't do much leg lifts unless I'm using a machine.

Finally, I'm really considering moving to vegas maybe at the start of 09'. My best friend's cousin just got a job up there and my best friend is trying to get one as well, if he does I can almost guarantee I'm going to move up with him and we're going to be roommates. I wanted to visit vegas a couple times for the WSOP but with my mom's surgery it just wasn't possible...I will be taking a vacation up there for a wedding in a few weeks though.

Anyway, getting back into poker is something of a pain...especially since I'm really not even rolled for NL200 any more. At least NL100 should give me some confidence and get me back into rhythm and the swing of things.

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ufc 84 etc.
  KeanuReaver, May 29 2008

so I haven't been posting or playing poker much recently. family stuff for the most part as my mom had a major surgery and I've been helping her through it.

in any case, I figure I'd make a small write up on one of the best UFC's ever. Only going to comment on the fights I saw.

Dong Hyun Kim vs Jason Tan - Kim by TKO round 3.

I really didn't know either of these two fighters but Kim came into the fight undefeated at 9-0-1 with all but one of his fights in the DEEP promotion which is, if anything, competitive. So I figure he's probably pretty good and he sure didn't disappoint. He was comfortable and crisp on the feet and absolutely ruinous (good adjective?) on the ground. He would do almost all of his damage on the ground with elbows, either from half guard, side mount, or full mount. Finally in the third round, after just a ton of accumulated damage, tan would be knocked out from a few elbows on the ground.

Yoshiyuki Yoshida vs War machine - Yoshida by anaconda choke round 1.

Very clever way of locking up an anaconda choke. I really don't think he was trying for a guillotine initially I just don't think he wanted to roll over the arm, the north south setup was very very clearly an anaconda. Yoshida did very well otherwise in what little we got to see of him with excellent control in the clinch and judo that I'm sure made Fox wet . He's also got a win over Kikuchi so, like Kim, I'm eager to see what he'll end up doing in the UFC.

Machida vs Ortiz - Machida by UD (3x 30-27).

If it wasn't clear mma has passed Ortiz up, this should leave no doubt. He's big and strong, well rounded and athletic and there was a time that that combination alone would win you a UFC championship. Machida fought very well with an excellent gameplan and Ortiz wasn't able to bully him around so he spent most of the three rounds doing a whole lot of nothing. Near the end of the third Machida landed a vicious knee to the ribs and was almost able to finish tito but tito is tough and he recovered almost locking up a triangle but he wasn't able to hold it. For tito, he's had a great career and I would not be upset at all for this to be his last fight. I really hope he doesn't end up fighting against bums for another 5 years.

Wandy vs Jardine - Wandy by KO round 1.

I remember being really torn on this fight. On one hand, Jardine has been doing very well since losing to Houston and Wandy seems over the hill. On the other hand, this matchup greatly favors Wandy, especially considering the fighters he lost to prior. Chuck and Mirko are both counter punchers while Jardine is more of a toe-to-toe brawler much in the same way Rampage is (I remember me and fox talking about chuck vs jardine in this way, Jardine is basically a poorman's rampage). While Wandy clearly struggles against counter punchers that are willing to keep him at a distance, he absolutely devours brawlers. My friend I was watching the fights with asked me who I thought would win and I told him a few years ago Wandy would crush Jardine but now I didn't know. Silly me for doubting. In typical wandy fashion, he ends up landing 3 looping hooks before jardine is even able to hit the ground. Wandy then pounced on him and smashed him into oblivion.

B.J. Penn vs Sherk - Penn by TKO round 3.

Sherk starts off the match with a somewhat half hearted takedown attempt and over the next 15 minutes he wouldn't attempt another takedown at all. Now, I've said it before, BJ penn is easily the best fighter I've ever seen at using his bjj as takedown defense but the most intriguing thing about this fight was that this was something sherk would have to overcome anyway. Nevertheless, the rest of the fight would be spent standing and while sherk was landing he wasn't doing any damage and penn was ripping him apart with solid jabs and right straights. This fight reminded me a lot about Fox's old blog post about footwork and how guys like sherk struggle to do damage with their strikes because they have terrible footwork (probably from years of wrestling). This was clearly the difference in the fight and it really began showing not only on their faces but as the fight continued sherk was getting more and more tense and panicky while bj penn couldn't have looked more comfortable. Finally at the end of the third round, bj pushes sherk back and in sheer frustration sherk bounces off the cage figuring bj was too far to do anything about it. Well, he wasn't, and he placed a beautiful flying knee right on sherks noggin and would pound on sherk until the bell. The ref would then call the fight as sherk couldn't continue.

