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moving up to 10nl weeee
  [GiTM]-Ace, Feb 08 2011

5ml was fun. Was supposed to get 50k hands but hey close enough lol.

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Sharing is Caring
  [GiTM]-Ace, Feb 05 2011

Incase anyone hasn't seen this music video....

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5nl/Jan wrapup
  [GiTM]-Ace, Jan 31 2011

Well January was pretty good to me.luckboxed some mtts and did alright in 180s i guess. Got pretty lazy for 2nd half of the month. Only made about 17k vpps for the month.25k is pace for 300k vpps which I'm probably gonna be shooting for. Intended to shoot for 200k but that should be pretty easy if i put in any type of volume

Also started 5nl midway through this month. I've always wanted to learn cash and I felt like my post flop game was full of 928232109 holes. I never had the discipline to build a roll before at the micros and learn. I probably still don't have the discipline to do both but I don't need to worry about the roll part anymore. So I decided to try to plug some of those holes by learning cash and hopefully working my way up to midstakes. Gonna be tough since I still plan on playing sngs/mtts so we shall see how that works out. Right now my goal is about 25k hands/month.

Anyways here are some graphs.

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Mid January
  [GiTM]-Ace, Jan 17 2011

Its been a pretty swingy month so far. I was failing hard at mtts before today and 180s have been so up and down.

Entered a 180 competition for the last 2 weeks of the month so most of my volume will probably be there. A lot of grinders though so I'm sure its gonna be whoever has the run goods lol.

some stats/graph

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Supernova FINALLY!
  [GiTM]-Ace, Dec 23 2010

YAYYY! After being the laziest 180 grinder ever I finally put in some real volume this month lol. Managed to get 23k vpps this month which is really high for me.Although Its pretty low compared to all the SNE sickos on this site but still haha.

Also managed to win the $44 turbo twice this month. And got 2nd in the $8 turbo as well. All the while running great in 180s as well. Just a good dec overall!

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need FTP monies
  [GiTM]-Ace, Jul 04 2010

yea trying to get about $300 or so FTP money.I have stars $$.Done a ton of transfers with LP members already

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May sng grind
  [GiTM]-Ace, May 31 2010

Well may ended up being I think my best month so far in 180's. Unfortunately I didn't put in nearly enough volume as I would like.. Oh well though atleast I ran good for my lil volume. Going to vegas next month not sure how long ill be there. Probably going to be playing a few venetians and maybe a 1k wsop I dunno I'll see. Its up to my staker though :D

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April Poker
  [GiTM]-Ace, May 01 2010

Have not updated in a while but since last time I'm done with the $2.20 stake I was doing. I actually have a new backer now and It's a lot better in every way. Also offers me coaching which has helped me tremendously . April was pretty fun month for me. I finally ran hot in sngs like I wanted to. Unfortunately mtt's Kicked my ass. Cant get my mtt stats cause OPR is down atm but heres my SNG raping though. These are all 180's(all I play) so some $2.20,$3r,$7.7,$12, and $36's.

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$2 180 update :D
  [GiTM]-Ace, Jan 21 2010

Well Finally 1/3 of a way through my stake. Got the first 2k games down which is awesome but I should have done it way faster... My laziness this month is annoying me lol.Anyways I have 4k more to go sooo still a long way. I don't think I ran that well in these so I'm expecting much better in the next 4k.. ANyways heres some stats graphs etc;P

Stake so far

January so far....

I'm still gonna try to get another 1.5k in for rest of month.. Gonna be tough but definitely doable

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$2 180.. Mid January update
  [GiTM]-Ace, Jan 14 2010

Yep well So far hasn't been going as well As Id hoped. Not to happy with the results But I don't really mind them to much since I try not to pay attention to them anyway. But I set a goal for myself to atleast do 1400 by now doing 100 sngs a day but i failed. HOpefully I can still hit my monthly goal of 2.5k... I'm really shooting for 3k but I'm not sure If I'm rdy for that just yet.But 2.5k I should get as long as I don't become a lazy bum.

extra swingy lol

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