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Anonymous (2011)
  whammbot, Aug 11 2018

Anonymous (2011) - I give an in-depth review, complete with character breakdowns, and plot spoilers (for those unconvinced about watching period dramas like myself) 8/10 this is some good shit bros. - link-trailer-review-spoiler-info

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Kon Tiki (2012)
  whammbot, Jul 29 2018 - Trailer-Info-Cast

I watched this last night before going to bed and was quite entertained. Nothing really amazing about the movie apart from it being based on real events about some crazy Nord trying to prove that Latin Americans were the ones who populate Polynesia 1,500 years ago by sailing on balsa rafts 5000 miles through treacherous, shark-filled oceans. EVERYBODY LOVES SHARKS AND ITS NOT A DEPRESSING MOVIE SO JUST GO AND WATCH IT.

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In Order Of Disappearance (2014) | The Major (2013
  whammbot, Jul 27 2018

Here are two foreign gems around 7/10 each in my opinion, maybe more depending on your tolerance for crime dramas.Happy watching guys.

In Order Of Disappearance (2014) Norwegian with ENG subs
trailer info review cast -

The Major (2013) Russian with ENG subs
trailer info review cast -

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Ghost Stories (2018) | A Prayer Before Dawn (2018)
  whammbot, Jul 21 2018

Ghost Stories Trailer,cast,info and review below
Good old-fashioned mystery/horror that doesn't rely on cheap scares. Martin Freeman is here. 7/10

A Prayer Before Dawn Trailer,cast,info and review below
Solid biopic of Billy Moore, a foreigner in a Thai prison. It's the dude from "The Peaky Blinders" series and he's great in this. It's not your typical prison movie, as it has got lots of other good elements to it.

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Calibre (2018) Netflix Thriller
  whammbot, Jul 12 2018

Great acting and production. 6.5/10
Good pace, cinematography great. -trailer-info-cast

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Still in the fight lawl
  whammbot, Dec 10 2017

Got torn a new asshole when I moved up lol. Seems like believing in your own bullshit can fuck with you and it's a bad habit of mine. ATH is within striking distance and getting more consistent and less swingy results now. Developed a drip-style of moving up instead of just doubling the bet amounts. My first month results were mostly clicking buttons with very little research on teams and how they've behaved (integrity wise) Playing stand-ins, online vs lan tourney, forum swaying by shills and past history play a great role in determining the best decision when betting these games. No guarantees of course, but you tilt less knowing you could have not done it any better.

December will probaly be less streaky but also less stressful. I hope there's a reason why my BR hasn't been wiped out clean yet lol.

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Blah blah blah CSGO
  whammbot, Nov 03 2017

Today's AM bets:

Noob reasoning for betting:

*Spirit is not the best team per se but Tyloo is highly ranked but an Asian team from China with less experience vs White experienced teams, +1.5 didn't hurt

*Flash vs VP yesterday was super close, Flash lost but they took the game to VP harrd and might have learned a thing or two and do less 1-on-1 and make adjustments. Skillwise they belong to the global stage

*Both teams have won me money but Heroic just knows how to close and shut down rallying opponents when they're ahead, I'm not sure about Hellraisers but yeah this is closer. Even bet twice lol

*VP = enough said, Im a PashaBiceps fan, him and snax double AWP'ing is just great

*Bet on Muffin's opponents even if they seem to be a new team because i lost betting on these fools and they played super terrible

*Bet on Torque just for the odds and ratings.

This is all intuition-based and a bit of super-shallow analysis so I'm not claiming to be an expert just like to blog about my progress or failure hehe

Torque vs ex-Denial(lost)

Spirit vs Tyloo(won)

Ghost vs Muffin(won)

Havu vs Flash(looong game still ongoing quadruple overtime in map2 60 rounds) (WON after hours of watching that epic comeback series)

PM bets:

Space soldiers vs Extatus(won)

LDLC vs aAa(won)

Freerolling these last two bets today! noice

Heroic vs Hellraiser bet 1(Loss)

cancelled out bet 2 with a bet on opposing team locking up a sure small profit for today regardless of freerolls results, hesitated and i dont wanna break my rule which is when in doubt, lighten :D

VP vs Renegades

Evening last round of bets

Kinguin vs Nexus (won)
CLG vs Misfits(won)
LDLC vs BIG(won)
Luminosity vs Rise Nation (Under 26.5)(won)
Dream vs EnvyUs Academy(my pick) -5.5(won)

Good lucky first day. Back tomorrow

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