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Week. . . ?
  Advant1, Mar 03 2011

Okay, whatever lol - I know I told myself and on my first blog post that I would update weekly. Well obviously that isn't happening so rather it is an update every OTHER week. It's fine.


To each his own! There are many methods of learning and I tend to learn a lot better visually rather then reading about the certain strategy/poker math, etc.
Although the reason I don't completely understand it just off reading is because I'm still learning the ropes and have a lot of "what..?" and "why?" questions in mind. I'm starting to understand a lot more though - not that it's enough but like I always say, "Once a student, always a student."

Really starting to learn the importance of position and betting strategies. MOST importantly, discipline and patience. Thinking smart basically. I've also been listening to a lot of 2+2 podcasts just trying to intake all the information I can.
Interesting thing that I've picked up from one of the podcast though. New generation people having the whole A.D.D, impatience, fast play, etc.
I'll admit, I'm probably sure I'm borderline on that category within the world of poker (though I'm def not outside the world of poker). So I am trying to apply my patience and discipline to Poker plays.

Still learning the math, and everything - not to get overconfident when ahead.
I realize this blog post is totally unorganized and a lot of jibber, but it's 5 in the morning and.. yeah

Will keep posted.

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Week 2 Beginnings
  Advant1, Feb 10 2011

So it's week 2 since I've begun. (Look @ Previous entry if you dont know)
I was going to update on Week 1 but I was at my girlfriend's and felt lazy to do so, so I'll recap here.

Anyways, I've gotten off PlayMoney and finally started cash on PS.
Depositing $15 to start with @ $0.02/$0.05NLHE I'm not doing TOO bad.
Been only been playing about 3 hours now and I'm up $4.00.
Though in those 3 hours I've dipped to about $7ish but I've managed to scrape my way back up - your right though, cash and playmoney are 2 totally different playstyles.

I'm continuing to read up on articles here and there, familiarizing myself more with fundamentals and such. Times I lose hands are when I'm an idiot and decide to call with losing hands - which brought me back to the basic rule (@ this stage) of "Winning by playing less hands". Playing real tight and overlooking the process as a bigger picture.
Yes I know the math is google-able but I still don't understand just by reading it. I'm more of a practical person - or maybe I'm just a dummy who can't do simple poker math?
Anyhow, it's 4:30 in the morning and I'm going to stop playing for tonight before I start losing, and will pick up tomorrow afternoon&night again.

NOTE: I'm still trying to figure out the math in all this though - right now I'm kind of playing by sense and strong hands, not really knowing the percentage & math of this.
If anyone would be kind enough to take their own time explaining it to me over MSN or something? Would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Sunday Beginnings
  Advant1, Jan 30 2011

Being somewhat aware of the Poker universe, I've always had a knack for poker yet. . never really initiated myself to learn more than what I currently know about it.
Well actually to be honest I was more occupied with BW and gaming and whatnot so that took up most of my time rather then using that time to learn more about poker.
So now, bored of gaming in general (yes even though SC2 is out, I have no interest whatsoever. I enjoy spectating rather then actually playing it now. My interests and views have shifted dramatically over the past year.

So now I've decided to finally stop wasting my time with useless activities and poker up my life a little. Yes I am aware you can lose more then you win but it's a risk I'm willing to take.

Tonight on this lovely Sunday evening marks my beginnings in Poker. Currently I'm just playing [Play Money] tables while reading up on basic strategies and hands, news within the PS world and other related websites.

Since most members on this forum are from TL (as am I) I'm hoping people around here can jumpstart me and help me out with tips and tricks I should keep in mind/learn?

Would be most appreciated!
I'm going to keep updating a week by week blog from now.

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