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  Masaki, Sep 24 2009

Went hiking with my friends Nick (speedybanana), Nolan, Nicole, Nadia, Anna, and James. Wow 4 out of 6 of those people have N for the first letter of their name.

Anways, had a great time wish we went longer. Need new shoes though, the ones I wore made my feet bleed. I've had them for over two years so its about time I get new ones.

After the hike we order pizza and went back to Nicks place and watched two movies. The first one was called "inside" some french movie which was fucking horrible. The second one was called "The last King of Scotland" Very good movie based on a true story. I highly recommend it.

Other then that life has been good. No complaints other than not playing well on that -1.6k day, but whatever it happens, you shake it off. P90x has been good. I've been trying to do it almost everyday. Sometimes I miss a day but I continue the next video that I'm suppose to do the next day. I don't think I've lost any body fat though so that's kinda depressing. I really need to weigh myself at some point again. At least I feel great, and I know my heart is working harder and my lungs are getting stronger along with the body.

In poker the problem is my mind has been wondering a lot and it hasn't been focused on the game. I've been having problems at home kinda... My mother has been stressed out because we are having someone live with us from Japan for a month and its naturally a damper on people when there is someone new living wtih you mainly because you don't feel fully comfortable. That's why I'm considering taking the next two weeks off until she's gone.

Breaking up with my exgf has taken its toll on me as well. I don't know its still a weird feeling that I'm not use to but I'll shake it right off its not like I dated her for a long time.

There's some other things in my life that I can't mention because it involves another person that's also adding some stress in my life but oh well that'll pass with time to.

Anyways, there's a BBQ at my house this Friday for poker players that read my blog. Please let me know if you want to come. Free alcohol and food . we can go to a club/bar after if you want on me just let me know ahead of time if your interested thank you

More pic at

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Broke up with the gf still made profit though...
  Masaki, Sep 12 2009

I broke it off with my gf, I'll miss her but what can I do? Certain events came up during camping and it was stressing me out way too much. I needed to break it off, I feel bad but sometimes in life you have to do things because your heart is telling you its not right to continue because your mind isn't into it. We had a lot of good times together and like I said I'll miss her. Oh well...

On another note! I've been running disgustingly good. My last losing day was awhile ago and not too big. I think changing up my game helped a lot, and just trying to exercise with P90x and eat healthy might be helping too who knows? I'm excited to complete my $100k year challenge. I'm getting close to 60k and hopefully by the end of the month i'll reach at least 60k if not more! That leaves Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb 11th. I hope I can do it. I was planning on going to Japan for Oct or Nov... but I might not now just to complete the challenge.

Wish me luck!

Pic of my exGF

for pics from my recent camping trip to tobermory and my profit information go to

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Sunday Beatup!
  Masaki, Aug 31 2009

Played way too many tables, I had 19 at one point. Its too much for me, too much stress. I need to cut down to 15 max at a time. Really on Sundays I should really pick my favourite tournaments. So, I was thinking about cutting out Party Poker tournaments and just play maybe two on that site. The structure of their tournaments is just so shit, I can't stand it. Also, when they move you to another table the window pops up on my other LCD top right corner and it bothers the shit out of me... LOL

The rest of the week I have off, I'm going camping to Tobermory with a bunch of people. I'm very excited to go back. I was there in the beginning of July to start my summer and there's pics of it on the site. It'll be good to start my summer camping and end it with camping. Hopefully, there won't be very many mosquetoes...

Well take care readers, and good luck on the felt and I'll be posting pics on Saturday.

-$498 for the day.

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P90x vs Me 2:0 for P90x
  Masaki, Aug 28 2009

P90x vs Me 2:0 for P90x

Yes, I am losing. I could only get through 2/3 of the first video on Wednesday and 1/2 of the day 2 video Today. Oh well, I'm not going to give up I'm going to keep doing it everyday until I can do the entire dvd set. for 90days +

I sweat like an animal though. My whole entire body is soaked in sweat... yeah its pretty gross LOL.

Poker has been going great for me since I've changed my game up a bit. Like I said previous trying to play less robotic and more intelligent thinking every hand through. Also, being extremely selective as to which tournaments I'm playing.

Today, I rocked Ongame for the first time in like 3 days. I've made countless deposites on that site and never won, and now I've been finally winning. Never ever give up folks! If you feel your game needs improvement watch instructional videos, read and post on the forums, analyize your game, record your results etc!

You guys know all this shit I don't need to preach.

In other great news I had this player named "Nickthegun" a player from Aussie sweat me. I never met him in my life but apparently he found my blog online and decided to look me up. Thanks for the sweat sorry I didn't perform well . I went bust shortly after the bubble after trying to make a resteal attempt on a guy with AJo against my KTo. I was really hoping he was weaker or that he would fold AJo.... Oh well.

Fulltilt poker has been beating me up and I desperately need a win on that site. Patience, patience, patience!

Anyways, if anyone sits sweats me in a tournament that I win, I'll give you money equal to the buyin but you have to be the first guy to sweat me. You can't expect me to cough up 20 people sweating me.

Life is just good, the diet is good the workout is good. I'm feeling good, I'm winning. I can't complain! Great month so far :D

Oh, I also wanted to show you guys this sick hand I played at a Final table on Ongame. I snap called this guys bluff, I just knew he was going to try to bluff at this flop.


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Shell Shocked...
  Masaki, Aug 26 2009

Probably the most unluckiest final table I've ever had. I was playing super late in a $55 10k GTD on the cake poker network.

I'm about 5th in chips at the final table we all just sat down. First hand, I'm UTG and fold don't remember what happens. 2nd hand I have KK in the BB. UTG raises, MP player who's 6th in chips shoves, folds around to me who calls, original raises folds.