After the fight, sherk said he felt comfortable standing and was hoping to wear penn down before pouncing later on. I don't think anyone would disagree with the thought...sherks gameplan should revolve around wearing penn out and looking to win in the fourth or fifth. But how he went about it was just terrible. I really wonder just how easy it is to get caught up in the flow of a fight. I mean, sherk can feel penn's punches and they weren't dropping him and even more importantly he can feel his punches getting through and hitting penn. his face is likely numb so he can't easily tell just how much damage he's taken and it has to be really frustrating to land and not have any visible evidence of damage. Not to mention his pride had to already be hurting from circumstances up until this fight so the longer the fight was standing the harder it would be to swallow his pride and avoid a standing battle by taking the fight to the ground. His gameplan should have revolved around smothering penn against the cage and dragging him to the ground every chance he gets but, for whatever reason, he got caught up in the fight and ended up spending 15 minutes boxing a clealry superior boxer.

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UFC 83 thoughts
  KeanuReaver, Apr 22 2008

Myself and Fox had a fairly lengthy discussion a while back about how a fighter cannot expect to be world class in all facets of mma so he must pick and choose from various martial arts to create a working fighting style. One thing I love about mma is that because of this, mma itself is a true artform that rewards creativity. An offshoot of this is gameplanning and something I've noticed over the past few years in mma that, as the skill gap between fighters has shortened and any fighter worth a damn is an "mmaist" and not just a one trick pony, gameplans are playing a huge role and many fighters shortcomings can be traced to this. So my thoughts on the event are going to be based on this.

-It was tough going for hironaka in the beginning of the fight as he couldn't get goulet down but then he floors goulet with a well placed left and almost finishes the fight before the end of the round. He probably stole round 1 on the judges score cards and more importantly, he's forced goulet to respect his standup so it should be ezmode setting up his takedowns for the 2nd and 3rd rounds and cruising to either a sub win or an ez decision...right? wrong. whether it be bad gameplanning or just getting caught up in the moment, hironaka takes what should have been a huge advantage and turns it into a disadvantage and tries to brawl with goulet.

-I stated in my earlier blog post that herman simply would not win a ground battle with maia but he should be able to keep the fight standing if he can avoid getting sucked into a ground battle when maia pulls guard. Unfortunately for him, that's exactly what happened. He held out longer than I thought he would (due mostly to a couple ugly mistakes from maia) but the gap between the two on the ground is like night and day. For maia, this fight shows he still needs to work on adapting his bjj to mma as he wasn't controlling posture very well (not as big a deal in grappling as it is in mma) and he lost mount in the first round way too easy but he's improving. For herman, I was really shocked he got sucked into a ground fight this easy, being from Team Quest I'd think he'd know that he needs to avoid the ground at all costs but when you've trained so long to be a top position ground fighter it's not something you can easily avoid.

-Part of me doesn't even want to comment on Starnes vs Quarry but it was probably the 2nd biggest thing to happen on the night so I will. Quarry looked very good and much more explosive than I've seen him in the past, he still gets hit way too much in the standup but at least this time it looked as if he would be landing a lot more with good combos. For kalib...well, he said he broke his foot early on in the first round and nate's leg kicks tore up his thigh, he figured he wasn't going to be winning the fight with the injuries so he just didn't want to get hurt worse. Now...back when I took bjj I would break toes all the time and actually once did break a bone in my foot and it hurts really fucking bad but it's not as debilitating as you might think and even still, it's a pretty lousy excuse especially considering just how agile he was in running away from quarry. Fact is Fox is right, he has the mental toughness and fortitude of a 4 year old girl and I'm happy he's out of the UFC. A good friend of mine also pointed out on another forum that this could very well have been a dive and given the evidence from the fight as well as the fact that he hates dana, hates his ufc contract, makes 10k a fight, and intended to leave the UFC after this fight seems pretty likely. I pointed out in my previous blog post I was shocked at how much of a dog kalib was, what better to skew the lines than a few huge bets on nate? It's all speculation of course but it's definitely worth an investigation.

-Franklin didn't look great vs lutter but he didn't look bad either. This isn't a fight he loses much at all but after giving up his back in the clinch (wtf) he was in a lot of trouble but his escape from the armbar was great (that escape is why you need to trap the other arm as well for a perfect armbar) and it would seem that lutters conditioning problems aren't just about the weight he has to cut. Franklin is now stuck in the same spot that hughes and liddell...all three are going to be able to beat most contenders but they just can't beat the champ. As for lutter, if he improves his conditioning I think he could be a force at 185 as his takedowns are a lot better than I thought they were.

-GSP's gameplan was brilliant. He basically decided to turn into sean sherk for the fight and serra clearly wasn't prepared for it. His top position was very patient and position oriented...he never looked to cause damage until he had the position secured and he would never allow himself to remain in serra's guard. he always kept his upper body on top of serra and really wore him out by never giving serra room to relax or catch his breath. I hope serra moves down to 155 instead of chasing a rubber match as his power and skill would give a lot of fighters a ton of problems...serra is pretty much a bigger, stronger, more skilled hermes franca and franca is a great fighter in his own right.

All in all, the event wasn't that great but it was fun enough. GSP is a monster, quarry is looking great, and Maia is brilliant on the ground. Most importantly, it's time to shift focus to bj vs sherk :D!

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