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Selling bitcoins
  Dinewbie, Jul 17 2016

Have 5 bitcoins, want Skrill USD, Bank of America, Neteller, or Stars

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Bitcoin for Bank of America
  Dinewbie, Jun 12 2016

Hey guys, figure it's a long shot, but I have ~7k in bitcoins I'd like to swap for bank of america funds. Willing to sell at .98 on the dollar vs bitstamp price. $1k minimum
Cheers LP

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Stars/Skrill/Neteller for Paypal
  Dinewbie, Aug 27 2015

Hey guys, I need $100 on paypal for my $100 stars (or skrill or Neteller). I can send first. I have posted here a ton under the sn Fujikura and forgot my pw lol. Pretty sure a decent handful of people can vouch for me, but like I said, I'll send first anyway :D
Cheers and thanks LP!

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