MP player shows AQo, flop: 4, J, 2, Turn: 9 River:A

So, now I have 2 BB on the 2nd hand of the FT YEAH!

Hand right after I get A4s in the SB, folds around to me, I shove BB snap calls with KQo.

flop is A,K,T Turn: T River:4

Phew my hand holds, I have probably around 9 BB

Next hand I have and Ace-rage on the button, folds to me I shove, Blinds fold.


Next Hand, I have A9o in the cuttoff, folds around to me I shove, blinds and button fold


I don't remember what happens next but 3 players get knocked out I manage to chip up back to 5th in chips with 7 players left in total.

I get dealt AA in MP. UTG raises who's a really tight player and just barely covers me. I elect to smooth call . My M is around 8.6. His is around 9.5. (If you don't know what M is its how many rounds you can survive without playing a hand, basically your stack to pot ratio before any bets/raises)

So, I smooth call. Sb calls. BB folds.

Flop: 8,4,2 Rainbow.

SB checks, UTG raiser bets, I call, SB folds

Turn: Jo

UTG: shoves, I snap call. He shows 99

River: 9

And I'm out of the tourny in 7th.

Still +1471 for the day :D

And on a brighter note I finally cashed semi big in an OnGame tournament. Maybe I'm breakeven on that site now... maybe... LOL

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Won a tourny for $3.8k
  Masaki, Aug 25 2009

Won a tourny for $3.8k but after expenses profit for the day is +3167

Anyways, I feel great about my game changing it up a little, playing more smart poker than robotic.

Other than the poker world I wasn't suppose to play today but I decided to play a late session and thank god I did .

Also, I bought a chin up bar and push up thingy for the P90x trainning and I start it tomorrow wish me luck!

Take care, I'm too tired to type more LOL.

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Weight Loss Challenge!
  Masaki, Aug 24 2009

Man-o-man I weighed myself today thinking I was going to be 185 max I was 193!!! Jesus.... This was after my gf messaged me and told me the doctor said she needed to lose weight (not going to say how much). So we decided to challenge each other. We're going to try to lose as much as we can every 30 days. I get a -5lbs on my score because apparently its easier for guys to lose weight, though I think its kinda bs because I think she probably has more fat on her body than I do and since she doesn't exercise as often as I do or eat as healthy so she'll probably drop the pounds faster but we'll see. I don't mind taking on the challenge. If I win she gets to be my slave for the day while I play poker which include massages whenever I want, lapdances, I can't wait...

Definitely, going to start eating even more healthy and exercising an hour or more a day. I'm hoping to start the P90x Challenge tomorrow, I already got the pushup things and pull up bar ready. My only worry is it'll tire me out too much and I won't be able to play poker as well.

Any opinions if it'll affect my game?

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Taking Next Two Days off -304
  Masaki, Aug 21 2009

I'm taking the next two days off for life outside of poker. I really do need the break I think. I'm pretty tired after today. I got to the final table in a 66 deepstack on Absolute but couldn't take it down also ran deep in a 11r on fulltilt. I'm extremely disappointed that I couldn't win it. I was really looking forward to taking down two 11rebuys on two different sites than possibly taking the next two days off from social events and playing every $10k guarentee tournament or more to try to get that triple crown title on Pocket Fives... Oh well that time will come eventually.


for totals of my results go to my website

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1st in $11Rebuy on Stars + Met Kevin “BeL0WaB0Ve”
  Masaki, Aug 19 2009

What are the chances of meeting Kevin "BeL0WaB0Ve" Saul and winning the $11 Rebuy on the same night? I don't know 398924062360 to 1? Either way, thanks to xAlyssa for letting me meet Saul. She's friends with the guy through facebook and I'm friends with her through Hamilton and since she was sweating me she decided to give him a shout once we were down to 7 handed and I was chip leader after calling an all-in from a short stack with 77 vs A4o and than doubling up again through the chip leader with QQ vs 44.

When we were down to 7 players xAlyssa tells me on msn "wow ignoring Kevin Sauls raiil!" in all fairness I try to avoid all poker chat if possible and leave Poker Stars on the "info" button because I don't want to get too distracted. So she kindly asked Mr. Saul to sweat me, not that I wasn't under enough pressure as is. What felt like 10 Minutes later I win the tourny

Anyways, thanks for all the poker advice and the sweat Leroy "" Wong, xAlyssa, and of course Kevin "BeL0WaB0Ve" Saul gave me.

Anyways, here’s the evidence unfortunately I forgot to take a shot of the money payout and my name but oh well.

More details on my winnings at

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Live > Online?
  Masaki, Aug 18 2009

Had a conversation with my friend SDoyle over msn. He told me a story of a hand he recently played live limit hold’em at a casino. I found it rather amusing.

SDoyle said (Yesterday at 10:39 PM):
There was one really funny hand with the three guys from Quebec. I had been laying a beating on one of them all night and rally punishing him. Finally he made a straight to draw out on me, it was obvious he made his straight and he checked. I went to reach for my chips, then said to him. NOPE, you’re about to check-raise me. He went nuts, couldn’t believe it, and kept going on about how I was betting all night with the winning hand and the one time he made a hand I knew he was gonna check-raise me. At that point I said to him the Helmuth line, and that I could see into his sole”. Other players at the table recognised the helmuth line and laughed. He and his buddies just shook their heads.

Masaki – Working said (Yesterday at 10:56 PM): LOL thats awesome

Had a pretty good day today. Got two second places in two small $11 tournies and a first in a small $33 tourny.

I’m going to be playing less tournies and focus more on the ones I’ve been doing well in. Yesterday was bloody because I entered way too many tournaments and played some big majors… Oops! LOL I wouldn’t be saying oops if i won any of them though.


Check out more details at

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